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November is American Diabetes Month, an occasion to pause and increase your awareness of the astounding number of men, women and children impacted by this debilitating condition. When you eat something, it’s turned into glucose (sugar) for your body to use as energy.
Uncontrolled diabetes can cause serious health complications, including heart disease, blindness, kidney problems and nerve damage. Pre-diabetes, also known as impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose, is a condition where your blood sugar is elevated, but it’s not high enough to diagnose diabetes. Parkview Health offers many programs to help people learn about, and manage, diabetes or pre-diabetes.
If you have been diagnosed with, or are at risk for developing diabetes, you probably have a lot of questions.

Parkview Health offers one-on-one counseling and group classes to help you manage your diabetes and symptoms.
Let specially trained clinicians at the Parkview Diabetes Treatment Center help you control your blood sugar by sharing ways to eat healthy, exercise regularly, manage stress effectively and take your medication correctly. Our team of board-certified urologists and skilled allied health professionals provide expert care, treatment, and management of male and female urological conditions and male reproductive issues. The pancreas, an organ near the stomach, makes a hormone called insulin, which helps control glucose levels and move glucose from your bloodstream to your muscles and liver cells, where it’s stored as fuel. However, research has proven that, with early detection and proper care, the risk for developing these complications can be reduced. Our free diabetes workshops are designed to equip you with answers so you can successfully manage the disease.

We also offer one-on-one counseling, workshops and other resources to help you set, and monitor, your goals for managing your diabetes.
Without intervention, the number of people who develop diabetes and subsequent complications, could increase dramatically over the next several years,” Sheryl said.
You can learn more about healthy blood sugar levels, nutrition basics, sick-day management, foot care and more.

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