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In his final days he was a frail shadow of his former self, his body ravaged by the cancer which was to eventually cost him his life.But the steely courage of Steve Jobs never wavered. The last picture: Wife Laurene and son Reed, 20, with frail Jobs - as he disappears into his home never to be seen in public againJobs's family released a statement last night, confirming his death. At the time medical experts said he would only have received the donor organ if he was critically ill with weeks to live. This surgery is usually performed on patients with Type I diabetes who experience extreme difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels, or whose risks of surgery and the possible side effects of anti-rejection medications are better than their current state of health.
He made no public statement about his devastating illness yet his determination to stay at work as long as he could and stay alive for his family needed no explanation.A In the end he died peacefully surrounded by the people he loved. Drugs that suppress the immune system can lower resistance to other diseases, such as cancer, and to bacterial and viral infections.
Although the cost of anti-rejection medications after the surgery can run as high as $2, 500. They are an option for Chronic Type 1 Diabetes patients which are vulnerable to other serious complications including kidney disease and kidney failure. He leaves a wife Laurene with whom he has three children Reed Paul, Erin Sienna and Eve.He also has a daughter Lisa Brennan Jobs who was born when he was just 23.
A pancreas transplant is surgery to implant a healthy pancreas from a donor into a patient with diabetes. The main treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin, which is taken by injection or through an insulin pump. In certain people with diabetes, a pancreas transplant can restore the body’s ability to secrete insulin The chronic form of pancreatitis can be triggered by one acute attack that damages the pancreatic duct.

Type 1 diabetes develops when the immune system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.
A Building on its expertise in organ transplantation, UCSF is the only medical center west of the Mississippi offering islet transplantation as an option for managing the diabetes that results from a treatment of last resort-removal of the diseased pancreas. Type 1 diabetics can’t survive without insulin, so they give themselves shots and they can administer this sometimes through am insulin pump which is a very good way to keep them alive. During Apple's earnings conference call, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer says Jobs has no plans to leave the company and his 'health is a private matter.'Sept.
The transplanted pancreas is able to produce insulin to manage blood glucose levels a task a transplant candidate’s existing pancreas can. Type 1 diabetes is caused by a loss or malfunction of the insulin producing cells, called pancreatic beta cells. A pancreas transplant is an organ transplant that involves implanting a healthy pancreas (one that can produce insulin) into a person who usually has diabetes. Whole organ pancreas transplant is a major operation and can be associated with complications, such as bleeding, infection, inflammation of the pancreas and clots in the blood vessels around the pancreas. 5, 2009: Jobs explains what is now severe weight loss by saying he has a treatable hormone imbalance. The most frequent candidates for a simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant (SPK) are people with diabetes whose kidneys are failing due to nephropathy (kidney disease).
14, 2009: Jobs backtracks and announces he will be on medical leave until June, saying his health problems were 'more complex' than he had thought. Insulin is made by cells in the pancreas called beta cells that are arranged into clusters together with other pancreas cells.

9, 2009: Jobs presides over an Apple event for the first time since the nearly six-month-long medical leave.
Transplants can enable the body to regain control of blood sugar levels so that administrating insulin is no longer needed. The low cure rates associated with allogeneic islet transplantation were in stark contrast to the success reported with autologous islet transplantation (8 vs.
Thus, Shapiro and colleagues have clearly demonstrated that a less a€?islet toxica€? immunosuppression protocol, in conjunction with rapid transplantation of a sufficient islet mass, can result in achievement of a persistent euglycemic state in diabetic recipients. 17, 2011: In a memo to Apple employees, Jobs announces a second medical leave with no set duration. If islet cell transplantation could be accomplished using one donor alone, this procedure would surely replace pancreas transplantation. Most pancreas transplantation candidates have had diabetes for 20-25 years on average prior to consideration for transplantation, so many have had laser surgery for retinopathy.
24, 2011: Jobs, still on leave, says he is resigning as Apple CEO because he can no longer meet his duties and expectations.

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