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However, there are a few lingering questions that'll take months---if not years---to sort out. These systems and enhancements provide optimized converged infrastructure platforms that allow customers to run multiple applications on a single platform, which reduces cost, complexity and data center footprint.
The low-cost UCP 1000 for SAP HANA is for test and development and for SMB environments, while the UCP 6000 systems help meet the needs of the demanding data center applications. As the journey to digital transformation puts data at the center of business strategy, converged infrastructures become a more critical element of corporate success. The firm also announced that its UCP 6000 system has been added to SAP Co-Innovation Lab to develop, test and demonstrate the reference architecture.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The company is upbeat about its prospects for 2016 and beyond and argues that its applications will be the core enabler for enterprises to transform businesses. SAP CEO Bill McDermott told analysts he would forward an internal document to illustrate what S4 HANA can do as he outlined a vision that makes his company's applications an enabler for enterprise transformation.McDermott, speaking at SAP's Capital Markets Day in New York, was pitching analysts on the company's transparency, ability to navigate emerging trends and keep its core licensing and support business on track. Mucic noted that each business SAP runs will have a different margin profile, but they won't be pitted against each other. Because, beyond TCO reduction, which is dramatic, it's also about creating business value for the customer. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center.
UCP 6000 for SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering reduces storage cost by placing active data in memory and placing less frequently accessed data in lower-cost storage. The company continues significant investment in its converged infrastructure portfolio to enable customers to monetize data and get the most from their technology investments.

This project is true to the vision of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, which is to enable SAP and its partners to produce innovative solutions with reduced risk while accelerating time to market. Our collaboration around innovation for tomorrow and our combined skills, capabilities and solutions, like our new Hitachi UCP Solutions for SAP HANA, can help customers harness the power of their data and address growing market requirements around cloud, analytics, and the Internet of Things," said Jim Beckman, VP, global alliances, HDS. CIOs will have a say, but initially SAP is expecting CFOs to be the ones drooling over the first installment---Simple Finance.
Imagine your forecast and the accuracy around that, essentially segmenting the markets, the deals, and the flow so you have a greater outcome with more precise planning.
The analytics with UCP 6000 for SAP HANA enable users to consolidate data from multiple application sources, allowing users to quickly turn data into business insights. Determining the optimal UCP 6000 configuration and reference architecture for running SAP HANA dynamic tiering can help meet today's needs as well as ensure the openness and extensibility needed to integrate future innovations. Co-market innovation along with customers like Under Armour to raise the profile of the company. Imagine if you could close your books 72 hours earlier, just to pick a number -- it could be a lot better than that.
And imagine the power to reinvent and simulate new business models completely on the fly and create the boardroom of the future, where the management team sit at a common area looking at all the operations of the company with real-time data, giving them feedback loops that they can make real decisions on -- game changer.Now SAP by running S4 on HANA isn't doing something unheard of.
How SAP manages innovation, rolling out new features and keeping all customers happy should be closely watched. In a nutshell, McDermott, along with CFO Luka Mucic, outlined an SAP that can be a cloud winner as well as one that's in the middle of the Internet of things. Along the way, McDermott mocked specialty cloud players such as Workday, but did acknowledge that SAP's run simple and live messaging has taken time to digest. Another wrinkle: A two code line approach gives SAP customers even more of an excuse to look elsewhere as they ponder roadmaps. SAP argues that the killer app for the HANA platform is Business Suite, specifically Simple Finance, which will woo CFOs with the real-time visibility.

Every revolution needs a spark and SAP execs were confident that in 2020 we'll look back to Feb. Previously: SAP revamps Business Suite with new UI, HANA analyticsSAP's argument is that the features of S4 on HANA are so compelling that customers aren't going to sweat a database swap. The catch is that some customers may prefer Oracle or at the very least can't get out of their contracts easily.
In terms of specific requirements, we want SAP to maintain a real freedom of choice for customers when it comes to databases, among other things. In essence, it's not HANA they are getting free, as the customers participating in the promotion would have already migrated to HANA. Let's face it---any SAP customer considering HANA is already running the business on the software vendor's app. The move to HANA doesn't seem like much more lock-in---especially if SAP can undercut Oracle. What remains to be seen is whether SAP customers squirm at betting an entire stack on the company.
Rest assured that Oracle and SAP are both playing the same optimized stack and business transformation game. At SAP's launch at the New York Stock Exchange, Royal Dutch Shell CIO Alan Matula quipped: "Look at your current footprint. Matula has more than 70 HANA projects running around Shell, but they are all smaller efforts for new applications and business cases.

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