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Dit kanaal voorziet informatie over de uitstekende elektronische muziekinstrumenten van Roland. The new F-120R is an entry-level piano that combines interactive rhythm accompaniment with our highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound. 60 Built-In Rhythm Accompaniments for Piano PerformanceThe F-120R incorporates 60 built-in rhythm accompaniments spanning 11 music genres, which are designed to enrich your musical repertoire and enjoyment. This contains information on the Digital Piano driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.
If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. Johnny Heron is down once again, but that doesn't stop him from attacking a seemingly impossible case, not believing the rumors and not backing down from the threats. Swan Dive focuses on a€?Bluea€? Heron, a down-and-out detective with a roaming eye who gets much too involved in a complex business deal, a deal which results in embezzlement, swindling, sexual misconduct, and murder.
From PW Daily, May 31, 2009: a€?Pleasure Boat Studio is a press that few have heard of, but [Heather] Shaw, in her post at Foreword, has been extremely impressed by the list from this a€?tinya€™ New York press. During a routine joba€”keeping tabs on a mana€™s sona€”Heron stumbles into a labyrinthine maze of high stakes deceit. Elsewhere in this journal we print the on-line reviewer Teri Davis takes on Michael Burkea€™s new novel, Swan Dive. Private Detective Johnny a€?Bluea€? Heron pursues his quarry across the rubble desert of de-industrialized New England, that sprawling region North of Boston that Tom Wolfe called a€?the grayed-out Atlantic Sea Board.a€? Hired by an apparently wealthy father to discover his sona€™s affairs, a€?Bluea€™ encounters incest, perjury, suicide, embezzlement and murderous revenge as the adventure unfolds.
But if the dialogue is vehement, fluent and rapid, the exposition is lush and thickly textured. Michael Burkea€™s novel runs on two tracks: the myth of Leda and the Swan, and the journey of Johnny Heron.
Michael Burke, a sculptor and graphic artist, lives and works in New York City, and he is already well along on Music of the Spheres, the next a€?Bluea€? Heron novel, another myth-based mystery with intrigue, lust, and more than one good laugh.
It's compact and fun, and is available in three attractive and contemporary polished cabinets: ebony, red, and ivory.
Thus, there are two questions to be considered: (1) Are there any other literary detectives named for birds, and (2) Can a man named Heron commit a cardinal sin"? Along the way, Blue discovers a great deal about himself while trying to understand the subterfuge. 2009: Michael Burkea€™s debut novel, Swan Dive, is a deft turn into the modern-day hardboiled detective novel.

George Fuller, head of Fuller Investment Company, hires Heron to ensure that his son Castor Fuller is not having an affair that would endanger his pending marriage to Beverly Whitney.
In the tradition of hardboiled detectives, Heron gets himself involved with a few of the beautiful women who are integral pieces in a deadly game of chess. Johnny Heron is a mana€™s man and this is a satisfying read for those who miss the crafty yet cavalier women-chasing private eyes of the pulp fiction era. He practices the trope of economy and dialogue moves with the speed and wit of Comedia Del Arte.
Along the way he insinuates Heron upon us by giving him sparkling wit and bucketfuls of charm.
We understand that he is finished or nearly finished with The Music of the Spheres, the next book in the Johnny a€?Bluea€™ Heron series to appear late this year. Check out a recent interview with Michael and two other authors at New Yorka€™s BookA  Expo America. The F-120R lets you play along with rhythm accompaniment and backing tracks in three different modes, including Pianist mode where any chord you play will be recognized and tracked instantly. One of his problems is that he often gets too entranced with whatever woman is nearest to be able to concentrate on the job hea€™s being paid to do.
The mystery is based on the myth of Leda and the Swana€”that is, Zeus transforming himself into a swan in order to seduce the beautiful Leda, generating several childrena€”a€?loosely based,a€™ Estes hastened to add, in this a€?extremely intelligenta€™ mystery by the son of famed literary critic and philosopher Kenneth Burke. Heron discovers that Beverly Whitneya€™s father, Douglas Whitney of Whitney and Whitney Investments, is in a business deal with George Fuller. Helen Plumworth, the stunning, lanky blond daughter of Judge Plumworth, gets under Herona€™s skin and becomes an unlikely heroine. Johnny Blue Heron speaks with the force and certainty of a tight lipped athlete, describing and summing up complex situations with quick deft images. You can also add additional rhythm accompaniments and backing tracks via USB.* Sold exclusively in Europe. Any chord you play can be recognized in real time, allowing the auto-accompaniment to follow what you play. The detective at the heart of the story is one John a€?Bluea€™ Herona€”none too smart, innocent, naA?ve, with an eye for women and enough ambition to get the next montha€™s rent, barely.
This fast-paced who-done-it is a masterful achievement of unpredictable narrative cast with diverse and engaging characters.
Johnny Heron, also called Blue by friends and colleagues, is a downtrodden private eye with a penchant for women and late night stops at the local Pharm-a-Lot for a nightly dose of sleeping pills.

And the more Heron tails Castor, the more he learns that this marriage and business merger of Whitney and Fuller is not what it seems. But Herona€™s fickle heart is most at home with Inspector Kathy, who is a perfect match for Herona€™s mind and body.
This private eye is moved to tears by the fate of clients, and during his journeys in his aging Toyota he laments the loss of New Englanda€™s maritime charm, the displacement of the middle class, the departure of old-line industries, the loss of open spaces, and the corporate indifference to local aesthetics. With rapid strokes he sketches vividly focused scenes and then moves the reader through them like the Eye of God pursuing Ahab across the desert floor. Michael Burke spices his tale with an artista€™s eye and philosophera€™s wit as he enlightens and entertains.a€? a€“ Sidney Offit, author of Memoir of the Bookiea€™s Son and Writers and Other Countrymen.
What makes this combination tolerable is Herona€™s self-deprecating sarcasm and the recognition that he cana€™t rely solely on his own intelligence. To figure out everyonea€™s motives, Heron enlists the help of some former colleagues at the local police department: Inspector Kathy McGregor, ace researcher, and Chief Inspector, JJ Cakes, Herona€™s friend and protector.
SuperNATURAL Piano brings a new level of authentic sound and natural performance to the digital domain. Roland relentlessly analyzed the complex, ever-changing characteristics of concert grand pianos, faithfully capturing and reproducing the tonal variations based on the velocity of each keystroke.
Yet he remains strong in his purpose and indifferent to the endless and joyless greed and carnality of nearly everyone around him. The result is an incredibly expressive and authentic sound that blurs the line between digital and acoustic.Ivory Feel-G KeyboardThe F-120R is outfitted with an Ivory Feel-G keyboard, featuring Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement, inherits the functions, appearance, and texture of keyboards found on Roland’s flagship pianos.
The unique folding-lid design covers the keyboard safely when closed, and serves as a music rest when raised. The Twin-Piano feature, for example, is designed for side-by-side lessons or performances with a teacher or duet partner.
In the same way, the left and right pedals can be reassigned to act as damper pedals for either side of the split keyboard. And since it’s digital, the F-120R lets you play through its built-in speakers, its external output, or privately through headphones.

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