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Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and UpdatedMany veterinary treatments for cats were based on research conducted with dogs because it was wrongly assumed that cats were very similar.
It is not uncommon to see cats with oral problems, oral problems could mostly be breed related, a bacterial infection or other underlined serious causes poorly understood.
Bad  odor is commonly noticed in such conditions and is quite pronounced in some breeds especially in Persian cats. Its a chronic ulcer occurring on the lips which starts as a localized lesion but gets larger if not treated.
It is very much possible for a cat to get wounded around the mouth or develop an infection due to one. This will reduce the cat’s chances of developing an infection and will help the veterinarian to assess the wound properly.
Dental diseases start with the development of plaque which usually worsens to inflammation of gums also known as gingivitis. Even though oral problems are a recurring problem for some breeds, oral problems in cats could be easily avoided through proper preventive measures. Although, there are many articles spreading on the Internet that try to help people in choosing the right cat for them, many cat owners have different opinions. This was the case with Cali Blu, a calico kitten my wife and I found stuck in a sewage drain. A friend of mine was going through a divorce and had lost all motivation and joy in her life. So, since the cat made her happy and more productive, she thought it would be wonderful if she could bring her cat with her to work.
According to many cat owners and their experience when their lovely pet entered their life, it is possible that cats are very intuitive and can choose their owners by intuition.
Cats can have so many eye problems and it is a shame to see that pet owners fail to understand how important it is to constantly check the eyes during check-ups. Cat Eye Health When you look at your cat’s eyes you see beauty but are you aware of what it takes for him to have good cat eye health?
Ultimate Cat SecretsEnjoy a perfectly well behaved healthy, happy cat that makes you the envy of all your friends. Delicious Homemade Meals For Cats & DogsDinner PAWsible is a collection of more than fifty cat and dog food recipes that will teach you how to whip up a fresh, balanced meal for your hungry critters. During companionship with your lovely pet, your cat can pass very different stages and shows various behavior patterns. Top Ten Tips for How to Bathe a Cat We all know that the cats do not like the water and the bathing a cat can turn into a very stressful event. Amazing cat announces woman about her husband’s heart attack Cleo, a cat from Surrey, England, has recently received an award for having saved the life of one of her owners, Richard Jenkins. Hepatic Encephalopathy (due to toxins): Look for sporadic weakness, loss of coordination, general stupor and mental dullness.
The prognosis for recovery depends on length and the extent of liver damage, and on the degree of intervention needed. This may involve feeding a special diet that is low in protein land that controls diet insufficiencies or imbalances (i.e.
Supplements – Especially SAM-e , Phosphatidylcholine, are useful in both restoring and maintaining normal liver function.
In attempt to provide more solutions to our pet owners Nusentia has developed a dynamic formula to help support liver health and restoration. If you suspect your pet has liver damage it can be scary, but with early detection you can help your pet tremendously. Oral problems could cause distress not only to the cats but as well as their owners and the veterinarian. The initial signs may include irritation, rejection of  food, the mouth may have increased salivation and in some cases bleeding too. It could be sometimes tough to spot the problem area so the cat owners and the veterinarians need to have a good eye if any of these signs show.

