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The frequency and magnitude of avoidable adverse patient events was not well known until the 1990s, when multiple countries reported staggering numbers of patients harmed and killed by medical errors.
For Patient Safety Initiatives to be successful, they must cover all parties in the healthcare ecosystem. Tell your health care providers about all the medicines you take, including over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements, and any allergies or bad reactions to anesthesia. VFW, Gold Star Families, President And Parts Of GOP Rail Against Donald Trump For Attack On Parents Of Killed U.S.
New ICT, applied games such as the Serious Games or the wearables offer a number of possibilities when improving the efficiency of the health care sector.
Get to know the benefits of using ICT in health care with the first course on Serious Games for Health by the Division of Clinical Informatics at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. Integrating screens into the architecture makes it easy to put vital information into contextually appropriate locations, rather than being confined to tiny monitors or lo-res printouts. Their project, called Patient Room 2020 presents a vision that fuses the best of the American Medical Association and the Apple Store with a few CCs of Tron thrown in for good measure. In the NXT proposal, the patient’s dinner table would flip over, allowing them to control the lights, review their progress, call for help, and maybe pass the time playing a few games of Angry Birds.
Faced with increasing competition over the last 20 years, hospitals have taken design cues from hotels and kitted out rooms with wood textures and pastel color schemes. The minimal aesthetics of the proposal belie thoughtful interactive details embedded below the surface.
Patient Room 2020 also brings gamification to the hospital with a leaderboard that tracks stats for caregivers to see who covers the most ground and helps the most patients in a given day. New regulations penalize hospitals that have to readmit patients so the proposal also addresses care after discharge. The hospital room of the future embeds sensors and displays into the furniture and walls reducing the need for manual record keeping, minimizing errors, and optimizing quality of care. The design is an impressive prescription for future development, but Ruthven knows getting risk averse and cash-strapped institutions to incorporate these design ideas will be a challenge.
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Recognizing that healthcare errors impact 1 in every 10 patients around the world, the World Health Organization calls patient safety an endemic concern. Some are as simple as making sure that when you are in the hospital your wristband has the right name on it.
Hunt, RN, MSN, MBA, HCMPatient Safety Liaison, South Central RegionPennsylvania Patient Safety AuthorityA trend evident during my liaison visits is that healthcare providers seek tools to maintain effective teams and foster team interaction. One of the most important flaws of this sector is the fragmentation of the health care and the difficulties for efficiently transmitting the information. Using ICT and Serious Games for Health help reduce these costs by reducing the time required to process data and manage paperwork. Invoicing brings about many possibilities of saving due to the use of ICT and the new remote devices. ICT have been defined as technology with a high transformative potential, since it introduces new ways to carry out medicine and develop health care. Image: NXT HealthWhile the concept is inherently futuristic this full-sized prototype shows that many of its elements are feasible today.
Architects want to build dramatic structures while doctors need room to deal with traumatic scenarios.
The room is filled with curved white panels and brushed aluminum fixtures that make it feel like an iPhone — fitting since backlit displays and touch screens appear on almost every surface to give docs instant access to medical records and vital signs. These homey touches might put patients at ease, but make disinfection a challenge and create difficulties integrating new technology. When caregivers enter a room LED lights make the sink glow red reminding them to wash their hands, when properly disinfected the sink turn green. As if saving lives and upholding their Hippocratic oath wasn’t enough, notoriously competitive doctors will now be motivated by how they stack up against their peers. Medical peripherals like blood pressure cuffs would be detached from the room and sent home with patients. He sees change coming on all fronts — he fears terrorism and climate change might increase and alter the patient population, a increased focus on prevention will create requirements for new spaces, and tech advances like Google Glass could fundamentally change the way doctors operate.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente Oakland received a “B” score.“We are a leader in our integrated, technologically enabled approach to patient care” said Dr.
Team interaction has been shown to be helpful in advancing patient safety by emphasizing improved communication and outcomes.1 To that end, some facilities in south central Pennsylvania plan to participate in teamwork training to improve patient safety and communication. ICT can help improve patient safety through the direct access to the medical case story, checking the treatments online, keeping track of the patients’ progress and anticipating possible medical errors. The system for image transmission and storage is essential to promote the development of the electronic medical case story and telemedicine since it speeds up the tests and the gathering of results.
Although the evidence of these data, electronic invoicing is not widely used in most of the countries yet. Photo: NXT HealthIn the NXT proposal, the patient's dinner table would flip over allowing them to control the lights, review their progress, call for help, and maybe pass the time playing a few games of Angry Birds.
Creatives obsess over crafting clean lines, surgical teams operate in highly regulated clean rooms. A simple modification, but the failure of health care professionals to wash their hands contributes to over 100,000 deaths per year and $30 billion in costs every year. Software tools embedded in the room would be translated into a friendly quantified self app that will allow patients to check in with a care manager remotely. Fortunately, they crafted the system so components could be switched out as new technology develops and novel use cases emerge. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. In an effort to provide Pennsylvania facilities with an additional resource on teamwork training, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority’s patient safety liaisons will be attending a teamwork training session this year. In general terms, they are regarded as generally positive tools among professionals and users. Image: NXT HealthThe hospital room of the future embeds sensors and displays into the furniture and walls reducing the need for manual record keeping, minimizing errors, and optimizing quality of care. Critical health information is displayed where it will be most useful to doctors, not where the IT person set up a monitor.
