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Wikipedia describes the Internet of Things as “a network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.” IoT has a huge potential in medical and health care systems, infrastructure management, environmental monitoring, transportation and manufacturing.
One simple example is a temperature sensor used while shipping food products – the IoT version can not only detect when thresholds are crossed but also send out alerts and pinpoint location and outage duration thus assisting in quick troubleshooting and preventing any damage to goods.
Another good example is the drone Eyesee from Hardis group which won the SITL innovation award for 2015.
There are several other IoT devices that are in the pipeline from companies that are focused on innovation and service optimization. According to Gartner, manufacturing, utilities and transportation will be the top three verticals leveraging IoT in 2015.
It was, of course, only a matter of time until motorcycle designers picked the all-new BMW G310R and ran it through various types of metamorphosis.
Ducati has already taken steps in this direction with their new Scrambler 400 machine, but this represents only scratching the surface regarding the potential of the segment. For starters, the first strong selling point for a bike like that imagined by Bezzi is the fact that it is a BMW, and a much more affordable one, too. Then comes the sheer functionality of a bike that can tackle both city strolls and dirt sections. Bezzi's rendering takes multiple elements inspired from the R nineT machine, but this is rather a plus than a minus.
The bash plate on the rendered motorcycle is a sign of a mature, functional design idea, as riding hard on rocky terrain comes with good odds of puncturing the sump or dealing other damages to the belly section.

Not sure how well the G310R is suited for longer hauls, but a set of small side cases or at least, soft bags, could also do just well. Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley has successfully turned the world’s focus on the government’s Digital India initiative. However, its uses are not limited to these areas alone and innovative-use cases can be found in every industry.
The growth of IoT presents innovative opportunities to bring about a digital transformation through combinations of physical and digital products and services in the supply chain industry.
Eyesee beat over 50 other new inventions in the logistics and transportation space to win this award.
While IoT can be used to improve existing processes, it could also trigger complete redesign of some supply chain transportation processes. Hence supply chain transportation providers need to be on their feet if they want to keep pace with their tech savvy competitors and very demanding customers.
The first rendering arrives from Italy and bears the signature of Oberdan Bezzi aka Obiboi. The segment has tremendous potentialThe financial aspect is very important when we are dealing with beginner bikes, and a machine that comes with the BMW badge and a low price is a sure shot at glory. Now, maybe the knobby tires in the rendering are a tad too radical, and take the G310R too deep into off-road territory. The R nineT is a well-established bike in BMW's roster and its looks and vibe helped zie Germans push quite a lot of units since the model was introduced.

Wire spoke wheels, a massive front motor and radial Brembo brakes are, of course, great additions to the build.
We are now looking at highly connected and intelligent supply chain solutions that greatly improve the value proposition for customers.
Eyesee is an autonomous drone that can automate inventories and stock updates in warehouses.
These categories cover security weaknesses like weak passwords, no account lockouts, insecure password recovery mechanisms, exposed ports and network vulnerability to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
Plain dual-sport tires could do even better, both offering a smoother ride when slicing the urban clutter and providing enhanced grip on hard-packed roads, on gravel and dirt.
Digital India comprises of the creation of digital infrastructure, delivery of services digitally and most importantly building digital literacy in India.
The advent of cloud based supply chain solutions creates additional security risks that need to be addressed. Google’s Sundar Pichai announced that Google would team up with Indian Railways to provide WiFi access at 500 Indian Railway Stations – an impressive number indeed! Hardis has ensured that the data provided by Eyesee can be easily fed into any of the popular warehouse management systems in use today.

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