Many viral infections could cause acute stomatitis, but there are two specific ones that cause stomatitis more frequently than other infections.
This condition is treated with broad spectrum antibiotics to control the growth of the bacteria. Cleaning the cat’s teeth twice a week will reduce dental disease occurrence and prevent the cat from developing severe gingivitis. In fact, a lot of them have experienced the opposite situation – their cat chose them!
Her family decided to adopt a cat on her behalf in hopes that the cat would provide her companionship and to take her mind off the challenges she was facing.
As a significant number of cat owners feel, the cats appear in their life for certain purposes. This is important because just like other pets, you need to ensure that your cat has the best vision so that he can see well for many years.
Written by a veterinarian certified in food therapy and an advocate for pet food safety, these recipes are also based on the National Research Council requirements for dogs and cats.
Sometimes, your self-confident cat, who has always acted independently and mind its own business, can behave completely unusual. Some of our CH kitties may feel vulnerable – insecure in their abilities to keep themselves safe. Along those lines, cats who are new to a household, who haven’t found their place in the hierarchy yet, may also feel insecure and may latch on to you. If your kitten was separated from her mother too early, it may have resulted in some bonding complications. Sometimes if clingy behavior develops out of the blue, there could be something else going on behind the scenes.
Although the cats constantly licks themselves and are very clean by default, sometimes we have to undertake the risk and wash them up.
It is known that in the case of liver disease, if you can catch it early you can help the liver to heal itself. They will likely do a biopsy of the liver, but also may engage in a battery of tests and diagnostics. SAM-e enzymes are known to be utilized in the regeneration of tissue by producing glutathione, which is the liver’s preferred antioxidant. Recent studies point to the many potential benefits of phosphatidylcholine for liver repair. Our hopes are that this article will equip you with the knowledge you need to be successful.
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This article discusses a few common oral conditions that cat owners might need to watch out for. If there’s a wound near the mouth, always clean the wound with a clean cotton cloth and lukewarm water. If this is not treated quick, the wound may become extremely painful and swollen with pus which could make it difficult for the cat to eat, drink, groom itself and may become very irritated. Feline calcivirus and feline viral rhinotracheitis are two most common flu viral infections that could cause stomatitis along with other serious flu like symptoms.
No anti viral medications regarding this have come up till now since these viral infections are mostly self-limiting. At home, simply by being in the presence of her cat, she found herself being more productive with her personal chores and hobbies. Since then, the cat comes to work with her every day and lies on her desk or in a small carrier bed. No matter what are the reasons why a cat has picked its owner, they are the great companions that provide their owners with a lot of love and joy. Not overly enthusiastic about being cuddled and petted once, the cat suddenly begins to follow you around and becomes too clingy.

Perhaps your kitten has problems with trust; perhaps you’re imprinted in her mind as her true mother.
But, if you notice that your cat needs support and protection from you, then it is time to watch out these reasons carefully. In this article we will attempt to provide some knowledge on recognizing the signs of liver problems in dogs, and how to support liver healing. It is lipotropic for the liver (meaning it decrease the amount of fat deposited there), and it maintains cell integrity. Compromised hepatic detoxification in companion animals and its correction via nutritional supplementation and modified fasting. Allergies, rough tongue contact, infections are one of the few things that could irritate the delicate labial lining and cause such an ulcer to erupt. Some wounds just may require an antibiotic dose for the treatment, other severe ones may also require surgery. Great care needs to be taken for that cat’s nutrition so that it is easier for the cat to recover. Since dental hygiene isn’t exactly focused on, almost 70% of cats develop tartar by the time they are older than three years.
She felt that her cat was not only a great companion but, also a great helper and supporter of her when she needed to get things done at home. Their presence in people’s lives is precious, and the life after cat adoption is significantly changed in a positive way. No doubt that this new affection of your cat can please you, but there are some underlying reasons, which have to be examined. Once they’ve found a forever home, they may worry that it’s temporary, or cling to you out of thankfulness. However, this belief is greatly challenged by many examples of cats and dogs who live happily together. The woman was alerted because, according to her statement, the cat is usually extraordinarily calm. This condition is successfully treated by administration of corticosteroids for at least 4 weeks to halt the irritation. After staying with us for six weeks, she turned out to be a beautiful, healthy, and happy kitty. Beware of any cause for such behavioral swing, and if the cat continues with its needy manners, go to the vet and check the cat’s health condition. Hepatoprotective effects of S-adenosylmethionine and silybin on canine hepatocytes in vitro.
For another, this often has happened in a shelter, or when visiting someone who has a litter of cats ready for adoption.
With the help of our local humane society where we were volunteers, we were able to find a very caring gentleman who wanted a cat to keep him company during the day while he worked. 6 Reasons Why Your CH Cat May Be Extra Clingy” explains the common reasons for these behavioral changes. Although, you can like very much your suddenly cuddly cat and its latest behavior, it could be a warning sign which should not go unnoticed. All too often when they were about to pick a cat, which is right for them, the one of the cats suddenly jumps into their lap, stretches out its paw, or does something equally or more unusual to grab the attention of its future owners. But, she seemed to know that we would be the ones to take care of her and find her the right and perfect home.

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