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Our Inwood House of the Week from Inwood National Bank is exactly the sort of home Neiman Marcus seeks out as a location for their furniture and linen catalogs.
It’s not often that an entry takes me by surprise, but this one is enormous even for a Georgian.
Four bedrooms are on the second floor, including the master suite with yet more floor-to-ceiling windows. The media room and another bedroom occupy the third floor bringing, the grand total of bedrooms to five. Not only is this a gorgeous Georgian, it’s in possibly the best location in Highland Park—or perhaps even Dallas. Ann Sacks, Briggs Freeman Sothebys International, Diane Duvall Rogers, Eubank staging, Fairfax Park, Flippen Park, Georgian, Highland Park, John S.
We did so, giving us, now, six debts to pay off.A Net result of minus one bill sounds pretty good to me.
So we’ve decided to focus even more on ending 2012 with a bang and kicking off 2013 in solid debt-payoff mode.
Even if all we do is maintain our current momentum, we’ll be more than 55% debt-free at the end of 2013.

Longtime MvD readers know that one of our biggest tenets is thatA taking action matters the most. We will be paying Bank of America at leastA $1,550A every month for 2013, up from our average 2012 payment of $1,454.98! An Experiment in De-Commercializing the Holidays Newly Launched Site Helps People Find the Car of Their Dreams Gold and silver the a€?go-toa€™ assets for capital preservation Applea€™s Jaw Dropping Flop Do You Really Need that Mastera€™s Degree?
Read on to find out how the 24point0’s PowerPoint slides were recreated to present CEM strategies and processes. Puedes guardar tus magnificos descubrimientos en tableros de recortes organizados por temas. The on-trend white cabinets are fitted with Italian hardware and, of course, there are Viking appliances. It’s minutes from downtown and The Dallas Arts District, and steps from Flippen Park — yes, the one with the gazebo where more bridal portraits than you can count have taken place. If a move-in ready Georgian in an absolutely perfect location is on your wish list, give Diane a call, and then give our friends at Inwood National Bank a call to get the ball rolling on purchasing this $2.55 million gem. We CERTAINLY didn’t want to have eight!A Our goal was to consolidate two of the smallest debts we had into the line of credit. Despite the interest for this loan being included in the balance (as is often the case for personal loans, especially, uh, less-than-ideal ones), the company refunded us for the “interest overage” to the tune of $163 and change!!A That will immediately go toward paying debt down!
We’ve already updated the chart that shows our payments for each month and our projected debt-free date, and, of course,A we’re aiming to not just meet but beat that! If we really hustle, we could get that up to about 66% -A with a total remaining debt of about $30,000! We fully expect to surpass that some months, but considering the minimum payment is just about $600 right now, and the interest is about $400 a month, that means we’ll be taking about $1,150 at MINIMUM off the principal each month.A That feels pretty great!

Is it something related to paying off debt, or to building your savings, or to starting your business? Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. With their ordered facades, perfect proportions and simple elegance of design, Georgian homes have always stood for stability and prestige. There are his-and-her’s bathrooms — yes you read that right, two bathrooms — and separate walk-in closets. Fairfax Park is only a half block away, so tennis enthusiasts and kiddos will both be happy. But I can’t rest on my laurels with a class of 100 students seeing my results daily, not to mention the thousands who read these updates here on MvD!
But I truly believe that taking this leap of faith – and then selling crap, using side hustles and tracking our spending to go above and beyond – will get us over that finish line even sooner than we had once hoped! This Highland Park Georgian gem at 4529 North Versailles Avenue is a shining example of that traditional, classic look that has such a universal appeal. Amazing decorative molding graces each wall, creating that classic look that befits a formal space. The line of credit.A For the first time in essentially two years, we had MORE debt at the end of the month than the beginning.

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