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Find content on GPonline by therapeutic area - including clinical news, clinical reviews, medical education and CPD for general practitioners. With obesity rates climbing in recent years, especially with children, cases of Type 2 diabetes are also on the rise. Learning that you have Type 2 diabetes can be quite difficult if you don’t know any of the symptoms and this was the case for 14-year-old Pantera. Even if diabetes isn’t a common condition in your family your children are still at risk of developing the disease if they’re allowed to binge on sugary and high in fat foods.

Pantera’s mother would like her discovery to serve as a reminder that unhealthy lifestyles are dangerous and can result in lifelong diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.
A dark ring appeared around her neck and after checking it out her mother believed it to be dirt. It’s important to keep tabs on what your child is eating as if these sorts of foods are being consumed on a regular basis the consequences can be seriously detrimental to their overall health, especially as their bodies are so volatile when they’re young. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.

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