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In Picture Writer we see the man reflected in his work — an artist who loves color and the simple collage imagery of animals and insects that appealed to the six-year-old child he once was, and the 82 year old man he is today.
What I appreciate most about Eric is that he is a generous artist, he shows how he makes his work, he encourages, and wants to inspire creativity in all of us. As the film’s director and editor I was most interested in sharing the person whom I have been so fortunate to document for the past five years. He’s a big sushi lover, and one of the local Northampton sushi restaurants (Moshi Moshi) created a caterpillar role in his honor.

He creates to satisfy his own desire to make art but he wants his audience, whether they are 4 or 40 or 80 years old, to be artists too. When he and his wife Barbara built the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art Eric gave the architect, Earl Pope, carte blanche to create the building that Earl wanted to create.
We are being invited by this master illustrator and icon of the picture book world to be our own artists.
His passion is the craft of creating and he enters a peaceful “alpha state” when he begins his work.

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