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He is currently in the Oscar mix for his performance in Beasts Of No Nation, the Cary Joji Fukunaga-directed first feature for Netflix for which Elba today got a SAG Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. First installment of The Dark Tower focuses on the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, establishing the relationship between Roland and young protege Jake Chambers.
Because Roland is white and his race is very important to the story in later books, if they made him black they would have to rewrite several characters and story lines. So Adam, you consider that scene where Roland is described as a honky absolutely integral to the ‘story’?
Oh, and can we maybe stop to think for the moment, that it’s not just a coincidence that Roland was white in the books.
The rest of us can already tell you haven’t, so being honest will make you seem a lot more credible.
Roland being white has nothing to do with his characterization in the book therefore being cast as a black man on screen will not hinder the overall story. Roland was supposed to be a decedent of King Arthur, so I guess the next film about Camelot we can have an Asian actor play Arthur?
Even though Roland is the leader of their Ka, Susanna, Eddie, and Jake are the most important characters in the books. Yeah just like Christian Bale playing an Egyptian and Emma Stone playing an Asian, bought time Hollywood cast someone of color playing a role that the artwork depicted as being a white person. A Media-Addict.hu egy szorakoztato portal, ahol sorozatokrol, tevemusorokrol, filmekrol, zenerol es konyvekrol olvashatsz hireket, erdekessegeket es kritikakat. If you don't already know, Captain America: Civil War is hitting theaters on May 6th, 2016. But this would give Elba that long-awaited star vehicle that has seemed inevitable, coming after all of the speculative questions over whether the 007 franchise would install an actor of color into the iconic James Bond role after Elba was mentioned as a strong possibility to replace Daniel Craig. If a screenplay is done well, it captures the essence of the book, it does not portray it exactly, as that is often either impractical, or would not translate well to the screen. Her whole attitude towards Roland was clouded by mistrust, created by her treatment at the hands of white people. He was specifically depicted as the last one remaining from a high-class sexist royalty that would only consider boys for becoming gunslingers, and that whole thing was there specifically to remind us of the medieval white knight royalty. Where Susannah’s race played an integral role in her character you would not be able to cast her as white. If Roland isn’t white, the confrontations between him and Detta will never occur, which is how Roland gets Detta and Odetta to merge into Susanna. I just have to remember Wild Wild West with Will Smith and what a huge failure that was after such an awesome TV series I loved.
Keep in mind tho, Roland’s race is never mentioned in the books themselves so it really makes no difference what his ethnicity is, unless of course if your a racist scum bag.
He would square off against Matthew McConaughey, who’s in talks to play the villainous Man in Black.
The recent discussions narrowed down to Elba and Javier Bardem (who circled a previous version of the project), and really, either guy brightens up what is shaping up to be a most intriguing iteration of a franchise that had many false starts at Universal and then at Warner Bros, before MRC and Imagine and Weed Road brought it to Tom Rothman at Sony Pictures. Kennedy film that Matt Damon will star in for Warner Bros, has been working with fellow Danish filmmaker Anders Thomas Jensen on a rewrite of the script, the last draft of which was written by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner. Small changes such as skin color, unless the change would be ludicrous (like your Shaft analogy”), do not change the essence of the story. Without the confrontations between Roland and Detta, Susanna may have never materialized, then who would throw the plates when the Calla Wolves come?

