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These soft suede shoes feature a white leather cap toe, lace up front, contour seaming on the sides, and a white rubber sole.
Awesome paired the Animal Instinct platform sneaker with a skater skirt and cat eye shades!
Monday Is a New Start “Good things don’t come to those who wait.

Fintess Monday Motivation Don’t let another Monday go by without working towards your goals.
Funny Fitness Quotes Did you ever wonder what normal people do on a Saturday morning?
Start Strong, Finish Stronger How you start your day is the first step in determining how you will finish. Please allow 3-10 business days for delivery,(Special circumstances can not promise in 8 days to arrive, such as rainstorm, blizzard, earthquake, etc) You may receive several shipments to complete the fulfillment of your order. Insanely rad black sneakers featuring an illuminating sole and towering black and white striped rubber platform.

Try forming the habit of running for 30 minutes a day, and then try the habit of 5 minutes of running a day.

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