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One of baseball’s most prominent contemporary figures, Bryce Harper covers the most recent issue of ESPN magazine. With her time of five minute­s and 34.64 second­s, Anam finish­ed last in the list of 35 starte­rs. With her time of five minutes and 34.64 seconds, Anam finished last in the list of 35 starters, almost 36 seconds slower than Argentine Georgina Bardach who finished 34th. A bold girl from Pakistan representing the conservative nation in Swimming is a huge feat in itself and we must appreciate it at all costs that still she had the guts to represent us.
For those who question why a 15 yr old competed in the Olympics if you removed your head from the NEGATIVE BRAIN ZONE many world athletes have done the same to come back later for the GOLD for their country!
In the end the vast majority of medals will go to the few countries which invest heavily in their sports programmes and athletes.
Humble request to ET please change the title of this article, or try to rewrite in an appreciating manner, Thank you. Even great players like jahangir khan and wasim akram say that our problem is that we settle for too less as a nation. Thats an honor in itself for a Nation who has very less things to be proud of in this world. To all the people who are critizing her dress, well what do you think she should wear, when she is swimming?
I think we as a people need to stop critizing others, be they the next door neighbor, or people who represent the country on an international stage. The 46 endangered species which were born include four Royal Bengal tigers, three Asiatic lions, two Indian jaguar, one rhino, one hippo, five mouse deers and some birds and reptiles, according to the records of the Nehru zoological park. An Asiatic male lion cub was born a couple of days ago at Hyderabad Nehru zoological park besides a a male baby rhino was born on July 5. Fake pages have been launched by people imitating various companies in order to increase their monetary value. Do you think a ‘dislike’ button would be good for Facebook and its users or would it be too open to abuse?
Factors to Consider When Seeking the Most Secure SmartphoneWhile smartphones are amazingly versatile, many of them can also pose major security problems.
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Brooklyn Beckham unfollows rumoured first girlfriend Chloe Moretz on Twitter, what happened?! The Washington Nationals player gets candid, dishing on the current state of Major League Baseball.
Yes, she is 15 years old, but what else she have done apart from bringing another defeat to Pakistan.She should have waited for more years to grow up or should have practiced more.
There were no realistic medal hopes associated with young Anam Bandey’s participation in the Olympics. Its ironic that a loserish country like Pakistan that does next to nothing to widely promote sports has the audacity to have any medal hopes. At only 15 she has made it to the Olympics which is far more than many people will ever achieve without any financial or coaching backing from Pakistan. Its a silly excuse that she was just fifteen and we don’t have proper facilities for swimming because she was practicing in uk and there they have state of the art facilities and best coaches. We can only blame , blame our govt for not supporting, blame our society for not supporting , blame our culture, and so on. Maybe she has not been given enough financial backing to invest in a full swimming body suit? So far, as many as 46 endangered species of animals, birds and reptiles have been born in the last year at the zoo.The Nehru zoological park has also been named as the second best zoo in the country after the Mysore zoo, specifically in terms of conservation and reproduction of endangered species like the Asiatic lions, Royal Bengal tigers, leopards, rhinos, emus and pheasants by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).
It has been accused of using ‘likes’ to collect data on users’ browsing habits, and faced criticism due to the way that the popularity of brands and content can be increased artificially.
Experts claim that companies are worried about what the effects of a ‘dislike’ button could be, especially if thousands of ‘dislikes’ could be artificially generated by others. A very important thing once said by an elder that a community’s health could be seen by their involvement in games, slowly we have only witnessed decrease in our olympics participations.
In fact, there are no medal hopes attached to any of our athletes, including our consistently underperforming hockey team. Most of them are there to bring honor to their country by participating at the highest level and by doing their best.
We should be grateful to these athletes who represent Pakistan, against all the odds and through their own efforts.
She has been training in London with a coach that has trained 4 world record holders and he wasn’t even allowed to attend the Games with her due to Pakistans coaching selection policy! She is brave because she is dedicated to her sport and is continuing with it despite all these ridiculous comments in her own country and talented because she is only 15 yrs old and has qualified for the Olympics!

There have been a number of “like-farming” cases over the years, with individuals and  companies artificially enhancing the amount of ‘likes’ given to a post or page in order to sell pages on for sizeable sums. L'Express vous propose le calendrier complet de la competition, de la phase de groupes jusqu'a la finale, en format PDF. She is what she is because of her own will and effort and Pakistani govt like in everything else did not do anything for her to get her best coaches.
I just cant understand what our government officials are thinking while sending such talent less and immature athletes to olympics, where only professionals and hardworkers succeed.
The important news is that a young 15 year old Pakistani girl who probably never got any real support from the sports authorities, and probably was discouraged for supposedly religious and cultural reasons, represented her country at the highest forum and outdid herself.
Credit where credit is due this girl has guts and determination and managed to break a Pakistan record. We need reasons to boost our false pride; settle down, just participation in Olympics isn’t an enough reason to be proud.
Also, to the people who are saying she does not deserve the hype for failing to qualify for the next round.
Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. With the new arrivals, the Hyderabad zoo has bred lion cubs, tiger cubs, pheasants and emus in the last one year. Under the guidelines of the CZA for animal exchange, the zoo received north and north-eastern species like five pairs of Spoon Bills, a pair of Marmosets and a pair of Bhutan Lorry pheasant from the Alipore zoo in Kolkata. If that organization cannot produce one sportsman, who can perform somewhat reasonable at international level, then I don’t know what to say. In February this year, three cheetahs were brought from the Dvur Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic. This is because they cannot breed if they do not get accustomed to their surroundings,a€? he said.Zoos officials are trying to increase their captive populations for many reasons like conservation, exhibition,A  research and zoo education. The goal of most captive breeding programmes for endangered species is to establish captive populations that are large enough to be demographically stable and genetically healthy.

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