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These simple products help to introduce systems in which vials and packaging with similar appearances, look alike or sound alike, are marked or distinguished to avoid choosing the wrong medication. E M Innovations provides a range of error prevention and medication safety items to help provide safe storage and promote safe use of medications. SBAR Badgie™ Cards are a great way to reinforce SBAR— a reminder of the process will be as close as their name tag.
SBAR is one of the foundations in patient safety, as it helps everyone to learn from errors. Having a Badgie™ Card attached to employee IDs means that guidance is as close as their nametag. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Invaluable discussion - I Appreciate the information , Does anyone know if my business can obtain a blank CA FL-350 copy to edit ? E M Innovations introduces simple and effective new products to help prevent medication errors.
E M Innovations' new line of high alert labeling, shrink bands and storage options to segregate high alert medications are great tools to prevent medication mix-ups and to draw attention to the medications, as well as verify strength and expiration dates. Healthcare inspirations is not affiliated with the Joint Commission®, which owns the Joint Commission trademark. Easy-to-use Wall Charts cover topics of importance to pharmacists, nurses, and specialty practitioners. The emergency cooling system should have come into operation but maintenance staff left two valve closed, which blocked flow.

An indicator had been installed to indicate the valve was commanded to shut, not the status of the valve.
The TCAS on board the T-154 and B757 instructed the pilots to climb and descend respectively. The T-154 pilot opted to obey controller orders and began a descent to FL 350 where it collided with the B757.

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