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The heart problems are assiciated wiith our heart (Anhat) chakra.This chakra looks after the heart,breathing process and the antibodies to fight against infections and diseases. This is caused by the problem with the left heart chakra which catches due to above mentioned reasons.If the deity of right heart is awakened Asthma can be cured completely.
Give vibrations to the right heart chakra and Chant the mantra of Shri Sita Ram.Om twamev sakshat shri Sita Ram Sakshat shri adi shakti mataji shri nirmala devi namo namah.
Insecurity or  fear may be inside a person due to  problems with the mother or childhood in unhappy families. Different stages of human evolution took place when all these incarnations came on this earth.
In India we believe that God Himself takes incarnations with his Vishnu principle (responsible for evolution) whenever there is the decline of righteousness and tries to elevate. What is The Job of Shri Mataji’s Incarnation and her Relationship with the other Incarnations & Sahaja Yogis?! Thank you so much for this beautiful and enlightening compilation which can be read, and re-read, to help deepen our understanding.
Most of the quotes are coming from a lecture of Shri Mataji on Kundalini power and the connection to the incarnation of Jesus Christ on 1979-09-26.
An Avatar would be an incarnation manifesting the full potential of one, several, or all the chakras, specifically with a conscious objective.
Devas, we have surely established our brotherhood with harmony in the womb of our Mother (Rigveda 8. Thank you dear Iona to dedicate so much of your time to make a really precious time for us to read your compilations: this one is amazing also!
We can focus on what is wrong in this world and all the conspiracies… or we can focus on what is right in front of our eyes, this paradise on earth and this tree of life we have inside of us.
Thank you for truly amazing,story of avatar .I am very thankful for Mataji to come and bless us.
All the heart problems can be cured through sahaja yoga by raising Kundalini.The Kundalini nourishes all the Chakras through its energy.
Correct any wrong relationship, which is coming from you as a father, husband, a son or a brother.
They could not conceive of an idea that some human being can appear on the earth as an incarnation of God. Because I’m the Primordial Mother and I have to do the Job of Awakening the Primordial Nature, the dharma within human beings and that’s what I have to do and nothing else. It’s not a casual thing, but I want to live very casually myself to show that I’m casual, but I am not. So, it came quite naturally to try to provide some profound sahaj knowledge on this subject, directly from the source: Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and the one that is revered as a divine incarnation herself.
The film has also tried to connect the meaning of how subtle is the connection of human with living creations especially the trees.It could be so beautiful.

It certainly clears so many of our misconceptions – extremely important to resolve most current problems.
Having this knowledge really helps in understanding that which is the truth and puts things into perspective. It is the subtle reality we can tune in to anytime and develop our own powers of vibration. He doesn’t have to weigh things, rationalise, or to train himself, or do some drama or anything.
If you reason it out you will understand why an incarnation is needed to come on this earth.
Whenever there is an incarnation of God, or a Saint is born, and you ask a question whether such a person is an incarnation or whether he is a pious Saint, a Sahaja Yogi would immediately feet the cool breeze on his palm, if the answer is in affirmative. Any chakra that you catch, collectively, I get that problem and I have to solve it because it troubles me, so I solve it. While you should not pay your attention casually, that won’t work out because you are in my body. All the above are quotes from various lectures of Shri Mataji — in which the principle of evolution and its main manifestations as Avatars or Incarnations were introduced and explained in the context of  global history of religions, myths and faiths as well in relation to our energy centers and their qualities manifested within us. Even they showed how life can be transplanted in a way if it is understood in its subtlity. We can incite change just by being one with our spirit and letting this vibration expand exponentially like a wave of divine love.
There are many things in this world in respect of which man has not been able to find any satisfactory explanation. Jesus Christ incarnated on this earth for facilitating the passage through this door (Agnya Chakra), and he himself was the first to pass through it. And it was only through the resurrection that His disciples could know that He was no other than God Himself. Without a begining with no end there is not but one who expresses herself in every and all particles of this universe. There are so many other ways by certain happenings the unconscious, the Divine can guide you, but it is all vague, extremely vague. I used to play things, I used to be first in every sort of game and I had championship, this, that.
I don’t know about, you know about it, but there is a reflector in us which works on remote control.
Then they started beating the trumpets, started reciting His name, started delivering lectures on Him.
It’s done by the nature, done by Shri Ganesha, Vishnu, Mahesha, everybody (all the divine principles  that govern the chakras). Memories of times with Her, every word that She spoke, started playing like a video – as if She was right there besides me.

A beautiful compilation of Shri Mataji’s words, brings us through the mud, gives us the divine perspective and deciphers very clearly a truth that I have never felt before with clear, cool breezes of confirmation. It must have proper body to be able to communicate what it has to say otherwise how are you going to have a rapport with unconscious. If the people should recognize Him and secure spiritual development and bliss, this would enlighten the soul and spread happiness, and Bliss everywhere. Yes I have felt Her close within me, giving me all the comfort, solace and hope to carry on with life and make full use of this wonderful association- the creation of some beautiful poems, songs – I actually feel like bursting with more and more of it, to be paid as homage to Her great incarnation. You cannot have any rapport with the divine unless and until you know you are Atman, your Atma (Spirit). The relationship is they are all in my body and They are all bound by Their own dharma and They act.
Before that whatever you may try may create a depth in you, a serenity in you, a character in you but still you cannot have a direct rapport.
All we need to do now is to tie ourselves together with the knots of Her love and weave joy & bliss around.
All of them are related to me and they have a tremendous protocol, tremendous respect that if I say anything, they will not finish it. This is the secret part of it, that you don’t know and then when I feel the pain and if I try, look at it, because I have power to cure, so you get cured. I hope you will understand how important it is to be aware of your restrictions within yourself. As I told you, is that I could come close to you and I need not, sort of, fill you with fear or oddness, or even a feeling that I am not a human being. I behave exactly like human being, I react exactly like human beings and all these powers are hidden within Myself. Now the worst thing that happens in Sahaja Yoga, that people try to make money out of me because they know I don’t understand money, I don’t understand banking and I’m very bad at it, but I’m not. Or maybe in the previous life you had your realization or maybe also you have done such tremendous punyas that you can recognize.
Then you fall a prey to their talk, things, whatever it is, or maybe into some paradoxical culture, as you have here. So, you see, this attention itself is very penetrating and when it penetrates it carries with it all the powers that are required and acts. So you start telling me that there is a miracle that has happened, miracle that has happened.

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