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There's a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy, hence the two different words. The only difference between the word fan and fanboy is the negative connotation attached to fanboy.
I'm sure you get away with that bullsh*t type of argumentation with a lot of people, unfortunately for you, I'm not f*cking stupid. If your username contains these characters, please register a temporary account and post in this topic. K Thanks goodbye kthxbai can also be used as an insult to someone, like a n00b or someone you just don't like. Learn more about all four maps included in Battlefield 3’s upcoming multiplayer expansion, Aftermath, set in the wake of a devastating earthquake in Tehran. DICE Lead Designer┬áNiklas Fegraeus recently sat down with PWNED to detail all four Aftermath maps: Markaz Monolith, Epicenter, Talah Market and Azadi Palace. Markaz Monolith, a former financial district now torn to pieces by the earthquake, features a tall building with collapsed insides that will act as a central hot spot and include tons of vertical gameplay. In Epicenter, which was recently featured in this flythrough video, you’ll witness some of the earthquakes most devastating effects. Talah Market takes place a little further out from the city and features a mix of old and new architecture.
Azadi Palace revolves around a large urban landscape that also features a huge parliament building which has also fallen victim to the earthquake’s effects.

You can view Fegraeus’ full interview with PWNED right here, including footage of all four maps. Wonder if some of the checkpoints are going to require you to exit your vehicle to go inside a building and capture it?
Anyway, they didnt have to base the maps on earthquakes they could have just made good maps. There are things people might hate about BF3, but so far map visuals have not been one of them. Something that happens upon people with slow connections, or idiots who don't know when to stop downloading porn.
Slowness in an online game because of a bad server, or an over-abundance of people using it. I like how you said there was a difference of meaning but instead of explaining the alleged meaning you just went on about other stuff I already know about and have taken into account for my own judgement of the game upon my obtaining it. I'm sure you'll come back with some half assed retort somewhere along the lines of "You ARE stupid! Surrounding this building is also a large city that players will be able to explore and fight battles in.
Expect open areas on the destroyed highways and crossroads as well as some fighting in the alleyways between buildings. Here, you’ll be fighting in more of a village setting, rather than in an urban environment filled with tall buildings.

Click here to view Aftermath’s release schedule on all platforms for both Premium and non-Premium members. I’d play BF3 more if I knew I was going to get on a team that tried to accomplish the goals set forth in the game instead of solely experiencing the immersion. You can't handle the fact that people are FANS and throw fanboy like it's an insult then why don't you go back to 4chan where the rest of your autistic neckbeard bretheren are? A lot of people on here act like, or actually are, fanboys, and the fans who have their eyes open and don't think Rockstar's sh*t would make the best thing in existence aren't fans of that (which is probably) fact. I'm sure there's a discussion about which My Little Pony character is the best to jack off to that you're missing out on. I'm not saying V is sh*t in any way, but from what we've seen, it's still hard to judge how great the car damage is and if it's anything comparable to, or better than, IV's. Im liking that we’ll be seeing a mix of infantry and vehicle combat again, not one or the other. Physics are a completely different field that requires you hold the controller, but car damage not so much (at points in the leaks, damage appears much differently depending on what car's used).

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