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The G4 Unity enterprise platform (fourth generation) from Omnicell comprises a versatile range of medication and supply automation systems driven by a single, unified database.
Powered by Microsoft Windows® 7 and updated Intel technology, the G4 Unity enterprise platform delivers a substantial performance boost designed to improve user experience and security.
Access New Functionality – Vital new features, such as an integrated Medication Label Printer, improve clinician workflow and medication safety. Enhance Security and Maintain HIPAA Protection – Windows 7 receives regular security updates and will be supported by Microsoft for years to come.
Keep Current With Software – Omnicell provides system software upgrades annually that help you keep pace with compliance changes and improve workflow. Centrally Manage Your System – Single server reaches across multiple sites and time zones. In recognition of nurses’ concern over medication safety, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) released “Recommended practices for medication safety” in January of last year.
Denholm acknowledges that a challenge with the one-needle, one-syringe concept when working with medications on the sterile field is when the surgical or invasive procedure involves incremental doses of a local anesthetic at the surgical site. When the recommended practices were released last January, AORN acknowledged that some of them might be controversial. Cindy Tudor, RN, the clinical director for Community Surgery Center Howard in Kokomo, Ind., says she originally wasn’t aware of the recommendation that intravenous solution containers be punctured as close as possible to time of use.
In January, Rex Healthcare implemented new medication procedures in which a pharmacy technician is now present in the OR to dispense all medications based on the preference list.

Denholm says AORN has not received a lot of feedback from perioperative nurses regarding the recommendation to prepare medications as close as possible to the time of use, which includes not spiking IV solutions ahead of time. But she says AORN has received feedback regarding single-dose versus multi-dose vials as it relates to drug shortages. In addition, she says AORN has heard from some OR nurses that it is more convenient to remove the rubber stoppers from medication vials and pour the solution onto the sterile field.
Denholm points out that the “Recommended practices for medication safety” were expanded to include not just medications themselves, but the broader medication use process. This website does not support Internet Explorer 8 or below.Please click here to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Medical errors are mistakes that can happen with medicine, surgery, tests, and other parts of your health care.
Illness can spread in hospitals when health care workers do not wash their hands or wear gloves. Ask your surgeon to make a mark with a pen before the surgery on the part of your body where the surgery will happen.
To learn more about medical errors, call the AHRQ Publications Clearinghouse 1-800-358-9295 or go to the AHRQ Web sites section on Medical Errors.
This integrated system equips you with new tools for preventing medication errors, controlling narcotics, and reducing manual tasks that cost time and money.
AORN noted that medication safety has become increasingly important as state and federal inspections are focusing on safe injection practices, while accreditation organizations focus on national goals aimed at reducing medication errors.

It expands the description of medication safety by looking at broader risk points in the life of a medication, and includes a multidisciplinary approach that can be used by all members of the perioperative team in all perioperative practice settings. These included the recommendation that intravenous solution containers be punctured as close as possible to the time of use, and the recommendation against the use of multi-dose vials. Also tell about any problems your medicines have caused —such as a rash or stomach ache. Talk with your doctor and health care team about your options (choices) if you need hospital care. G3) may experience degraded performance with the more recent software updates and impede your ability to take advantage of the latest enhancements.
This will help your doctor make sure that your new medicine does not cause problems with ones you already take. Let us know the nature of the problem, the Web address of what you want, and your contact information.

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