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People who have diabetes, heart problems, kidney or liver disease, and pregnant women are more prone to this problem.As the swelling increases, it can cause general discomfort and people may find it difficult to walk or stand. Cold Feet, Many CulpritsIf your toes are always cold, one reason could be poor blood flow -- a circulatory problem sometimes linked to smoking, high blood pressure, or heart disease. You can also take 2 teaspoons of salt on a cotton cloth and then place it on the affected areas.
You can also add 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar on a wet cotton ball and then apply it on the affected areas. You can also apply the peppermint oil directly on the affected areas by taking it on a cotton ball and massaging it for 30 minutes daily.
Parsley tea can also be applied on the swollen feet and ankles using a cotton ball. So getting rid of swollen feet and ankles is not that difficult and by following the above mentioned natural cures you can easily get good results within a very short time. The irritation caused by any kind of skin infection leading to the inflammation of the feet and the constant urge to scratch and itch the area concerned is known as Itchy Feet. The symptoms of itchy feet as the very term of the disease suggests is mild or persistent and severe itching of the feet and the toes as well. Normally any kind of contact of the skin with bacterial or viral agents of infection can cause one to itch the skin in an insane manner.
The fungi named Tinea pedis is responsible for causing the skin disease which is not only commonly sighted among athletes but also among all of us. This disease is characterized by an extremely itchy feet rash that is caused by a contagious pathogen called the Tunga penetrans that dwell in moist soil. Excessive perspiration causes the emergence of small and shallow cavities over the soles of the feet or the palm of the hands. Acroangiodermatitis is also a type of dermatitis that causes red itchy feet accompanied with the occurrence of purplish patches and ulcers over the affected area. Also known as Sweaty Sock Syndrome is supposed to be triggered by the constant friction of the feet with the uncomfortable shoe. It is a form of parasitic skin infection that is caused by the act of walking on sand or moist soil barefoot.
The encroachment of the skin surface by the tiny itch mite is highly responsible for causing itchy feet and hands at night.
Besides these above mentioned causes for itchy feet, diabetes and itchy feet may also go hand in hand as several diabetic complications give rise to conditions related to body itching.
In case of Pruritic Urticarial Papules of Pregnancy (PUPP), this is a medical condition that characterizes the occurrence of itchy bumps on the stomach or the development of rashes on the skin. It is a common belief that women who suffer from cholestasis are actually at a greater risk of pregnancy. It is a dysfunction of nerves and is a common cause for foot itchiness in diabetic individuals.
Fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot usually arise with an acute itchy red rash on the skin between the toes.
In some cases, patients may suffer from itchiness in their feet without the presence of any accompanying rashes. It is a cancerous condition of the blood that arises in the lymphatic system and may occur as either a Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma. A failure of the kidneys due to underlying disorders such as high blood pressure or diabetes may leads to Acidosis in the late stages and result in itchiness. Medical attention should be sought on an immediate basis at the sight of itchy, inflamed feet. Many people also experience burning sensations in their feet, apart from the discomforting symptoms of itchiness. For those who desperately want to know how to stop or rather get rid of itchy feet since it is causing them a great measure of annoyance and irritation, they must first take into consideration the exact cause of itchy feet as different causes have been assigned different treatments. For itchy feet caused by Athlete’s Foot, the treatment lies in washing the feet with an anti-bacterial soap. In case of Tungiasis, the flea causing the itch may be removed physically or the application of anti-parasitic ointments may help.
The disease called the Sweaty Sock Syndrome that causes itchy feet does not have a specific treatment as such but is usually dealt with the application of separate ointments for the day and the evening.
Cutaneous Larva Migrans can be treated by the application of anti-parasitic drugs like thiabendazole on the affected area.
Use of such creams can prevent or cure fungal infection of the skin between the toes and eliminate the sensations of itching over time. Herbs like Tea tree oil, licorice, garlic and turmeric have natural antifungal properties and can reduce itchiness of feet due to various ailments.
However, persistent cases of itchiness that fail to resolve with these measures should be reported immediately to doctors for quick diagnosis and effective cure.
