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Apres 9 ans de carriere et un succes incontestable, la seconde generation d’ Audi A3 cede enfin sa place a une remplacante qui, malgre son apparence assez similaire, apporte de nombreuses nouveautes.
La nouvelle Audi A3 adopte ainsi une silhouette generale assez semblable a celle qu’elle remplace et se pare de tous les recents gimmicks propres aux vehicules de la marque. Pourtant, les dessous sont inedits et cette troisieme generation d’Audi A3 est le premier modele a utiliser la plate-forme MQB, qui sera a terme la base de tous les vehicules a moteur transversal du groupe Volkswagen. De son cote, la gamme de motorisations evolue fortement avec l’arrivee de blocs inedits pour la compacte aux anneaux. Au final, cette nouvelle Audi A3 est une voiture sans veritable defaut, fidele a la reputation de grande qualite et de rigueur qui a fait son succes. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez que des cookies soient utilises afin d’ameliorer votre experience d’utilisateur et de vous offrir des contenus personnalises. Mercedes-Benz’s stunning new C-Class goes on sale this fall, priced from $39,325 including $925 in shipping charges. Further down the track, expect a more affordable C250 model, fuel-efficient C-Class Plug-In Hybrid, sporty C450 AMG Sport and high-performance C63 AMG. As previously reported, the 2015 C-Class is a much more substantial car than the model it replaces.
2017 Audi S4 Specs, Release Date and Changes – By utilizing the concept of A4, it really is talked about by lots of reviews inside of the event the newest 2017 Audi S4 would probably be made working using a most existing sport all round basic efficiency. The 2017 Audi S4 due to the believed will turn into presented with really a few changes specifically for the design. This presumptions concerning the engine efficiency will be however challenging to obtain recognized.
A Audi do Brasil lanca oficialmente a linha 2016 do SUV Q3 - veiculo que conta com reformulacao estetica na dianteira, e tem como novidade a inclusao em sua gama de opcoes de versoes com motor 1.4 TFSI de 150 cavalos com tracao 4x2.
Essa configuracao mecanica, de acesso, estara disponivel em configuracoes de acabamento - Attraction e Ambiente. A tabela abaixo traz os precos, itens de serie e motorizacao de todas as versoes do Audi Q3 2016 disponiveis no Brasil.
AttractionR$ 127.190Rodas de 17 polegadas de aluminio, ar-condicionado de comando manual, bancos de couro ecologico, computador de bordo, sendor de chuva e crepuscular, volante com paddle shifts, seis airbags (frontal, lanteral dianteiro e de cabeca), assistente de partida em rampa, ESP - Controle Eletronico de Estabilidade, farois de xenon com ajuste automatico de altura, lanteras em LED, freio de estacionamento com acionamento eletro-hidraulico, sensor de estacionamento traseiro, entre outros itens.
Comentarios que contenham palavras de baixo calao (palavroes),conteudo ofensivo, racista ou homofobico serao apagados sem previo aviso.

En effet, pas de revolution sur le plan stylistique, la nouvelle Audi A3 demeure avant tout une Audi et s’intercale parfaitement dans la gamme des anneaux, qui prend alors des allures de poupees russes. La calandre singleframe voit ses angles biseautes, le regard s’aiguise avec des optiques affinees et surmontees de rangees de leds, tandis que la partie arriere se rapproche de celle de la petite A1, avec des feux horizontaux. Ainsi, si le coffre gagne 15 l en capacite, l’habitabilite est toujours assez mesuree aux places arriere.
Mais cela se traduit egalement par un manque certain de caractere, qui pourra parfois etre percu comme une reelle faiblesse . That may seem a little steep but the entry-level model at present is the C300, which comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque.
This model is priced from $49,515 with shipping and is powered by a  twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 good for 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. It rides on Mercedes’ new MRA platform which thanks to lightweight materials makes the new C-Class about 200 pounds lighter than its predecessor. Here, Mercedes’ new round-vent and waterfall-console themes executed in materials that range from satisfying to truly impressive. Its development possibly will likely be started in Ingolstadt too as they are likely to bring more than its culture.
Due to this present time, you’re going to uncover a lot of reviews presenting with regard for the pictures to the testing all-round performance around the prototype. It seems that the corporation can properly install the existing V6 TFSI engine which should to turn out to be improved to offer higher outcome compared to present 330 hp along with 325 lb-ft of rotating.
Absolutely the price would most likely be far more high-priced than prior to that may be more than $48,500 while the higher trim might be $54,500.
As versoes 2.0 de 180 e 220 cv permanecem no line-up, com tracao integral Quatrro, e versoes Attraction, Ambiente e Ambition.
Opcional o pacote Conforto, que acrescenta Audi Side Assist (alerta de saida involuntaria de faixa), partida por botao Start e sistema de som de alta qualidade Bose. Ce sentiment est renforce avec la transmission Quattro, dont le surpoids ajoute se fait ressentir.
Enfin, le confort se revele d’un tres bon niveau sur la version traction equipee de jantes de 17 pouces, mais plus ferme sur la Quattro montee avec les jantes de 18 pouces.
Adding 4MATIC all-wheel drive raises the price by $2,000, making the new C300 4MATIC cost $41,325 with shipping.

But in addition to being lighter, the new C-Class has grown to take account of people's increasing average height.
Even in lower-spec models—where rubbered plastics and piano-black finishes meet MB Tex synthetic upholstery—the sense of quality and careful design shine through. It may well be achieved functioning employing a most existing appear in conjunction with this powertrain would in all probability be a excellent deal added strong than in front of due to the fact the widespread specs will turn into provided in addition to dual clutch S tronic. The spy shots will expose us with regards towards the camouflaged model that seems are likely to grow to be launched as well as genuinely considerable redesign.
It could be superb when Audi would create it improved for around 350 hp also as 330 lb-ft of twisting. Elle confirma ainsi le statut de best-seller de celle qui fut l’instigatrice de la categorie des compactes premium.
Cette derniere s’inspire la encore de la petite soeur A1 en etant plus fine, plus basse et plus aeree, avec des commandes simplifiees au maximum. En ajoutant de nouveaux carters en aluminium pour certains moteurs, de nouveaux sieges et divers autres details, ce sont en moyenne 80 kg d’economises sur la nouvelle Audi A3 par rapport a sa devanciere. Les sensations sont de plus feutrees par la motricite irreprochable, qui cloue la voiture au sol, meme a allure tres vive.
Surtout que la concurrence sur le creneau se fait de plus en plus rude, avec la recente BMW Serie 1 et la prochaine Mercedes Classe A. By comparison, the outgoing C300 4MATIC, which is powered by a V-6 but offers similar performance, costs $40,325, a difference of only $1,000. Via those pictures, it seems which one of several most existing sedan delivers redesigned fender. Il n’y a donc a priori aucune raison de bouleverser une formule dont le succes semble inalterable. Rumors discussed that there’s going to be dual clutch seven-speed S tronic auto transmitting because the widespread for that six-speed manual transmission.

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