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As we foreshadowed this morning, the first right hand drive (RHD) Tesla Model S EVs are being delivered today in the UK. This marks the start of RHD deliveries, which aside from the UK will soon occur in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) has expressed its support for the government’s renewed drive versus the use of unauthorized motor vehicle modifications such as sirens and blinkers. AAP president Gus Lagman noted that the JAO was in line with Republic Act (RA) 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code and Presidential Decree (PD) 96.

AAP vice president Johnny Angeles, who chairs AAP’s Road Safety Committee, claimed that installing the unauthorized blinkers, sirens or similar modifications is a blatant violation of the law.
The two AAP trustees pointed out that the law exempts motor vehicles designated for official use by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), LTO, Philippine National Police (PNP) and fire department as well as hospital ambulances.
PD 96–issued by former President Ferdinand Marcos—on the other hand, has given the authorities the power to confiscate such modifications,” Lagman said. Aquino III promised in his inaugural speech that there would be no more “wang-wangs” (sirens) or unauthorized traffic counterflows during his term, AAP offered to report to the LTO any violators seen on the road.

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