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With its completely new, 4-piston S4 caliper, SwingLink lever cam, and carbon lever blade, the 360-gram Guide Ultimate stands alone as the new leader in its class. Returned product(s) must be in unused, uninstalled, and with all original packaging material(s) and original packaging. Just over one year ago, SRAM reworked their already phenomenal Guide brakes to create a top-level Guide Ultimate. With the Ultimates, the big changes to the calipers came in the form of alloy pistons, molded piston seals and more space for air to move around the pads. Fluid lines are machined into the caliper body, ensuring even pressure on each side of the brake.
The molded seals are better than a cut o-ring because they can better control the size and shape to have a tight fit inside the caliper body’s groove and a tight seal around the piston.
Functionally, the levers are the same, with different materials and adjustment options separating RSC from RS from R. In addition to the alloy pistons, the Ultimate sets its self apart with titanium hardware and comes with their 2-piece Centerline-X rotor, and it’s available now.
If they give up on brakes, then they can focus on front derailleurs… or improve on their excellent warranty department. Should we still be knocking Shimano for Rapid rise, Biopace or those terrible dual control levers?
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Mountain Biking UK celebrates everything that is great about mountain biking, enabling people of all abilities and ages to have a better time on their bike. MBUK brings you all the latest news, coolest kit, plus exclusive info on the newest and best bikes that you can buy. Instead of posting up all of their new parts in a booth on their own this year, Whisky Parts Co. The only carbon bike in a group of hand built metal bikes, the Salsa Pony Rustler is a QBP product after all.
Of course it also looks like the spitting image of the 1992 Suzuki RM 250 it was designed after down to the custom D.FENDER front fender.
The Rock Lobster by Paul Sadoff is a 7005 aluminum cyclocross race machine that will have any racer drooling. Megan Dean of Moth Attack is another builder putting out some incredible work in fillet brazed steel. Wow, its almost as if the photographer knew what they was doing and matched the pictures to the brand image and style. It has been engineered to be light and powerful, with superior heat management capabilities, which give you better, more consistent, more reliable braking. It came with the all-new S4 caliper, which offered improved heat management, easier bleeding and even better performance. The Ultimate’s still rule the roost with aluminum pistons that are turned and then given radial grooves before being sent out for a moly coating. Both sides run from the hose, behind the calipers, and then directly to the bleed port, with minimal opportunities for air to get trapped along the way. If the cash ever comes available, I’d like to put the Level version on my hardtail as well.
Stuff like monoblock brake calipers and braided brake lines will help bring down lap time even with an underpowered car. The piston is contacted by the fluid on its outer side and the hot brake pad on the inner side. Try to take a motorcycle brake and make it as light as a bicycle brake and see how easy it is to remove squeal, fade and premature bleeds. Ok, Sram once had a problem with they’re brakes, I even had a couple of problems with them, but they are better now. Internally, it sports the same timing port closure mechanism, same seals, and same expandable bladder reservoir.
SRAM built the Level calipers with only two pistons as opposed to Guide’s four with the intention of keeping weight low.

Built around 27+ wheels and modern trail geometry, the bike includes Whisky 50 plus rims, along with a No. This particular build is a 135QR cross frame built for one of Megan’s friends who is a shorter rider looking for a frame that fit without toe overlap. As one of the builders who helped develop the new T47 BB threaded standard, this bike naturally is T47 equipped.
The paint on the pony rustler looks pretty good – considering it was inspired by one of the ugliest dirt bikes in history. The new caliper design also incorporates a re-designed seal and aluminum piston interface for ease of setup and improved consistency, while Bleeding Edge technology makes bleeding Guide Ultimate a quick and easy task. The grooves limit the piston’s ability to retract past the seal, helping it stay at the ready as pads wear. Why would you use the metal with the best heat conductivity even if the piston only contacts the pad through a relatively “thin” circle? For weight savings and simplicity, every version of the new brake requires a tool for reach adjustment. As a premium carbon parts brand, Whisky expects all of their products to end up on high end bikes, so why not display them on some of the nicest custom bikes they could get their hands on? Another of the Six Select to showcase the new Goat Rim, the tubeless rim could be a hit for cross season. Also equipped with the new Goat rim, this time the bike makes use of the full tire size potential with a true 29er tire mounted to the carbon rim.
The lever blade kit is backwards compatible, so you could upgrade the reach adjust if you already own a set of first generation Guides. Nobody understands the difference in performance between a cheaper two-part brake caliper and a monoblock one other than the price – because car brakes are hugely underappreciated and misunderstood, and everybody and their dog is just looking at engine tech. Other manufacturers have chosen other materials for their pistons a long time ago and it makes a difference. 9 carbon thru axle fork has a 483mm A2C, 51mm offset, 150 x 15mm axle, and includes a custom DT Swiss RWS skewer.

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