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This form is served on a tenant by the landlord who wishes to propose a new rent under a periodic tenancy. Neither Oyez Professional Services, its servants, agents, employees, parent or associated companies nor the authors or publishers of the following information shall be liable to any person, persons or other legal entity for any losses, damages, costs or other claims, howsoever arising as a result of any information contained in or omitted from this site. The notice to vacate urges a guest at a hotel or motel to vacate the room in clear and straight forward terms. The notice states that the hotel or motel authority no longer wishes to accommodate the particular person(s) as their guest. The notice also points out that if the guest does not take the notice seriously, that is, if he chooses to continue his stay, disregarding the orders of the authority, even after he has received the notice, then the authorities shall be compelled to get the police involved. Please be advised that on _______________________ (Date) we intend to move from our residence at _____________________________________________________ (Address). We understand that our deposits will be refunded within _________ days after we have moved out completely and returned our keys to the management, so long as we leave our dwelling reasonably clean and undamaged.

In accordance with our rental agreement, we agree to allow the management to show our dwelling to prospective tenants at any and all reasonable times. You can retrieve your eForm from the link provided at the end of the checkout process or in your confirmation email. The notice is short and crisp, and conveys the urgency and graveness of the hotel or motel authority regarding the issue. They are requested to clear out all their belongings from the room as soon as possible and to leave the premises of the hotel at once after receiving this notice. Disregarding this notice shall lead to legal complaints against the person and thereafter, the person shall be charged to the full extent by law.
But after the fixed term of the tenancy agreement has expired (and the tenancy is in the statutory periodic tenancy) there are two simple procedures for the landlord to make a rent increase.Rent increase agreementThe simplest way to raise the rent is to make a Rent Increase AgreementA with your tenant.
If and when, guests cause problems or circumstances which are unacceptable to the hotel or motel authority, such a form can be used.

The rent your tenant pays will then be increased.A Failing this, you could serve a Section 13 Notice on your tenant to make your rent increase.
We include both legal forms and comprehensive guidance on how to raise the rent tenants pay.Section 13 noticeThe key part of the Section 13 is the date that the rent increase comes into force. This date must be at least 12 months after the date the tenant first entered the property and must also be at least 12 months after the last rent increase.
It must be at least one month from the date of serving the Section 13 and must be on the day when rent is due to be paid.Once the tenant receives this Section 13 Notice they can ask the Rent Assessment Committee to review the rent increase.

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