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Si eres uno de los que odia tener auriculares en los oidos mientras conduce o que evita contestar por miedo a sufrir un accidente, la empresa Sony resolvio el problema con el lanzamiento del nuevo autoestereo MEX-BT5000, con tecnologia Bluetooth para realizar y recibir llamadas. Aunque parezca imposible el nuevo MEX-BT5000, permite a los usuarios almacenar hasta 50 contactos, con hasta 6 modos de marcacion, por lo que es posible marcar o recibir llamadas sin necesidad de cables o aditamentos adicionales y con perfecto sonido, pues escucha la voz traves de las bocinas del automovil. Ademas, la tecnologia Bluetooth no solo permite la funcion de “manos libros” sino que los usuarios con reproductores MP3 o telefonos celulares pueden sincronizarse con el autoestereo y reproducir la musica de manera mas sencilla. En calidad de sonido el MEX-BT5000 cuenta con tecnologia DRIVE-S HX, que ofrece sonido de alta calidad y definicion, el Sony Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO) II, que eleva el sonido para ofrecer un escenario acustico ideal y un ecualizador parametrico de 3 bandas modela el sonido al gusto del usuario.
Soporta formatos de audio como MP3, WMA y ATRAC y CDs de audio y cuenta con Sistema de Control Sony BUS para conexion de un cambiador de CDs u otros accesorios compatibles. El nuevo MEX-BT5000 ya esta disponible con distribuidores autorizados de Sony y tiene un precio aproximado de $5.399. Memory media demonstrates outstanding waterproof performance by adopting a System in Package (SiP) structure, where flash memory, wiring and other elements, along with the entire circuit board, are protected in molded resin. Memory media conforms to IPX7 droplet- and water-proof performance standards set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Even if memory media becomes wet, Sony customers may rest assured that the memory media's outstanding waterproof structure will help ensure that no recorded data will be lost.
Memory media demonstrates outstanding dust proof performance by adopting a System in Package (SiP) structure, where flash memory, wiring and other elements, along with the entire circuit board, are protected in molded resin. Even when filming in high winds or in environments where there are clouds of dust or sand, Sony customers may rest assured that the memory media's dust-resilient structure will help ensure that these conditions have no impact on memory media data.
Durability (strength) tests through bending and twisting are conducted to help ensure that memory media is safe, even when kept in one's trouser pocket. Furthermore, drop tests of memory media were also conducted (memory media was dropped from a height of 1.5 m using a dropping apparatus). Memory media conforms to ISO7816-1, the International standard for ultraviolet ray irradiation testing.
Memory media conforms to the ISO 7816-1 international standard for X-ray screening testing. Through Sony's magnetic-resistance tests, Sony has verified normal memory media operation with no problems after leaving memory media on top of a powerful magnet (2,500 gauss*) for 70 hours. There is no impact on memory media data even if memory media is placed close to consumer electronics that give off a magnetic field. Memory media conforms to the IEC 61000-4-2 set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Sony conducts an multiple strict compatibility tests covering approximately 1,000 tests, particularly with respect to Sony devices, prior to shipping memory media. One of Sony's unique strengths as a manufacturer of both hardware devices and memory media is Sony's ability to coordinate rigorous compatibility tests for both types of products beginning with the new product planning stage.
The International CES show in Las Vegas is the biggest stage for hi-fi companies (big or small) to showcase their newest products. Multi-room systems proved to be popular at the event last year, and CES 2015 was just the same; we saw countless new stereo amplifiers and a promising number of new turntables, some complete with nifty, new features.

It's clear that many manufacturers believe multi-room and networked audio to be the future of hi-fi.
British hi-fi startup Musaic launched its new high-resolution multi-room system (pictured above). The high-resolution support isn't the only headline-grabbing feature about it though, for it can also integrate with smart home-lighting and home automations hubs. German manufacturer Raumfeld also announced additions to its multi-room range. The One Bar can be used as a soundbar to boost your TV's sound or can accept streams over wi-fi from the likes of Spotify and Tidal. Not content with just releasing some stereo amplifiers, Cambridge Audio unveiled two new network music players as well.
