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Yamaha PW50 2014 is a great motorcycle for beginner riders Compact, light and easy to handle, gratuitous to say, that the PW 50 bike was designed with the rider’s comfort in mind and comes with a seat height of only 19.1 inches, an ergonomically designed handlebar and large, folding foot pegs with rubber clench.
If talk about the of style and techniques, the Yamaha 2014 PW50 comes with Team Yamaha brilliant colors, graphics, design  and front and side number plates.
PW 50 have fully automatic transmission means no changing required, the Yamaha PW50 is a total twist and full package. The spunky little 49cc have torque-tuned, 2 stroke is built to adventure without intimidating beginners.

It seat height is  only 19.1 inches makes this one the logical choice for the modest rider in the group.
It have an adjustable throttle stop twist lets the adult in charge gradually increase speed at the same time as skills improve.
Yamaha PW49cc have air-cooled, case-reed inducted, 2 stroke single is tuned to deliver predictable power that gently eases the new rider up the off road learning curvature. PW 50 have exclusive shaft drive system is virtually maintenance free and comes fully enclosed for added stability.

With Dual rear shocks with 2.0 inches of travel smooth the trail to deliver confidence-inspiring ride quality also Front and rear drum brakes provide smooth, predictable stopping power.
Its excellent quiet exhaust pipe, complete with removable baffle, is routed away from the rider and Rear fender, seat and side panel unit removes quickly for ease of maintenance.

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