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Description:Few veterinarian clinics offer specialized care for exotic animals, like the Cockatoo.
The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is expected to introduce him at a rally Saturday. Those views are not shared by some liberals in the Democratic Party, who dislike his support of free trade and Wall Street. Clinton’s campaign largely declined to comment on the search process, trying to keep the details – even the names of the finalists – under wraps to try to maximize the impact of their announcement.
As Clinton prepared to make her VP pick Friday, Trump met with supporters at his convention hotel in Cleveland to run through a long list of thank-yous after the end of his four-day coronation as head of the Republican Party. But rather than stay focused on Clinton or reach out to the general election voters he now must court, the newly minted Republican nominee spent considerable time stoking the fire of his bitter quarrel with Republican former rival Ted Cruz.
Trump boasted of his TV ratings, his primary victories and other achievements, including winning over his wife, Melania, in a stream-of-consciousness delivery with his vice presidential nominee, Indiana Gov. No matter, perhaps, as that time will belong to Clinton and the Democrats, whose own convention begins Monday in Philadelphia.
Before entering politics, Kaine was an attorney who specialized in civil rights and fair housing. In swing-state Virginia, Tim Kaine served as governor from 2006 to 2010 and was elected to the U.S. His wife, Anne Holton, is the daughter of a former Virginia governor, a former state judge and, currently, the state’s Education Secretary. Clinton selected him to join the ticket from a group of candidates that included Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Colorado Gov. Clinton’s plans to pick Kaine, hinted at for several days leading up her Friday announcement, had been viewed as a safe choice against the Republican ticket of Trump and Indiana Gov.
Some Democrats believe Trump’s selection of Pence, a conservative white man from a largely Republican state, freed Clinton from pressure to add another woman or minority to her ticket. Democrats argue that Kaine could help her woo moderate and even some Republican voters turned off by Trump’s provocative rhetoric, which was at the center of his 75-minute Thursday night acceptance speech.

At a White House news conference with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Obama said crime rates, especially those for violent crime, are lower than at any time in the past 30 years. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. Theres not a single person on the democrat side that will help this nasty woman get in the White house.. Appalachian Mountains- It is a familiar map for some demographers, since it’s similar to a heat map of Google searches for racial slurs and jokes. Anyone here that brags about their brains every comment they make has some serious self confidence issues,and is most likely,not the sharpest tool in the shed.I laugh at your arrogance. Trump has the backing of 78% of Republicans and a slight 38% to 35% lead among voters not affiliated with either major party. In 2005 Hillary said, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants.” She also, as a Senator, voted to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.
As First Lady, Hillary called young black men “super-predators” indicating that she thought all young black males were violent criminals.
In November of 2015, Hillary called people in this country illegally “illegal aliens.” Trump is a racist when he says “illegal aliens,” why isn’t Hillary? In April of this year, Hillary joined NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on stage at a democratic fundraiser for a scripted joke about how lazy black people are. The cache of emails leaked on Friday by the WikiLeaks website disclosed that DNC officials explored ways to undermine Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign, including raising questions about whether Sanders, who is Jewish, was really an atheist. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate Friday, adding a centrist former governor of a crucial battleground state to the Democratic ticket. Fluent in Spanish and active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs, he built a reputation for working across the aisle as Virginia’s governor and as mayor of Richmond. She made no mention of her impending pick during a somber meeting Friday with community leaders and family members affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and a later campaign rally in Tampa. Kaine, who won election to the Senate in 2012 after serving as Obama’s first chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will likely speak in the slot reserved for the vice presidential pick on Wednesday night.

He learned Spanish during a mission trip to Honduras while in law school, an experience he still references on the campaign trail.
No panic , Hillary will win and tRump and his followers will be sent to the dust bin of history where they belong.
Ive shown up too many of your mistakes and outright lies to worry about the opinion of someone like you. Considering the main “proof” of Trump’s racism is that he opposes illegal immigration and wants to build a wall, isn’t it odd that Hillary gets off for having said the same thing? Fluent in Spanish and active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs, he built a reputation for working across the aisle as Virginia’s governor and as mayor of Richmond. During his political career, he’s demonstrated an ability to woo voters across party lines, winning his 2006 gubernatorial race with support in both Democratic strongholds and traditionally Republican strongholds.
She could haveJesus as a running mate and still lose,and probably by a lot since liberals hate any mention of God..
This corrupt nag simply has too much negative baggage,and we will see it all in the weeks to come.
BTW – the part about the tRump supporters is from actual demographics , not my opinion. The GOP nominee now picks up 16% of the Democratic vote, while 10% of Republicans like Clinton. Sherrod Brown, intensifying their criticism of Kaine late this week as his selection appeared imminent.
You can pick more than one,and probably have to, And laddie, over 25 years i had probably over a 1000 people work for me, Had to fire a lot like you, they just wouldnt learn dont cha know. Knew all about Hilary’s antics and attitude long before she stepped onto the political stage.

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