And even though Morgan Freeman pulled of an Irishman in Shawshank, the relationship between Roland and Odetta will change dramatically now.
Honestly it is 2015, because you can’t appreciate a fine actor just because of his race, when you probably have no problem with the white washing of films for decades, then whatever. She can distrust Roland for other reasons, namely that he’s from another time and place.
THAT’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and I wonder what else will they mark unimportant if they ignore that in the first place?! And, most importantly, as any real fan knows, the story of the Dark Tower is always a bit different with each go ’round.
That quartet has been involved in this franchise since the beginning, and MRC kept it going after Universal and then Warner Bros developed it and then dropped out.
Hollywood has been called out for not being racially inclusive so they are just interested in their image not making good movies. Iron Man's team will be fighting for pro-registration, meaning that superheroes all have to answer to the government, and basically have no freedom and can deployed like police officers.
Captain America's team will be fighting for anti-registration, which will have heroes continue to be able to do whatever they like, possibly causing destruction, but still having freedom. I personally am on Captain America's side, so I put him on the right, because I think he's right, get it?(*insert crickets sound effect here*). On the left, I have who I think will be on Tony Stark aka Iron Man's team, starting with Tony himself, who is on the pro-registration team for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he's seen all the destruction that Ultron released on the world, and knows that if he could create such terror, then other heroes could create much worse.
Next, most of Stark's income comes from the government, and unless he wants to continue the life of a hobo, as he experienced in Iron Man 3, he would most likely side with pro-registration, to keep his reputation. Rhodey has been Tony's best friend, from the first Iron Man movie, to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Next, he is practically already deployed by the government and SHIELD(what's left of it), as can be seen in Iron Man 2, when he first gets the suit, he is basically the government's secret weapon. He continued this sort of work throughout Iron Man 3, just with a paint job, and a slightly upgraded suit.
In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is hinted that Rhodey continued his work, as he mentions handing a tank to a general during the party, which I would assume is political business. Also, near the end, Rhodey was deployed by what's left of SHIELD to take out some Ultron drones attacking the helicarrier. In conclusion, the pro-registration act would not change his lifestyle much, and in his opinion would create a safer world.
Unless he and Captain America do some major bonding for the short time they are Avengers together(short compared to the time he spent with Tony {that came out wrong}), I think he is pretty much confirmed to be on Tony's side. For those of you who have not watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, this reason is kinda of a spoiler, it isn't a huge twist, but I don't want to upset anybody, so read at your own risk! In one of the earlier Avengers: Age of Ultron scenes, when the Avengers land back on the Avengers tower, you see Maria Hill call Tony 'boss', which Tony quickly deflects onto Captain America. Finally, in the original Civil War comics, Maria Hill is on the pro-registration side, and actually tries(and fails) to shoot down Captain America. Also, the pro-registration act would appeal to her, as she mainly works politically, and she's knows what would've happened had SHIELD not come with a helicarrier to save the Avengers' butts. Maria Hill knows that if Tony could create such worldwide destruction, many other heroes, such as Hulk, Thor, or Scarlet Witch could create much worse.

The third character on Tony's team won't be recognized unless you have watched Avengers: Age of Ultron.
I think Vision will be on Tony's team because his brain patterns are very similar to Jarvis'.
Although, as he stated in the movie, he isn't a carbon copy of Jarvis with a body, his brain patterns are still similar. Also, I assume he doesn't hold the concept of freedom as dearly as the patriotic Captain America. Vision is an android, and due to that, he won't need freedom as desperately as a human being from the 1940s. First up, we have Cap, who was born in the 1940s, so consequently would have a stronger sense of freedom, and would want that for all citizens in america, including superheroes. He has seen firsthand the organization he trusted more then the government, SHIELD, corrupted by HYDRA, and nearly destroying the world. Falcon also saw firsthand what happened to SHIELD, and wouldn't trust the government too much. I believe that a super-assasin would only type smiley-face emoticons to someone she deeply cares about(it doesn't have to be romantic), and that person is Captain America(at the beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, before Black Widow picks up Cap in the expensive car, she texts him a smiley-face emoticon). First of all, she has a bad history with Tony Stark, due to the fact that he killed her parents before her eyes, and trapped her brother and her for two days without food and water.
Next, she has obviously spent time with her avenger-mentors, Captain America and Black Widow, and her teammate, Falcon. You might argue that there are also teammates on Tony's team, but she has both her mentors on Cap's team.
Lastly, most people think that Scarlet Witch would side with Vision, whom she dated in the comics. I believe they would be dating coming into Captain America: Civil War, and it would create a more interesting dynamic, and therefore more interesting story.
Besides the split between Cap and Tony, there aren't many relationships who end up on opposite sides. For Iron Man's side, the Iron Man suits are kind of like soldiers, and obey Iron Man's command. They usually don't cause any extreme public damage, which is what Iron Man wants the heroes to become.
I made three different wallpapers because I could not decide who to put in the center, as all three of these people are rumored to be important. Black Panther is supposedly playing a role similar to spider-man's, and added by the fact that he is the king of Wakanda, which has lots of Vibranium, the most powerful substance on earth.
If the set photos are telling us anything, Crossbones is rumored to be an antagonist for Captain America: Civil War, so he is supposedly a big character in the movie.
There is a theory that the Winter Soldier is the one who started the Civil War, because he started the registration act by doing the wrong thing in his new superhero career.
Also, he kiled Tony's dad, so that is a good enough reason(in Tony's naive little mind) to start a civil war. What An Amazing Trailer Too, Updated!July 22nd, 2016COMIC BOOKSRemember When Catwoman & Batman Hooked Up?

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