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After the dusk of the Bangle era, BMW went back to making more subtle M cars, without the beaks, bulges and fat chins. This is the latest creation from Mercedes Benz AMG’s version of the Skunk Works - the upcoming C63 AMG Coupe Black Series.
If you are man enough to look it in the face, your inner child will probably fall in love with it at first sight, and even though these are just some spy shots from our friends, the car paparazzi, it looks like it’s going a million miles an hour (grouse exaggeration there, we got excited).
On a more serious note, there will be a C63 AMG Black Series saloon later on, for those who want their lunacy to come in a four-door limousine form.

The M5, for example, looked like it wanted to stab you, while the parrot face on the M6 was scary to most small, furry creatures. Thanks to an injection of testosterone, adrenaline, Bourbon Whiskey and chest hair, the 6.2-liter lump under the bonnet will develop 510 horsepower instead of the 457 hp of the regular C63 AMG Coupe. The M6 Gran Coupe enjoyed its American premiere at the 2013 NAIAS recently, and the impression we got from the Detroit event was that the car was made of some sort of rock, like it was built to pummel its enemies into submission. We don’t really know what torque figures will come from that V8, but it will probably be enough to power a small village.

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