Itchy feet bath in water mixed with small amounts of rosemary essential oils or peppermint helps in healing itchy feet lesions or blisters. As an alternative, moisture absorbing substances such as cornstarch or talcum powder can be sprinkled to the feet and the toes before putting the feet into the shoe.
The best treatment for any kind of infectious disease such as itchy feet basically lies in maintaining ones personal hygiene. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Ulcers occur when the skin breaks down allowing air and bacteria to get into the underlying tissue. Associated symptoms of a venous leg ulcer are caused by blood not flowing properly through your veins. Years of research have shown that the usual causes of leg ulcers are not a problem with the skin itself, but rather with the underlying blood supply to the skin.
Because blood supply to the skin is crucial, ulcers can occur as a result of poor circulation and so it is also mostly associated with disorders that affect circulation, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension.
Diagnosis is usually made based on symptoms, location and the way the surrounding skin of the ulcer looks. Leg ulcers usually occur in the elderly more so than any other age group, due to poor circulation in aging limbs. Two conditions that add to the complications of leg ulcers in the elderly are obesity and diabetes. Venous (Varicose) Ulcers mostly occur due to improper functioning of the valves connecting the superficial and deep veins. Arterial (Ischemic) Ulcers are caused by poor blood circulation as a result of narrowed arteries or by damage to the small blood vessels from diabetes.
Treatment for leg ulcers should include weight loss if you are overweight and regular exercise to promote good circulation. Once the causes of leg ulcers are under control, (for example the blood sugar level in diabetes) the ulcer should heal by itself.
If an underlying disease is one of the causes of leg ulcers, it's important that it is treated - for example hardening of the arteries.
Sit with your legs raised whenever you have the opportunity - above heart level if possible. If your work requires a lot of standing or sitting, try to vary your stance as much as possible.
Constipation can also be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease, which comes in either of two forms: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. To initially differentiate ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD), let us first describe them briefly. The treatment for both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's diseas are very extensive, and requires a great deal of money depending on its severity. The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common condition but it is among the least understood. Although constipation does not singly characterize the disease, it is part of its most common presenting pattern – constipation alternating with diarrhea. Epsom SaltEpsom salt works fast to reduce swelling and can help alleviate pain and discomfort, too. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Massage it 4 times daily as it will help you to get rid of the swollen feet and ankles within a very short time. Massage it for 30 minutes daily in order to get rid of the swollen feet and ankles within a short time. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Mostly triggered by a bacterial or fungal infection, it is also characterized by the inflammation of the feet and an urge to scratch and itch the feet constantly.

The most common reason behind itchy feet is the sweating of the feet and the moistening of the same due to wearing a shoe or socks for a prolonged period of time.
The most significant causes for athlete’s foot are the wet and humid environment within which has to work. Vessel disorders lead to the formation of lesions which actually result from hindered and impaired flow of blood to the feet and toes.
Cutaneus Larva Migrans is a typical phenomenon of the tropical and subtropical regions and is also known by other names such as Ground Itch or Creeping Eruption. Such problems associated with the immune system are primarily responsible for dry and cracked itchy feet. Although the problem is quite common, it causes a great deal of discomfort as itchy feet is quite irritating. It basically occurs during the trimester of pregnancy and causes great discomfort to the pregnant mother.
On a severe note, this condition is also responsible for causing maternal or fetal hemorrhage, fetal distress, premature labor pain, still birth or even intrauterine death of the baby. Tingling, tremors, numbness and pins-and-needles can be other associated discomforting sensations.
In diabetics, toenail fungus is also common and is identified by yellowing and thickening of nails with crumbly edges. It is not known why this occurs although it has been theorized that the possible accumulation of bile salts under the skin may result in itchiness on the palms of hands and the soles of feet. Apart from itchiness without rash, it may also give rise to other problems like fatigue, fever, weight loss and swollen lymph nodes.
In this condition, there is an excess of bile acids in the liver which then flows into the bloodstream of sufferers. Extremely tight footwear compresses the nerves in feet and other adjoining tissue, which can cause burning and itchy sensations in feet.
