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Students accepted awards in various categories including Top Students, Outstanding Academic Growth, Class Citizenship and others for art, music, social studies and school service.
The Class of 2011 celebrated with a dance held in the school’s cafeteria after the awards ceremony.
Instead of simply focusing on price returns only investors should focus on the total return of an investment which includes price return plus dividend reinvestment return. In the 10-year and 5 year charts below, the S&P 500(in blue) was ahead of FTSE 100 in US $ terms.

Ulrich reminded the student that they must focus on their dreams and their studies and most importantly, their family and their community. The popular and exclusive Soler and Palau TD series exhaust kits (for single or dual venting points.
When reinvestment of dividends is included the charts will look entirely different with the FTSE beating the S&P by a wide margin. All S&P kits offer remotely mounted fans featuring a powerful fan mounted in the attic (away from the living space).

This is because the dividend yield on the S&P 500 is around 2% whereas the FTSE 100 has a much higher yield as British firms traditionally have higher payouts than US firms. The result is a “Turbo” powered fan (much stronger than generally associated with bathroom exhaust) and yet a peacefully silent operation.

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