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Weight-loss surgery can be a highly effective step, not just to treat but also to prevent type 2 diabetes, a new study shows. Type 2 diabetes, sometimes called "adult-onset diabetes," a metabolic disorder, leads to high blood sugar due due to insulin resistance or lack of insulin; insulin is the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood.
In contrast to type 1 diabetes, which is thought to have mainly genetic and environmental causes, type 2 diabetes is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, including obesity and lack of physical activity.
To show that the procedure can also help prevent its onset, the team at King's College in London followed more than 4,300 obese patients over the course of seven years, Medical News Today detailed. Today, surgical intervention is recommended for people who have a body-mass index of more than 35 and suffer from related health conditions, the publication detailed.
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Trans-fats lower the body’s capability to absorb protein, withholding insulin secretion in the body. Avoid white rice, pasta, popcorn, rice-puffs and white flour, if you wish to control your blood-sugar levels.
Smoking increases chances of contracting diabetes, since it begins to affect cardiovascular health and hormonal secretions in the long run.
Natural fruit sugars are the best options, as dietary supplements, since they provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals required. Fresh vegetables are rich sources of iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and other essential nutrients. Although caffeine has been known to increase chances of cardiovascular ailments, a moderate consumption tends to curb the increase of blood sugar levels. High metabolic rates are highly conducive in maintaining blood-sugar levels and nothing keeps metabolism more fired up than consuming small portions, frequently.
When consumed in excess, the polyphenols in red meat tend to raise blood cholesterol levels.
Powdered cinnamon, apart from spicing up your foods, has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, as well.
Oxytocin and serotonin are responsible for keeping the nerves functioning on optimum levels.
A diet high in protein is extremely conducive in maintaining energy levels in the body, since people with risks of diabetes are recommended to stay off diets with complex carbohydrates and high fat content.
Keeping tab on your blood sugar levels is an excellent way to monitor your chances of contracting diabetes.
In diabetes, the immune system of the body is rendered weak, which means that minor injuries don’t tend to heal easily.
Water tends to mobilize the high sugar content in blood and thereby helps in preventing aggravation.

Consuming optimum amounts of calcium, whether in supplement form or in diet, can reduce chances of contracting diabetes.
Vinegar is an excellent dietary compound responsible for diluting concentrated sugar-levels in the blood.
Colas and other aerated beverages are replete with excessively high sugar content, which is detrimental to the existing blood-sugar levels.
Studies have shown that moderate exposure to sunlight boosts the physical synthesis of vitamin D, which is essential for doing away with insulin resistance in the body.
Phthalates, we have established, are bad news and have been linked to childhood obesity, lower IQ, and type 2 diabetes. Evidence also continues to mount in their role in miscarriages. Phthalates are one of the common chemicals your government isn’t protecting your family from.
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A British researcher found that "even after accounting for other factors that influence diabetes," the procedure reduced obese individuals' risk of developing the ailment by 80 percent, Medical News Today reported. Often, it is initially managed through dietary changes and exercise in addition to medication. The King's College study was published in the "Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology" journal.
A controlled weight not only helps to keep blood-sugar levels in check, but also maintains overall well-being.
Studies have shown that exercise improves the blood flow and clears sugar levels in the blood. However, rampant consumption of unnaturally sweetened processed foods will inhibit insulin production and result in the onset of diabetes. During diabetes, the body loses its ability to assimilate complex carbohydrates, causing a rampant sugar deposition in blood as sugar. The absorbed fibre tends to absorb the sugar in the blood and facilitate insulin secretion to normalize diabetes.
Studies have shown that an adequate intake of Vitamin A and C maintains blood and bone health.
Consuming a cup of unsweetened green tea regularly will rid the body of free radicals and let the antioxidants, contained within, normalize the blood sugar levels.
Caffeine has been known to suppress hunger pangs, which in the long run can curb an unruly sweet-tooth syndrome, from loading up the body with unnecessary calories. Studies have shown that frequent meals result in greater absorption of nutrients and lesser deposition of fat. The release of adrenaline under great stress, on the other hand, tends to disrupt insulin secretions. Not only does it aid in normalizing the wear-and-tear of the body, but also maintains a high metabolic rate. Not only are they replete in excessive salt, processed sugars and complex carbohydrates but are also steeped in unhealthy oils containing trans-fats.

Studies have shown that adults sleeping for 7-8 hours every night have experienced lesser chances of contracting diabetes in the long run, than those who sleep for fewer hours. Salt is responsible for tempering the osmotic balance of the body, which when upset, tends to give rise to various hormonal anomalies. Drinking 2.5 litres of water, on a daily basis, will not only regulate physical functions but will also lower chances of cardiovascular and diabetic ailments. The high protein content is essential to sustain physical well-being, since fats and high-carbohydrate diets are out of the question.
Studies have shown that people consuming 500 mg in supplement form have experienced 25% less chances of developing Type-2 diabetes. Studies have shown that two spoonfuls of vinegar before a meal can reduce the glucose influx.
Its sugar content is also a rampant source of empty calories, which hinders the physical ability to assimilate nutrients. A new study of more than 300 women found that high levels of three phthalates in particular: diethyl phthalate (DEP), di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP) and di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP), were associated with pregnancy loss, mostly between five and thirteen weeks. Prior studies have shown that for many patients, tough, weight-loss surgery is a critical step to rein in the disease.
Avoiding the above-mentioned complex carbohydrates will ensure that your insulin production stays unaffected.
Include fresh citrus fruits like oranges, apples, pineapples, grapes and lemons in your diet.
In order to keep their diabetes in check, they need to monitor their cholesterol levels closely. Thus, consuming red meat tends to bring down the metabolic rate and hinder insulin secretion.
Doing away with stress is, therefore, the most potent way of minimizing the harmful effects of high-blood sugar.
These devices require a small sample of blood to determine if your sugar levels are within control or not. Since monthly check-ups and blood tests will determine the appropriate dosage to cure one of diabetes, setting up regular consultations with your doctor will be the best option to resort to. The science behind it claims that sleep calms the brain and facilitates the normal hormone secretion. While soaking up the sun might sound like an excellent yet easy remedy, to reduce diabetes levels, one must pay attention not to overexpose themselves to avoid risks of skin cancer. A ban of several phthalates in children’s toys and products has been a consumer-led step forward, but numerous phthalates still exist in personal care products, paint, and food packaging. Consume bananas in moderation, since their sugar structure is more complex than that of citrus fruits. Despite several other studies that corroborate this link, no direct proof has been established that the phthalates are the cause of miscarriage.

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