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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This video, which features numerous on-screen demonstrations with detailed explanations, provides concrete methods your staff can use to reduce medication errors. When you place your order we will create an account for you, or add the courses to your existing account if you are a return customer. The course(s) you purchase will be available within 10 minutes of purchase and your login information will be sent to the email address you provide.
When you place your order we will create accounts for each individual you are purchasing for. We understand no one likes to give out their information and that’s why we only require the course attendee’s First Name, Last Name and Email to add the course to your shopping cart. The course(s) you purchase will be available within 10 minutes of purchase and each person’s login information will be sent to the email address you provide. To register for the Lean Healthcare Certificate Series in Huntsville please visit the Auburn Works site or click here.
To find out more about an upcoming academia UAHuntsville course being offered through the College of Nursing that will teach industrial Lean Six Sigma practices allowing nursing, engineerng  to blend to seek greater healthcare efficiency –  click here.

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HealthCare and Aviation Similarities Differences • Significant Infallibility Issues Aviation Has • Personnel Hierarchy • Greater Inherent Reporting • Interacting Components Working Incentive (Pilots) Together • More Prescriptive, Less • Rapid Introduction of Complex New Judgmental Operating Technologies Environment • Redundancies and Backups • More Media and Political Attention • Several Links in Mishap Chains – Fear of Flying • Response to Errors - Usually • More Robust Data Collection Punishment Infrastructure • Safety vs. Healthcare Medical Error “Errors made by Doctors and other medical caregivers cause 44,000 to 98,000 deaths a year” “Hospital infections , many considered preventable, take another 100,000 lives” Mistakes involving medications injure 1.3 million patients annually in the US according to the FDA “Avoidable failures continue to plague us in healthcare – in almost every realm of organized activity” “The volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded our ability to properly deliver it to people – consistently, correctly and safely” “What will it take to fix healthcare? SMS Pillar 1 Safety Policy & Objectives • Safety Policy ? Senior Management’s overall safety commitment and strategy ? Framework to put organization and responsibility in place. SMS Pillar 2 Safety Risk Management (SRM) Risk Matrix Model • Comprehensive approach for managing risk throughout organization • Five Phases 1. This webinar will examine how medical information is effectively designed and conveyed to patients.
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In addition, the focus is geared toward how the Lean leader can develop a strategy for effectively implementing the process of continuous improvement and sustaining it within an organization. Provides : • Deal with events so valuable lessons are applied to improve safety and efficiency. Our guest speaker, Meredith Smith, will present a summary of a study on patient comprehension of medical information and highlight the major challenges a pharmaceutical company faces when trying to effectively convey information to patients while remaining regulatory compliant.
This video will train your staff to properly setup and utilize a MAR in the assisted living facility, including how to add medications to a MAR, how to correct errors, and documenting refusal.

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