In other words a proper diagnosis is essential for availing a proper treatment for itchy feet. As a preventive measure, one should wear well fitted shoes so as to avoid any kind of friction of feet or toes.
It helps in killing the parasites and healing the skin lesions that was triggered by the excessive itching of the feet. Drying the feet with a hair dryer after taking a bath helps both in preventing as well as treating itchy feet. One can also opt for going for a pedicure treatment with a solution of the above mentioned items with a slight modification of substituting rosemary oils with lavender oils. Since it is a contagious disease, one should be careful as not to wear shoes that belong to others. Therefore successful prevention for leg ulcers and successful treatment for leg ulcers must be directed at correcting the underlying cause, not the ulcer itself.
A diagnosis is determined by the patient’s medical history, a thorough physical examination by a wound specialist or physician, and laboratory tests, which may include X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and noninvasive vascular studies to help develop a treatment plan.
Ulcers in the elderly affect their quality of life, especially if they are affected by them chronically. Since many elderly individuals spend a majority of their time sitting, one of the best remedies is to keep their legs elevated, preferably above the heart. The failure of these valves causes blood to improper flow of the veins, causing varicose veins.
Decreased circulation from diabetes is the main reason for the development of diadetic leg ulcers.
Treatment may involve wound cleansing, anti-inflammatory treatment and application of dressings. Leg and foot ulcers have a tendency to recur in elderly people, and sometimes may require years of therapy. The constipation that is present in these cases is due to bowel obstruction and slowed transit. Our body has a remarkable trait of being tolerant towards the normal bacteria residing in the digestive tract, but in the presence of other ingested pathogens, the body immediately mounts up immune defenses to eliminate the invaders swiftly.
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease which is due to inflammation limited to the colon and the rectum, while Crohn's disease is an autoimmune condition affecting any portion of the gastrointestinal tract, but most often affecting the distal part of the small intestine as well as the colon.
One cannot even assess accurately his or her risk for colon cancer once these have started, since its being chronic in origin poses more threats – and more possibilities - for complications.
Patients with the irritable bowel syndrome typically feel very uncomfortable especially when symptoms include dyspepsia, vomiting, heartburn and nausea. Constipation can be merely a break in the balance of foods which can cause it, and foods that can prevent it. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt is easily absorbed through the skin and helps improve circulation and reduce swelling. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
After that make your feet and ankles dry and then massage some apple cider vinegar on them.
You can also apply this tea using a cotton cloth on the affected areas to get rid of the swelling easily.
Itchy feet and hands are although quite a common condition that may happen to anyone and everyone, its persistency may be a reason of concern which may aggravate to cause a condition characterized by extremely itchy skin.
However, the symptoms of itchy feet may be accompanied with the symptoms of other skin diseases such as ringworm or metabolic diseases such as Diabetes. The constant exposure of the feet to water leads to the occurrence of an infection triggered by Tinea pedis.
These lesions are actually very itchy in nature and quite painful as well.  Palmoplantar Keratoderma is also a condition that is associated with dermatitis that causes the skin of the palms and the soles to thicken and cause different vagaries of skin disorders. It is signaled by the development of cracks that lead to dry, reddened or very cracked itchy feet.
Itchy feet and hands during pregnancy are actually caused by the enlargement and the stretching of the uterus while pregnancy is in progression. This is a mild condition that normally does not harm women but may be a cause of concern if the itching remains unabated.
Such cases are truly critical in nature and need to be dealt in a very careful and trained manner.
Itchiness without rash is a common symptom of this disorder, particularly in regions like the hands and the feet. Hot water removes all traces of oil that are naturally produced by the skin and leaves it in a dry state. Further, one should apply anti-fungal cream or powder available over the counter along with the prescribed ointment or pill on the affected area. On the other hand, dermatitis can best be dealt with cod compresses, topical steroids and hydrocortisone. And Scabies can be treated with either a scabicide or a cream that prescribed by the podiatrist. In place of the vinegar, one may also use hydrogen peroxide which shall help restrict the occurrence of any kind of bacterial or fungal infection. Direct contact of any kind with mud and sand or with the socks and shoes of an infected person should be strictly avoided.
