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Kaine, 58, the former governor of Virginia and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was regarded as a more conventional choice in the vice presidential selection process, and someone who could help Clinton reach working class voters along a swath of midwestern states who may be turning to Donald Trump. Kaine won over conservative voters when he ran for governor in 1985, a prelude to a gradual shift of the state as a tossup rather than a Republican stronghold. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, had also considered other figures such as Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa; Sen. While initial reaction also talked of how the selection of Kaine was a safe choice, there could be some unhappiness among progressive groups because of Kaine’s support of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Hillary once again obeyed her corporate masters and rejected the progressive (Warren) in favor of the center-right non progressive Kaine.

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The trade agreement was a key issue in the primary campaign, as Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders opposed it as a giveaway to major corporations. Well get up-to-date with the fact that you Republicans just spent $8 million in hard earned tax payer money PROVING beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mrs. He served on the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, and is fluent in Spanish.
Kaine also wants greater deregulation of banks – yes you heard that right, the big banks that brought you the 2008 economic collapse, Kaine wants to take away the remaining regulations and put the economy at even greater risk.

My father and forefathers have fought in every single war this country has been involved in so that we can live in a nation free of tyrants, concentration camps and wrongly imprisoned politicians and religious leaders.

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