The goal is to have patients and doctors using the same basic tech tools no matter where they are located to optimize the level of service that’s provided.
According to research compiled by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Department of Defense (DoD), evidence of the benefits of improved team performance can be seen within the military. Since they provide a way to increase the patient safety, their use is being promoted in many countries. Photo: NXT HealthIn addition to traditional lifesaving equipment, the hospital room of the future also addresses a patient's mental state by altering colors of light to improve moods. Patients don’t have to fumble with switches and knobs, when they touch surfaces lights turn on automatically. Photo: NXT HealthThe shower has two doors that can open wide enough to accomodate a patient in a wheelchair, but look like they belong in a trendy townhouse.
Photo: NXT HealthThe vision of touchscreens surface mounted into the walls was beyond the scope of the prototype room, but the clever folding mechanism keeps them out of sight until needed. The failures were attributed to errors in crew communication, workload management, and task prioritization. Photo: NXT HealthIntegrated sensors in the bathroom can collect and display vital biometric data that is difficult, or just gross, to capture conventionally. This is the second year it has published the Hospital Safety Scores, which uses 26 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to produce a single score representing a hospital’s overall capacity to keep patients safe from infections, injuries, and medical and medication errors. The army developed a coordination training and evaluation system that saved 15 lives and $30 million annually.1 In 1990, the Navy studied teamwork and team training interventions using a program known as TADMUS (Tactical Decision Making Under Stress).
In Pennsylvania, facilities have been required to report Incidents and Serious Events to the Authority since June 2004. In a review of the event reports submitted in 2009, 1,300 reports included the following key terms in the context of the report: teamwork, communication, team, SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation), and handoff communication. Each of these processes plays an integral part in patient safety and is included within teamwork training.
Some of the comments from these reports include the following:There needs to be better communication between departments when transferring patients .
Mutual support is the ability to anticipate other team members’ needs and to shift workload among members to achieve balance.

Ergen stated, “The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.”1 Team structure is the first step in implementing a teamwork system, as a properly structured team is an integral part of the teamwork process. Team structure is the glue that holds together an effective strategy for ensuring patient safety and reducing medical error.
Roles change from individual to team, as depicted in the Figure, and can show the importance of team structure.1   Figure. Individual to Team  Teamwork in healthcare can be a means to reduce clinical errors, improve patient and process outcomes, and increase patient and staff satisfaction. A team interacts dynamically, interdependently, and adaptively towards a common and valued goal.
Characteristics of a well-performing team include shared vision, clear roles and responsibilities, common purpose, strong team leadership, and the ability to manage and optimize performance outcomes. Shared understanding of important information can be exchanged during team interactions such as briefs, huddles, and debriefs. A brief is a short meeting to discuss essential team information like team roles, clinical status of the patient, team goals and barriers, and issues affecting team operations. A debrief recounts what happened during the event and extracts lessons learned, as well as establishes a method to formally change the existing plan to incorporate lessons learned. TeamSTEPPS offers tools and strategies to improve the effectiveness and promote the sharing of information. Strategies to improve communication and information exchange include the following:1 SBAR, a standard method to communicate information about a patient’s condition. An example of a situation in which to use SBAR would be when calling a physician to update him or her on a patient condition and receive new orders for care.Call-out, which is used to communicate critical information during an emergent event.
An example of when to use a call-out would be during an arrest situation when the nurse “calls-out” what medication he or she is giving to the patient.Check-back, which is used to close the loop of communication and verify and validate exchanged information. An example of a check-back would be when the laboratory calls a critical laboratory result, and the nurse repeats all the information back to verify that it was correct.Handoff, which allows for the exchange of necessary information during transitions in care. Other facilities are looking at improving the use of these tools to facilitate better communication among employees.
One hospital in my region, Waynesboro Hospital, has incorporated the TeamSTEPPS program.Waynesboro Hospital is a 64-bed, acute care, nonprofit, community hospital in south central Pennsylvania. The facility has used TeamSTEPPS as the core program to help nursing staff improve communication. After looking into different teamwork training programs, the facility felt that this was the most comprehensive program. The training took approximately one year to complete and required a commitment from nursing staff and administration. Waynesboro believes the program has helped empower their nurses to use phrases such as “I need clarity” to improve communication as well as attain new tools to use in their daily practice. Currently, Waynesboro Hospital is planning to modify some of the TeamSTEPPS tools to apply them throughout the entire facility. TeamSTEPPS is a foundation that facilities can use to help provide healthcare workers with the necessary strategies and tools to reduce errors.
Determine the readiness of your facility to accept and implement these strategies and tools.
After attending the teamwork training in 2010, the patient safety liaisons will be able to increase awareness of the TeamSTEPPS program and provide Pennsylvania facilities with these tools and strategies.
Error reduction and performance improvement in the emergency department through formal teamwork training: evaluation results of the MedTeams project. Improving America’s hospitals: the Joint Commission’s annual report on quality and safety, 2007 [online]. Measuring and managing for team performance: emerging principles from complex environments.

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