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The Regiment played a major part in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava, after which it returned to England and later saw tours all around the world including Ireland, India and South Africa. The Regiment fought in some major battles in France during the first world war mostly in the dismounted role. The 11th Hussars were one of the first Regiments in 1928 to become fully mechanised as an armoured car Regiment.

The Regiments first battle honour was Warburg which the earned fighting side by side with the 10th. After the war they served in Malaya, Northern Ireland, Aden, Kuwait and Germany before amalgamating with the 10th Royal Hussars (PWO) in 1969. The Regiment saw action in the peninsular war from where they were given their nickname 'the Cherrypickers' after a battle was fought in a cherry orchard.

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