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2016 Mercedes S Class Release Date, Diesel, Interior, Price – Mercedes might have eliminated the Maybach brand three years ago, but the name still lives on through the upcoming new 2016 Mercedes S Class.
The expected 2016 Mercedes S Class will come with all ridiculous gadgets that the S class can offer. The German automobile company knows very well that all attention will be given to the vehicle upon its release and will do everything possible to provide a cosy coupe that will be unique in style and performance. The exterior of the new 2016 Mercedes S Class will be amazing to say the least and will be the object of admiration to everyone, I’ll personally take a selfie with the vehicle. When you consider the overall exterior design of the 2016 Mercedes S Class, you will notice that the vehicle combines effortless superiority, elegant finish and trend setting exclusivity. The first changes that you will notice inside the 2016 Mercedes S Class is the adequate head and leg room, this is so because of the length has been increased by up to 8”.
Interior features that will be forthcoming in the new 2016 Mercedes S Class will include a panoramic roof, 1,540 watt audio system with a staggering 24 speakers and a similar number of amplifiers, dual climate control features, air conditioning system.
One aspect that perhaps is the most impressive of them all is the serene cabin that will offer its passengers a quiet ride. The car comes with an innovative and real time monitoring assistance system that provides assistance during high risk driving situations. Under the hood of the 2016 Mercedes S Class is a 6L V12 turbocharged engine that will generate up to 523 hp and 612 pounds of torque.

Moving on, this engine will be mated to a 7G Tronic Plus transmission system that will enable the sedan to achieve 60 mph in 5 seconds. The 2016 Mercedes S Class according to some reports, might debut in the American market at the start of next year with a base coupe price of around $189,350. There are rumours of the possibility of a hybrid and diesel powertrain, but they remain unconfirmed.
Photos of the 2016 Mercedes C-Class Coupe, finally revealed after endless teases, with a front end that looks like a C-Class and back end like an S-Class Coupe. This car is aimed to all those customers who feel their status is imperative to them and should be safeguarded at all costs. Both the exterior and interior of the vehicle will come with a sophisticated level of refinement. Depending on the trim level, buyers will have the option of selecting the design package they want.
Laminated glass, new doors and extra lamination have all combined to offer this sedan the quietest sedan you can find anywhere in the world. There will be an occupant protection system known as Pre-Safe due to lack of concentration or poor visibility of the driver.
With the above mentioned features and others you will definitely understand why Mercedes costs that much.
Another engine which will probably be offered in the 2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible will be a 4.7L V8 gasoline engine that will produce 455 hp and 516 pounds of torque.

This posh S class machine will undoubtedly continue to offer the highest level of hand crafted refinement and personalisation.
Several interior packages will be offered depending on the trim version that will be chosen by the potential buyer.
Additionally, the front also dons dominant radiator trim with a large radiator opening and three double louvers in chrome as well. Como resultado, el agua no salpica al resto del parabrisas y no interrumpe el campo de vision del conductor.
El agua se mantiene en el parabrisas, asegurando asi que se limpia sin molestar a los ocupantes, incluso con el techo plegado en el maletero.Ademas y por primera vez en el mundo, la hoja del limpiaparabrisas dispone de un sistema de climatizacion, opcion unicamente disponible con sobreprecio e ideal para evitar que una acumulacion de nieve se convierta en hielo.
Opcionalmente, se puede completar con el cargador de DVD o la funcion COMAND Online con acceso a internet, ilimitada y de alta velocidad cuando el vehiculo esta completamente parado. Un capo activo ayuda a garantizar la proteccion de los peatones.En el nuevo SL, de serie se ofrece el detector de fatiga y sonnolencia ATTENTION ASSIST y el sistema ADAPTIVE BRAKE, en el que se ha integrado el funcionamiento del antibloqueo de frenos ABS, el control de traccion ASR y el asistente de cambio involuntario de carril. Los tres funcionan en coordinacion con las luces de freno adaptativas que, en situaciones de frenado de emergencia, se advierte a los vehiculos con las luces de freno intermitentes.Opcionalmente, queda el frenado PRE-SAFE y el control de proximidad DISTRONIC PLUS, sistemas disponibles en otros modelos de la gama y que, mediante una potente red de sensores, al detectar un posible riesgo de colision trasera, el freno PRE-SAFE avisa al conductor y, en caso de no hacerlo, el sistema se encarga de evitar o mitigar la severidad del impacto, ademas de poner en marcha las medidas de seguridad pasiva.

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