Many elderly individuals are inactive, making it very hard to treat ulcers in a traditional manner.
Treatment for leg ulcers greatly depends on the factors that cause the ulcer or have prevented healing. So long as there is no arterial disease, venous leg and foot ulcers will benefit from elevation and compression dressings. However, in this idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease, this tolerance towards the normal intestinal microflora becomes disrupted, resulting to defects in the mucosa.
Genetics also play a role in the presence of these diseases, since there are reports that it runs in families, and it has associations with some genetic syndromes.
The typical diet nowadays can highly induce constipation, and fatty food is one of the major culprits. Contrast HydrotherapyThis type of hydrotherapy, which includes both cold and warm water, is highly effective for reducing swelling in your feet. A doctor can look for any underlying problems -- or let you know that you simply have cold feet. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
You can also add some crushed garlic cloves to a cup of hot water, boil it and then steep it for few minutes. It is of several types such as irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis which is triggered by irritant or an allergic substance.

Due to this hot itchy feet at night is not just the problem that one suffers from but one may also be perturbed by scabies in other parts of the body which is actually contagious in nature. Another cause for not only itchy feet and hands but the entire body may be the release of sex hormones or enzymes by the liver during pregnancy. Extremely itchy feet may cause Cholestasis, a rare condition characterized by the accumulation of the bile salt in the body. However, for acroangiodermatitis, the treatment depends on the effective correction of disorder that latently causes the same.
For treating severe cases of itchy feet that turn calm nights into nightmares and is also a cause of social embarrassment, one must abide by the prescription and suggestion of a podiatrist. Thus, the pathogenesis of both conditions is both an interaction of both external (otherwise called exogenous, such as luminal flora) and host factors.
But then, regardless of these genetic tendencies, the quality of life is very useful in the evaluation of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
Contrary to popular belief, laxatives should be used only when someone fails to respond to the natural ways used to treat constipation.
Good thing my wife knows how to do the massage for me since she has basic training on massaging.
The disease may also spread if one shares contaminated shoes, or uses an unhygienic public toilet. The itching is so severe at times that it forces pregnant women to even scratch and itch the affected area to such an extent that it may bleed. As a matter of maintaining personal hygiene, one must wear cotton socks but must change socks regularly as it prevents one from suffering from sweaty itchy feet.
Although these diseases share the same mechanism of pathogenesis, they have very different clinical manifestations.
Preventive measures are still particularly important in order to avoid these alarming diseases, all of which merit special medical attention.
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If you too find it a tough job to gain some weight, we are here to help you with the type of right or can say high calorie food list that will help you gain weight. Its incidence varies among different locations, but it is more common in developed countries.
It creates pressure on the affected area that helps relax sore muscles and improve circulation.
But pain that’s not due to sky-high heels may come from a stress fracture, a small crack in a bone. The most discernable symptoms for athlete’s foot is the irritable itching of the skin belonging to the soles, upper parts or sides of the foot, or between toes and the occurrence of itchy feet blisters as well. It is wrong to eat every time without knowing the calorie value of food, one must keep in mind the calories of food and eat in a moderate amount to gain the required weight. The peak age for their onset is between the ages of 15 and 30 years old, with a second peak age reported to be between 60 and 80 years old.
In conjunction with intake of the right amounts of fluid and fibers, inflammatory bowel diseases become relatively out of reach.
DandelionThe diuretic property of dandelion helps the body metabolize extra fluids, making it a great remedy for swollen feet. Just place ur feet on two to three soft pillows while sleeping,ensure that its not too high and make ur leg and joints strain or uncomfortable,let it be in a comfortable doing this the excess liquid goes out of the body through urine, you can do it at night if you are comfortable waking up to empty your bladder, do it at the time of rest and trust me its the best way to get edema or swelling down.
One possible cause: Exercise that was too intense, particularly high-impact sports like basketball and distance running.