We already knew about the ATC SCM40A loudspeakers before heading out to Las Vegas, but being able to see and hear them up close confirmed they were worthy of a Stars of CES Award. Epos treated us to the K3 passive loudspeakers, the largest floorstanding model in the K-Series range.
Some big news for portable audio fans came from Sony as the successor to its high-resolution Walkman was announced. Onkyo introduced its new direct-drive CP-1050 turntable (above) which features a die-cast aluminium quartz-lock controlled platter in an effort to ensure "smooth, precise and stable rotation" when the turntable is being used.
I must begin by saying, this is by far the most powerful (and expensive) graphics card I have ever owned.
Memory media has been proven to be internally impermeable by water even when submerged temporarily at a fixed depth of 1 m of room-temperature tap water for 30 minutes. Memory media has been proven to be internally impenetrable to an amount of dust particles that could have a harmful impact. Moreover, memory media has also passed a durability test of 10,000 slot insertions and removals. Sony testing has verified that memory media will operate normally with no impact on data after drop tests.
Sony has assumed a broad range of usage environments, such as mid-summer heat and bitter cold, to help ensure durability. For this reason, there is no impact on data even when memory media is used outdoors in mid-summer and near the seashore, where solar ultraviolet rays are strong.
Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is waterproof certified to IEC 60529 IPX7 standard. Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is dustproof certified to IEC 60529 IP5X standard,.
Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is durable and data will operate after drop testing from 1.5m. Based on Sony internal testing, memory media can operate in temperatures between -13 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) and 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees Celsius). Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is in conformance with ISO 7816-1 ultraviolet ray irradiation testing. Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is in conformance with ISO 7816-1 X-ray screen testing. Based on Sony internal testing, memory media data was not impacted after being placed on top of a 2,500 gauss magnet for 70 hours.

Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is anti-static certified to IEC 61000-4-2 standard.
Based on Sony internal testing, memory media is compatible with many Sony and other manufacturer's hardware devices. PatternPlay technology promises to learn your listening habits based on time of the day and day of the week. The CXN network music player can stream music from UPnP devices, supports Apple AirPlay, and can accept Bluetooth streams via an optional dongle.
A 4.3in colour screen shows you what's being played and Spotify Connect, iPlayer Radio and internet radio are all built-in. The new floorstanders build upon the success of the SCM40s by adding ATC's tri-amplifier pack.
Details were thin on the ground, but GamuT was adamant the new speakers would deliver an accurate, dynamic and full-range performance.
The NWZ-ZX2 (above) features a raft of improvements including SD card support, DSD support and a new "superior" LDAC Bluetooth codec. Ion Audio unveiled the Air LP, which can stream audio over Bluetooth and act as a DAC from vinyl to digital. Its high-density MDF base is the location for the "ultra low noise" motor and 10 damping feet, the cone shape of the TPE-constructed columns designed to absorb the motor's "unwanted energy". In terms of the features you get for the money, now is a great time to be looking for a display. The pinouts on the PSU side are not standard, in fact, there is no standard for the modular connections on the PSU side. Memory media is highly durable and damage proof from repeated insertions and removals from the card slot of digital still cameras, video cameras and other devices.
The Halo is the American manufacturer's first integrated amp and features the latest ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC. While it may seem a little expensive at ?950, Sony says "every stage of the audio pathway is upgraded". The idea is that it connects to your networked music library, as well as Deezer, and you pick a colour to represent your current mood. Ne manquez pas les Soldes* 2016 batterie appareil photo et les promotions incroyables sur Batterie type Sony DSC-HX20V ! Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes amateurs de photo et video ont recherche par exemple sur notre offre Batterie type Sony DSC-HX20V .
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