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New collection will include so famous Jay Gatsby's pink suit, Nick Carraway's cardigans, jackets and many other things.
Welcome to the main hub to several entertaining posts on 1940s fashion for women: – dress codes during and after the war, hairstyles, make-up looks etc.
Search for all our 1940s era posts from the top menu or click on the recommended links below for delicious and beautifully illustrated articles on all aspects of women’s fashion and beauty in the 1940?s. Below a page from John Peacocks 20th Century Fashion, gives a clear guide to how the silhouette developed in the first half of the 1940’s. Whether it was a dress,sleeveless sweater, cardigan, silk dressing gown or bodice, the padded or puffed shoulder was the dominant look. In all countries involved in the conflict, fashion houses either closed, or worked for their governments.
In France, most of the leading couture houses like Chanel and Schiaparelli shut during the occupation and by default, the rise in consumer friendly and affordable fashions took off in the USA. This charming film from our YouTube vintage fashion archive shows Veronica Lake demonstrating how a girl should tie up her hair in the factory.
The early 70s were a bit of a leftover from the hippie days of the 1960s but remember that it was only the young that dressed in such a manner. The most amazing thing about women’s fashion in the 70s was the fact that it is the first decade where women were wearing slacks in all walks of life. It was the 70s when it became acceptable for girls to wear jeans to school in most school districts. Interesting enough a political movement of the late 60s that literally changed the world and had a huge impact on women’s fashion was the Liberation Movement.
The feminist movement was so against a woman’s body being treated like a sex object and yet, the fashion of the 1970s became more daring, exposing more and leaving much less to the imagination. Catsuits were insanely popular along with hot pants (for those with the figure to carry it off) and bell bottoms were the cat’s meow. Styles became long and lean; elegant in their own way, combining different fashions from times gone by to develop its own special look.

On the flip side though, at the same time, there were two other styles that impacted huge sections of the population. The Boho style was the result of the 60s, kind of a leftover that became a bit more cultured; a bit more sophisticated. As we move through the 70s, this Boho style faded.  Of course there were always those that truly hung and still do, but the population as a whole moved beyond it.
The second was the disco era and the synthetic fabrics such as polyester and ultrasuede that provided ‘pop’ and ‘shimmer’. Flared pants and sleeves, tight cat suits and open back dresses became the outfits of choice to go out and dance. Colors could be gaudy and styles could be daring…after all, disco was in itself a fad, but it caught up a whole generation of young adults across the world and in that briefly glittering moment in time…the world danced. I think everyone is waiting for the "Great Gatsby" movie and you are not alone, who awaits for this.
Robert Palmer Princess Diana I love 80's fashion ? I love 80's fashion ? Karate Kid:) Daniel:) Cleo from The Catillac Cats MIchael Jackson Bon Jovi ¦80's style¦ 80's fashion style 80's fashion style Valley Girl Oingo Boingo Macgyver Garbage Pail Kids Garbage Pail Kids Matt Dillon Punky brewster Cosmo July '87 Remember These??? The impact of the entertainment world grew and the entire landscape for women was changing and changing quickly.
Even women in their 40s and 50s found out how much more freedom there was wearing slacks instead of dresses and skirts and for many, they became everyday wear. It was the 70s when fashion truly began to blur the lines between male and female clothing.
She spends her time between antiques and blogging along with research on an upcoming book on Siam Sterling jewelry. Brooks Brothers in a cooperation with GG's movie costume designer Catherine Martin have launched full limited edition menswear line based on this film. All of a sudden there became a world where women expected to be treated on an equal footing with men.  Yes, it was only the first step but it had a huge impact on how women lived, what their goals and aspirations were, and the path their lives would take.
The older generation held fast to their values of modesty and their per-conceived ideas of what was right and wrong in the fashion world.

In what was a heartbeat in history, the mainstream population of women went from confinement to freedom.
There was traditional male clothing such as ties and vests that became a staple of women’s wardrobe.
Women felt they were in a new era and their fashion showed just how different this generation was.
Although skirts and blouses and certainly dresses were still in use, more and more women chose to wear the female version of the 3-piece suit with either slacks or skirt.
With a strong background in writing, IT, business, and social media, her blogs freely provide information in hope of helping others along the way. Whilst American women at home went without, the US army issued American soldiers on their way to Europe with nylons to woo British and French women with. The main inspiration of this collection comes from "Great Gatsby" novel book by American author F. Fox The Reign of Pastel Bon Jovi Remembering the 1980's Peter Jennings Punky Brewster Miami Vice Fashion! From "'80's" Crime Drama, "Knight Rider" Punky brewster Garbage Pail Kids Garbage Pail Kids cyndi lauper ¦80's style¦ Garbage Pail Kids I love 80's? Madonna--Into The Groove ¦80's style¦ ¦80's style¦ "Knight Rider" The 80's John Parr Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Richard Pryor "Different Stokes" Astonaut Michael Smith Shakes Young Colin Firth ¦80's style¦ ¦80's style¦ Girls Just Want to Have Fun Girls Just Want to Have Fun Garbage Pail Kids The 80's Miami Vice Ghostbusters scarface 1980 Ford truck advertisement 80's rule The 80's Drive back to the 80s Fun Stuff I Love Rock N Roll I Love Rock N Roll Sheila E. Durng the austerity years of the war – the make do and mend era, the lack of nylons had women on both sides of the Atlantic resorting to leg cosmetics,  painted stockings , also called liquid stockings . Princess Diana Michael Jackson Visiting The White House House Back In 1984 Barry Manilow The Pointer Sisters Janet Jackson I love 80's? I love 80's fashion ? I love 80's fashion ? Michael J. Fox 80's Birthday Cake Bo Duke Def Leppard's Joe Elliott- Foolin' scarface scarface scarface Top Gun Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing Bon Jovi guns n roses ¦80's style *Michael Jackson*¦ ¦Alannah Myles¦ Punky Brewster Barbie and the Rockers Barbie and the Rockers Girls Just Want To Have Fun 80's!! Joan Jett Adam Ant confrunted by press jellie shoes Madonna Peter Cannon 1982 80's 80's Madonna Steve Strange Midge ure Midge ure Ultravox The Cure Madonna Billy Idol The 80's Glo Worms Madonna Mick Jagger & David Bowie fame Big 80's Hair I love 80's? Optimus Prime Michael J.

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