It is also accompanied by the reddening of the area, soreness, dampness, development of cracks or the peeling off of the skin belonging to the same. Red, White, and Blue ToesRaynaud’s disease can cause toes to turn white, then bluish, and then redden again and return to their natural tone. Lemon WaterDrinking lemon water helps flush out excess fluid and toxins from your body, which can reduce swelling in the feet and other areas of the body caused by water retention.
Stress or changes in temperature can trigger vasospasms, which usually don’t lead to other health concerns.
Raynaud’s may also be related to rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s disease, or thyroid problems. Heel PainThe most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, inflammation where this long ligament attaches to the heel bone. Arthritis, excessive exercise, and poorly fitting shoes also can cause heel pain, as can tendonitis. Less common causes include a bone spur on the bottom of the heel, a bone infection, tumor, or fracture. Dragging Your FeetSometimes the first sign of a problem is a change in the way you walk -- a wider gait or slight foot dragging.
The cause may be the slow loss of normal sensation in your feet, brought on by peripheral nerve damage.
Other possible causes for foot dragging include problems with the brain, spinal cord, or muscles. Lung disease is the most common underlying cause, but it also can be caused by heart disease, liver and digestive disorders, or certain infections.
Swollen FeetThis is usually a temporary nuisance caused by standing too long or a long flight -- especially if you are pregnant. Burning FeetA burning sensation in the feet is common among diabetics with peripheral nerve damage.
It can also be caused by a vitamin B deficiency, athlete’s foot, chronic kidney disease, poor circulation in the legs and feet (peripheral arterial disease), or hypothyroidism.  Sores That Don't HealFoot sores that will not heal are a major warning sign for diabetes. Diabetes can impair sensation in the feet, circulation, and normal wound healing, so even a blister can become a troublesome wound. Slow-healing of sores also can be caused by poor circulation from conditions such as peripheral artery disease.
Pain in the Big ToeGout is a notorious cause of sudden pain in the big toe joint, along with redness and swelling (seen here). If the joint is rigid, it may be hallux rigidus, a complication of arthritis where a bone spur develops. Pain in the Smaller ToesIf you feel like you're walking on a marble, or if pain burns in the ball of your foot and radiates to the toes, you may have Morton’s neuroma, a thickening of tissue around a nerve, usually between the third and fourth toes. A reaction to chemicals or skin care products -- called contact dermatitis -- can cause itching, too, along with redness and dry patches. If the skin on itchy feet is thick and pimple-like, it may be psoriasis, an over-reaction of the immune system. Claw ToeThis foot deformity can be caused by shoes that are tight and pinch your toes or by a disease that damages nerves, such as diabetes, alcoholism, or other neurological disorder.
Your toes will be bent upward as they extend from the ball of the foot, then downward from the middle joint, resembling a claw. They may respond to stretching and exercises of the toes or you may need special shoes or even surgery. Foot SpasmsA sudden, sharp pain in the foot is the hallmark of a muscle spasm or cramp, which can last many minutes.
Other causes include poor circulation, dehydration, or imbalances in potassium, magnesium, calcium, or vitamin D levels in the body. Dark Spot on the FootWe associate skin cancer with the sun, so we’re not as likely to check our feet for unusual spots.
However, a melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, can develop in areas that are not regularly exposed to the sun. Thick, yellow nails also can be a sign of an underlying disease, including lymphedema (swelling related to the lymphatic system), lung problems, psoriasis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Spoon-shaped ToenailsSometimes an injury to the nail or frequent exposure to petroleum-based solvents can create a concave, spoon-like shape. White NailsInjury to the nail or illness anywhere in the body can cause white areas in the nails.
If part or all of a nail separates from the nail bed (shown here), it can appear white -- and may be due to an injury, nail infection, or psoriasis.
If the nail is intact and most of it is white, it can sometimes be a sign of a more serious condition including liver disease, congestive heart failure, or kidney disease. Pitting of the NailsPitting, or punctured-looking depressions in the surface of the nail, is caused by a disruption in the growth of the nail at the nail plate.

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