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Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to re-introduce to you the King himself, Elvis Presley.
White trash continues to be used in our present time as a way for whites to separate themselves from a group of people that, while recognized as phenotypically white, they are not considered to be members of proper middle and upper-class tribes. Bear with me, please, as I start this column with a brief story about my two grandmothers who lived in trailer homes. I spent weeks at a time in the summers with her, freed from the responsibilities of the oldest child always on duty. My maternal grandmother, Vivian, lost custody of my mother when she was 8 and spent the rest of her life trying to make it up to her and taking care of my uncle, who had a mental disability.
This is surely not the first time a pundit has cast the Palins as “trailer park folks” — which is code, of course, for “white trash.” We are hearing these phrases more frequently as pundits try to make sense of Donald Trump’s soaring poll numbers. Much closer to home, since Donald Trump’s charade of a candidacy caught fire, I have heard many fellow liberals freely toss around the terms “white trash” and “trailer trash.” These are people who would never dream of telling a racist joke, but they think nothing of ridiculing those of lesser economic means. Punching down, however, says more about the person doing the punching than it does the people they are targeting for social sanction. Second, there is a fear that if they stop working, even for a minute, they will fall back to the low place from where they ascended to success; in the process, they will cease to be the good person they worked hard to become.
Do you find that you sometimes judge poor people (as a result of perhaps having at one point in time been one yourself)?
I catch myself judging poor people at times mostly when i’m on the train and i hear their stories about why they are poor and what happened to them. As an outsiders I as the United States as the father to all the countries, where everything is possible!!!!
While still a child I moved to the USA and was told that “white trash” was a term used to call poor white American person who was usually not very smart and who was usually at fault somehow for their economic and even class condition and that I shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone who “looked” like they were “white trash”. The notion that poor people are somehow “personally responsible” for their own misery is something I hear a lot among usually a more affluent crowd and especially among those who want to belong to it and feel they have a tenuous membership to it. What really grinds my gears, is how Donald Trump allows for covert and discrete White supremacy groups to have a platform to express there racist views overtly.
To my understanding white trash was defined as those who participated in the hate group of the Aryan brotherhood.
I was not too familiar with the term “white trash”, when I first heard it from my cousin I laughed and I ask her what does she meant by that.
Before reading this entry, my interpretation of the phrase “white trash” was to describe someone of poor ethics and morality and shamelessly lacking personal values. I personally believe that any sort of social grouping is not only problematic, but in many cases, it is simply wrong. I definitely don’t judge the less fortunate because I have been in the situation of having little to nothing many times in my life. I’ve never laughed at or used the term “white trash” because I still see both parties as simply “white” with economic differences.
It’s interesting to think that the term “white trash” came from upper class whites to working class whites.
I don’t judge homeless people since I have no way to know how they ended up in that situation.
Yet, it must be mentally and emotionally draining to worry constantly about when one is going to eat again and where to find a secluded and safe place to rest.
As I looked at and thought about the stereotypes of white trash, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between characteristics ascribed to white trash and those ascribed to minorities. For nearly four decades, the Accord has set the benchmark for vehicles in the midsize sedan class, historically the most popular class of vehicle with American car buyers.
Depending on what kind of effect you want, you could use a pomade for shine (I like the Eufora Hero Pliable Pomade) or if you prefer a matte hold, I like Eufora Hero’s Molding Paste.
They lived in Ashtabula County, which is tucked into the northeast corner of Ohio, an hour east of Cleveland. His name was Francis, and she never spent a day away from him until he died from complications of diabetes in his late 50s.Grandma Vivian was the first person I knew to buy an aluminum Christmas tree. Neither of my grandmothers had much money, ever, but they contributed so much to the lives of the people they loved. Regardless of which partisan lens we look through, we will see some voters who confound us. This group, as a result, tends to be among the first to mete out harsh judgement on those who are poor and struggling.
What does he say about learning how to cultivate a “sociological imagination” to better understand the social world? I didn’t really understand it because I grew up thinking all Americans were better off than I was as a Latina growing up in Central America, Panama.
But I was still confused about the term because I didn’t understand class in new societal context of American society when I had grown up in Panama watching translated American television programs. When the KKK openly endorses a campaign and shows up regularly to Trump rallies, its time to sit back and reflect on the state of current affairs in this country.
To my knowledge that particular hate group loves America and would want to purify America of the diversity and other races and religions that The United States consists of.
Then, she broke it and showed some people who were identify as “white trash” it was mind blowing to me because I had no idea that white people has discrimination toward their own group. I personally never use the term and never interpreted the depiction of someone who is “white trash” to solely be someone of a lower economic class or to be a “common racist epithet.” When I think about it, racism would play a part because people who fit the bill of “white trash” tend to be those who are also narrow-minded and cannot comprehend any sort of equality amongst the races, in efforts to always view themselves as higher than. I initially assumed that “punching down” was strictly race related, as in from one minority to another.
