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Well it would be easy to go with the first one, but Dream Warriors is actually my favorite of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Much like almost all horror franchises, the first film is the best and then they make too many and I just can't be bothered keeping up. The special effects and production are well done for the time, much better than the first two. The way they broke kayfabe and turned it back around into a whole other level of kayfabe in that movie was some Paul Heyman shit. My mom would always get mad at him saying he was gonna give me nightmares but I loved slasher movies more than cartoons back then.

But and this is important, it breathed new life into Freddy as being fucking scary, like the original.
Much like the Child's Play movies, it was a neat concept but the more you saw the less effective I think the scare becomes. The original and New Nightmare I watched back to back a year or two ago and it makes for a fantastic double feature. The ensemble of kids is one of my favorites in any horror movie as they have tons of personality that screams the 80s. My favorite scene of all time out of all the movies has always been the Johnny Depp blood fountain.

Even the dreams are more demenated than ever and kills are kinda scary, for example Phillip's death. From awkward to badass and absorbing the personalities of her dead friends, it's still really cool. The main boy on that one was the biggest pussy ever in a horror movie and he screamed like a little girl.

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