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This last month in particular has been quite a busy one for wedding planning as not only have we begun wedding ring shopping but we’ve also been considering music, videographers, initial plans for the Hen and Stag do’s and most importantly getting our invites finalised! You might remember the blog I wrote earlier in the year about wedding invites and it’s funny because so much has changed since then with the shenanigans we’ve been through with our original venue, so it made me smile re-reading it. We had sincerely hoped to have sent our invites out much earlier than this to give people enough time to plan but the difficulties we’ve had with our venue have meant obvious delays, but now we’re over that hurdle, I’m pleased to say that we’re back on track and by the time you read this all of the invites should have gone out. We thought in the meantime it would be worth sending all of our guests a “Save the Date” email including a link to our wedding website with details of travel arrangements and accommodation for Chamonix. As I said in my earlier post, I would highly recommend putting together a wedding website, as there is so much information that your guests will need to know so on a very practical level it means that you can keep your invites simple focusing on the main event without having to try and incorporate lots of extra sections. And speaking of budget, that’s another really great reason to set up a website and that is that most of them are free to use – hurrah!
Sending the Save the Date email turned out to be quite a nerve-racking process but after a couple of test sends we set it up and pressed send. But we’ve already heard back from some of our guests who are getting excited about the trip, so in turn that’s making us feel really excited – eeek!

So as well as the invites, we’ve also been thinking about some more of the details for our day including whether or not to have a videographer? We already have our destination wedding photographer sorted – the wonderful Tarah Coonan but we had never really planned to have a videographer. After watching a few videos of weddings from potential videographers, I can see the appeal, it’s like starring in your own movie; the emotion of the ceremony, heartfelt words from family members and guests all against a backdrop of the couple’s favourite love songs, it does give you that ‘movie’ feel, and I love the idea of having a video record of the day to pass down to generations to come. But unfortunately, we don’t have infinite funds and between Mat and I we’re trying to weigh up the value of having a videographer because if we do hire one, it would likely mean sacrificing something else. So all in all it’s been a busy few weeks, and although both Mat and I are looking forward to a nice break over the festive period, it feels great to be edging closer to our big day! This is something that I regret and I would love to see the nuances of our friends and family on our wedding day, something that becomes even more important as family members get older.
Wedding RSVP cards or wedding RSVP post cards or wedding RSVP response cards plays an important role in wedding planning since you know how many people will be attending the ceremony! Enclosing a separate printed wedding response card with the invitation for wedding RSVP means that the guest should respond whether or not they plan to attend, by the date indicated on the wedding RSVP card.

I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas, which means that we’re almost into 2015, which in turn means I’ll be able to say “I’m getting married this year”EEK!! And of course the added bonus of a simpler invite is of course less cost, which any bride on budget will be glad to hear. I genuinely felt nervous sending it, and it’s funny how a simple email can suddenly make the whole thing seem so much more real.
My best friend got married a few years ago and her brother made the most beautiful film of the wedding I have ever seen, and my friend says she watches it on a regular basis whereas she doesn’t look at the photos as much. The wedding RSVP cards are usually small, not more than three inches on a side and usually include a space for the potential guest to respond.
Films are also great for truly capturing the feel of the day, laughter and snippets of conversation.

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