I’m sure they’re hyper aware of their predicament every second of the day, so shouting “Get a job!” would make them feel worse and wouldn’t help. I would imagine that it would be hard to come to terms with suddenly not having shelter, safety, food and water. Just another way for the whites to exclude themselves from any negativity towards their own race. From popped collars, to knit jumpers, to bedazzled suits, Elvis did it all and did it WELL. Work towards the front hairline, pulling the hair forward and then lightly brushing back into place.

This particular understanding, however, misses the mark in terms of the historiography of the term.
Every Sunday after church, rain or shine, we walked to the cemetery to tend my great-grandfather’s grave and say a prayer of gratitude for the time we’d had with him. They were both storytellers who helped me understand the long-ago sacrifices of people I would never know but who live on in the blue of my eyes and the ambitions of my heart.
Mocking them will never bring us closer to understanding them, but it will surely reveal us, and we will not benefit from the exposure.
Looking down on the poor is not only socially acceptable; many people find it to be downright funny. Here again, this type of person is sometimes easily aroused to upset when attempts are made to unmask the system of exploitation from which perceived they have narrowly escaped.
Things can happen in life you lose money in your stocks, your house goes on fire and so forth, accidents happens where ion which you can lose it all and you end up poor.
But it only took a little longer before I understood that being “white trash” meant that they were somehow ‘contagious’ if one doesn’t fit into a particular hierarchical social structure – apparently I didn’t, so I was told I could “pass” because I had an “undefinable exoticism” about me with an “unclassifiable accent”. Implicitly, despite America has revolutionized science and technology, the mentality of certain people has not and will eventually never changed. It so interesting to know on what white people based to call other white people trash things like wealth, beauty, cleanliness, education level etc.
I personally still do not think that the phrase can be pinned to one group of a certain economic status or racial ideology alone. I remember as early as 12 turning on the T.V and seeing the chaos unfold on shows like Jerry Springer and Maury. One image that comes to mind when I hear “white trash” is the notable difference between the polished Atticus Finch and the gritty Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird. An example of this would be the waves of immigrants that came to America for a better life in the late 19th century. However, there are places to get free food and clothes throughout the city that I don’t think a lot of homeless people know about. At this point, it is too late to think about “better choices” one could have made, and depending on the individual, a “better choice” may not have saved them. It’s interesting that whites who don’t fit our stereotype of whiteness, being financially wealthy, have to be separated out and named differently.
Not surprisingly, insinuations of genetic inferiority due to inbreeding appeared around the time that genetic inferiority due to miscegenation went out of fashion. 90, you likely passed our county’s handful of exits on your way to somewhere else.For all of my childhood, this was home, and I was seldom happier than when I had time alone with my maternal great-grandmother, Ada, who raised my mother from the age of 8. My mother stood behind us and whispered orders to close our mouths and stop acting like we’d just seen a ghost. They are why I’ve devoted a number of columns and stories over the years to people who live in trailer parks. She talked to me in her home in a trailer park as she painted her 6-year-old son Issac’s face red, white and blue for a parade celebrating first responders. This particular illustration, however, manages to condemn a person on the basis of both race AND class.
They are, in other words, obsessed with communicating to the world “I used to be that person or part of that social group, but now I am not. When i heard that term white trash i was confused because i never heard it before until that moment. I dont believe you can implement if they made better life choices they wouldnt be in the predicament they are in now for that situation. But once I came here I realized that the American dream is horse S%^&, because we come here and struggle and if back home you were living a comfortable life with an specious house. I was very frustrated by this new view of myself and of those around me that I really liked to hang around. The average Trump supporter has nothing in common with their candidate other than they share the same skin color.
Since America is split into the north and south and then deeper into the “deep south” where white people still have some sort of high ranking when they rate themselves compared to other races. The term is used by some white people to kind of separate themselves from the poor ones of their own race. From cousins getting married, to finding out your husband cheated on you with the stripper down the block that show covered it all. It’s really a shame that people of the same race still try to find ways to diminish themselves and try to classify themselves as better than the rest of them. Every new group of people that entered the country was looked down on, even by prior immigrants who came for the same reasons.
I wasn’t aware of these resources until I started looking up soup kitchens and pantries to volunteer at and there are quite a few in New York City. A sudden fire or natural disaster could yank away one’s home and a “better choice” couldn’t have stopped that from happening. As with most such stereotypes, this one is meant to be a short-hand description of how a certain group of people behave: White trash live in certain places and behave in particular ways. He broke gender stereotypes and made it easy for so many men to express themselves through clothing.
In the late ’60s, after her husband died, Ada sold her house and 20 acres to move into a trailer home a couple of miles down the road.
She believed a steaming cup of tea at sunset was a great way to settle the mind for the big thoughts that show up only under the night sky.
