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BMIDe Body Mass Index (BMI) is een index voor het gewicht in verhouding tot lichaamslengte. NOTE: ONLY REFUSE GENERATED BY INSTALLATION ACTIVITIES AND UNIT TRAINING IS ALLOWED FOR DISPOSAL UTILIZING GOVERNMENT ASSETS. EMPTY MRE BOXES, WOOD PALLETS, LUMBER, AND CONTAMINATED CARDBOARD – Collect and deliver serviceable and unserviceable pallets, lumber, EMPTY MRE boxes and contaminated cardboard to the Solid Waste Transfer Station, Bldg.
Most toner and ink cartridges from printer, copiers and fax machines can be turned in for recycling with LCI-SSSC Bldg. USED DRY SWEEP, PETROLEUM SLUDGES, PETROLEUM CONTAMINATED SOILS – Bring waste to Bldg. ANTIFREEZE – Place used antifreeze in Environmental Office-approved tanks and containers.

PARTS WASHER FLUID – For pick-up of spent parts washer fluid for recycling, call 315-772-5977. BULK WASTE – Place bulk waste items in any of the twenty-two BULK WASTE Dumpsters on post. BATTERIES – Rechargeable batteries (nickel-cadmium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and other dry cell rechargeable batteries) and non-rechargeable hazardous batteries, please call YOU CALL, WE HAUL 315-772-6111. PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS – Recycle bins for plastic bags can be found at any local retail stores and at Fort Drum AAFES location. 1152 is the turn-in point for units (Active Army, Air Force, National Guard and Reserve Components. Public Works Recycle & Refuse pick up recyclables on a scheduled basis, special pickups by request 315-772-6445.

The following should be bagged separately for collection: plastics, metal and glass together, shredded paper, junk mail (incl.
If you need a cardboard-only dumpster in your area please call PW Refuse & Recycling at 315-772-5944. Please place alkaline batteries in white alkaline battery boxes at outdoor recycling centers.

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