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This week we’re addressing the difference between 2 terms that are easy to confuse when writing health information.
Our favorite way to remember the difference between these 2 similar words quite literally lies in (yes, you guessed it!) the eye of the beholder — in other words, it depends on who notices it. Technically speaking, a symptom is something that only the patient can observe — meaning it’s subjective. You feel that your head hurts, but your doctor doesn’t know you have a headache unless you say something.
Your doctor can tell from your test results that you have high blood pressure, but you don’t know you have it unless your doctor lets you know.

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Technical specs: Download contains one ZIP folder with an EPS vector (v10), its JPEG equivalent (1800 x 1800 px), and a README text file. SPECIAL NOTE: The EPS vector can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, so please take extra care in reading and respecting our Terms of Use. Well start with this free sign language alphabet picture and get started you never know when this might come in handy. So instead of thinking about the sign or symptom itself, think about the person who notices it: Symptoms are what a patient feels, and signs are what a doctor sees.

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