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Occupying parts of the Monastery of Sao Bento in the Santo Tirso municipality outside of Porto, Portugal, the Municipal Museum Abade Pedrosa (MMAP) has been thoroughly renovated by Pritzker Prize winning Portuguese architects Alvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura – who also designed an adjoining new wing to house the International Contemporary Sculpture Museum (MIEC). Opened in 1989 and located on the top floor of the monastery’s former guesthouse, MMAP houses an archaeological collection across seven small galleries arranged in linear sequence as well as a small auditorium.

Although the two museums are separate entities, after all, their buildings were designed and constructed three centuries apart, their symbiosis goes further than just sharing a common entrance area, to adhering to a common visual and spatial sensibility.
The architects took great pains to restore the 18th century building—an elongated, rectangular volume of granite masonry with white-plastered facades, exposed granite for window frames, corner pillars and cornices and a gabled, clay-tiled roof—to its original composition, most evident in the front elevation where the old museum entrance and a small extension on the east side, both added in 1842, were effaced, the former replaced by a window as originally designed, thereby reinstating the facade’s symmetry after almost two centuries.

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