This was the grandma with the trunk full of antique dresses and hats for us to play with whenever we visited. Some of the times they don’t have the choices or options to get out of poverty and then theres the option that they should accept personal responsibility for their actions that lead them to where they are now. It goes without saying that the average Trump supporter has no class consciousness but race consciousness. Even though race and the color of peoples skin is still used to rank each other, the term white trash is characterized as whites in overalls, living in trailer parks that marry their first cousins. My interpretation of the phrase would pertain to a white person who would demean another based on their race or ethnicity.

I can remember making fun of people who would go on the show and wonder how they ended up that way. Even more surprising, Finch didn’t think any less of those who farmed and did physical labor (the working class). In no particular order, established whites would look down on the Irish, who looked down on Italians, who looked down on Puerto Ricans, and so on and so forth. Perhaps their stories are true and the money goes to surgeries and children, but it’s easy to lie and spend the money on something that’s not a necessity.
Some people lose their homes when they succumb to expensive addictions and continue begging for money to feed the addiction to prevent withdrawal pains.
When my mother wasn’t around, Grandma often served me a cup of coffee loaded with milk and sugar — a grown-up reward for “being so responsible.” When her house in Ashtabula County became too run down to be safe, my grandmother closed it up and lived in a trailer on the back lot until Alzheimer’s robbed her of the ability to take care of herself. Also, someone who would fit the description to me would be a white person who seeks privilege or dominance over another person simply by using their own race as a tool of oppression, despite their own economic shortcomings. By doing that I started to feel slightly better about myself that I wasn’t in that situation. Using racial slurs, discriminating others, even within your own race, adds to the problems that have already been set forth by the people that came before you. He doesn’t flaunt his success or engage in “punching down” other whites who got their hands dirty for a living. Later on there would be discrimination based on skin color difference within a race, but initially, it was done by the working class to establish a sense of power that they did not have.
I knew someone who was homeless and he carried a thick stack of note cards with addresses and directions to places to soup kitchens, food pantries, and drop offs where volunteers give out clothing items that people don’t think to donate, like socks. Better choices could have been made in that situation, but it’s too late for that when one is already on the street.
The one thing about Elvis that always stood out to me was his hair and those infamous sideburns!
Thinking about it i never really used the term white trash because i never found a reason to and i really do not know much white caucasian people i also just didn’t feel right saying it. Where they do not have a higher education or extended vocabulary and knowledge besides what they truly believe or what they were taught as children. I like the way and how the author described the mass shooting recently happened at the black church in Charleston.
Being that this country centralizes itself through race and class makes it a lot harder to get away from all of the problems that one has to deal with to reach a point of success in life.
For some it’s a choice to work with their hands and something they enjoy; they shouldn’t be judged for their labor when others profit from it, such as a superintendent fixing a boiler that provides heat for the apartments in a building.
Yet, regardless of who looked down on who, all of them were in the same economic situation and scrambling for jobs to feed hungry mouths. He collected discarded Metro cards and combined the money on them so he didn’t have to beg for a swipe. He generally always kept it short on the sides and back and kept it long enough on top to create that on-trend pompadour hair cut. White trash has been allowed for white people to have some type of high ranking power where they believe they are better than other race besides the economic class they are in – this is why white trash is connected with racism.
The killer was a white young man who was identify as “white trash” because of his bad actions. Once people can come to an understanding that we all bleed the same red color blood, we all breathe the same air, we all have skin, teeth, hair, hands, legs, problems, etc.
Since there is an economic difference, whites distancing themselves from other whites makes a bit more sense than fighting with someone in the same situation.
I like the idea of giving food, water, and clothing to homeless people when they ask for help. Never discount a style from the past because I promise you, it’ll always make a comeback. In my opinion, since he was white who committed a horrific crime he couldn’t just be seen as a killer which is he is but he was instead he was consider “white trash”. I record multiple times how the media portrays the killers whenever those horrible crime happened depend on the killer’s race it often classify them as people with psychological issues but who knows.
Of course we all have a different mind set and want to do things in different ways but that’s what makes us all unique, not separate from the society that we all live in. I’ve seen a few episodes of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” out of amusement before the scandals occurred. One would think that a homeless person would rather pursue food and clothing instead of spending hours outside in bad weather or walking through trains.
The clothing helps them stay protected from the elements and look presentable, which will hopefully give them the confidence to search for work and permanent housing.
So for you men who have been into the pompadour style lately, get your round brush and product ready! Some characters on the show has been made major headlines when it came to same sex marriage and so on. I believe white people want to make themselves feel better they created this racist slogan “white trash”. I thought the family seemed happy living the way they do, happier than the Kardashians even.
Another tendency I have noticed with white trash, is that they have almost the same mentality.
They truly believe in the great essence of the American dream where they feel they are entitled to over other races. An abundance or lack of wealth doesn’t shield either group from infidelity or illness either.

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