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Full Download -mw2-ps3-modzz-mod-menu-cfg-better-menu-no-jailbreak-downlink-have-it- Games With Gameplay Walkthrough Full Guide And Tutorial Video HD.
My problem is that on the right stick of the controller left to right is:look up look down. After hours and hours of trying to fix this, you were the only one with a solution that worked, Many MANY thanks to you for taking the time to figure this out, and posting the files.
Chris I have the same problem as u, I got my right stick working but the camera up and down are where I want my turn left and turn right and my turn right and left are where I want the camera to be.

R3 is when you press vertically down on the right stick (or trigger) and hear the clicking down and same goes for the L3..
Say, if I wanted to switch around the functions of the square, circle, triangle and x buttons (the ps2 binds file has square for map, but I want to triangle to do that), how do I figure out how to switch them around? However, Silent Hill Homecoming is a TV console game and it is not suitable to play with keyboard and mouse. I couldnt believe when i emailed konami about this they told me to go buy a 360 controller.
Finally everything works in this game, like camera and shot buttons thanks to your binds_mjs file.

But all the key that I set at Controls page turned back to default after exit Silent Hill Homecoming.
Therefore, I come out my own solution for this Silent Hill Homecoming USB PS2 joypad controller key issue.

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