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After looking at over 75,000 people for genes associated with body fat, the researchers found evidence linking a gene called IRS1 to lower levels of body fat. There are also many people who take the time to work out regularly and are relatively fit but are still overweight or have the same pot belly. Tom Griesel adds, “Focus first and foremost on optimal health.  Having a truly lean body with ideal body composition, eliminating all excess subcutaneous and visceral fat is the key. Want an easy to "copy & paste" version of this free content for your website or newsletter?
Above: The north side of the Indian Canyon Fire along the Cheyenne River late in the evening of July 17.
Around noon on Monday we visited the west side of the Indian Canyon Fire south of Edgemont, South Dakota. Another factor slowing the fire was the use of air tankers, helping to keep the fire out of Edgemont.
Firefighters conduct a burnout operation on July 17 to help secure the fireline south of Edgemont, South Dakota on the Indian Canyon Fire. Air Tanker 912, a DC-10, makes a quick orbit over the Indian Canyon Fire to check out the last of two drops the aircraft just made.

Clouds over the Indian Canyon Fire during the evening of July 17 display mammatocumulus tendencies and a developing downdraft. This was the first time that a Very Large Air Tanker has dropped retardant in the state of South Dakota.
Johnny Coldwater said: Roaring Lion: Ordered the team but did someone forget the initial attack?
Enter your email address to subscribe to Wildfire Today and receive notifications of new posts by email. Just sign up for a free membership here and you'll see the HTML version at the end of each article! When I left the Edgemont area at 7:30 Sunday night a thunderstorm was moving in and light rain was falling.
The forecast for the fire area on Monday predicts 96 degrees, southwest winds of 14 to 18 gusting in the mid-20’s, and 30 percent relative humidity. It carries 11,600 gallons, far more than any other air tanker currently certified in North America. The objective was for the retardant to serve as a contingency fire line to help protect the town of Edgemont.

We only saw one location that was putting up much smoke and it was on the north side in some cottonwood trees near the Cheyenne River. And the grass, which comprises most of the vegetation in the fire area, can burn and then cool before the next satellite overpass. This was the first retardant drop made in the state of South Dakota by a Very Large Air Tanker. Global Supertanker has a 747 Very Large Air Tanker with a 19,600-gallon capacity working its way through the FAA and Interagency AirTanker Board approval process. This just illustrates that containment numbers are meaningless most of the time and is the reason why we rarely regurgitate that statistic.

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