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I’ve been a Spotify member forever because of my profession as a fitness instructor, but I TOTALLY highly recommend it for everyone. Because I want you to keep exploring music…I’m doing a GIVEAWAY in partnership with Spotify just for you guys!
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The prize was provided by Spotify, but Spotify and its agents and representatives are not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. But for working out hard (especially intense cardio) I just can’t beat hard Classic Rock like AC-DC or Guns N Roses!

But for working out hard (especially intense cardio) I just can’t beat hard Classic Rock like AC-DC or Guns N Roses! So what they do is take what you currently listen to most on Spotify and then suggest songs that you might like from different decades! All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Spotify or its agents and representatives.
The first two have really deep lyrics and great instrumentals while the latter has a unique sound that blends elements of rock, metal, rap, and electronic. I made myself a 1-hr long 80s playlist in partnership with Spotify inspired by their new Taste Rewind app and thought you would like to listen to it too!

If there’s no music at all or I forget to bring my headphones to the gym, I will literally turn back and grab my headphones before I start working out. To me, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE – great music is the foundation of a very exciting workout. Plus as a group fitness instructor, I need to always have the best music for leading a high energy class.

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