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Share to Twitter2016 is upon us and the world of film is braced for some major releases such as: Captain America: Civil War, The 5th Wave and Suicide Squad! But it is no secret that the most highly anticipated film this year is undoubtedly: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice!
It may not be everyone's cup of tea and quite frankly, there are many out there who prefer Marvel comics productions.
But every comic book fan is eagerly awaiting to see what DC offers us as they look set to rival Marvel with their own universe, full of their own characters. There's no denying that the intrigue of seeing the two biggest comic book characters of all time square off on the big screen is what makes this film the most anticipated film of the year.
But for years, fans have hoped that they would finally see these two icons square off on the big screen. The Dark Knight himself will take on the Man of Steel in what is sure to be an incredible battle.

They had franchises already underway and couldn't come up with a way to tie that version of the respective characters into a Justice League film.
However, 2012 was a vital year as DC closed their Batman trilogy with the hugely successful The Dark Knight Rises and Marvel released their hugely successful The Avengers. After these two unprecedented occurrences, it was time for DC to finally begin their cinematic universe. After a string of solo films, DC will release Justice League: Part One in 2017 with Part Two following in 2018.
The upcoming chapter in their Cinematic Universe, Batman v Superman is subtitled Dawn of Justice.

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