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Redemp of PSX-Scene has been slowly adding icons, backgrounds, and manuals to amass a pretty solid RetroXMB art collection. It's been a little while since we've heard from the E3 ODE team, but today we have a small update to share.
If you're a PS2 hacker that's been enjoying the latest OPL Manager, be sure to check out this amazing new theme collection from Jay Jay! Despite the fact that Sony still refuses to add  Arabic language files to their PS3, Mustafa Star of PS3News has come to the rescue with a surprisingly full-featured mod. For those of you that downloaded White Lord's previous Gundam Extreme Versus mod, this is a necessary fix to make sure your saves don't get ruined. PlayStation 3 developer Aldo is at it again rolling out some more updates to his popular IRIS Manager fork IRISMAN.
While this may be considered just a little too late, Estwald has released an updated version of sm.self that works on all CEX brand custom firmwares. It's been a little while since we've  seen any major changes to deank's webMAN, but this latest update is a doozy. Are you looking to try out some of the scene's best plugins while removing some of that pesky Cinivia stuff from your custom firmware. If you do not want to see the below video or want your article comments to go live without waiting for moderation, you need to be logged in.
For those that used older CFG files for 2nd Info Page:1) The CFG files need to be upgraded to a new version, please backup all of your original CFG before starting upgrading. 3) Currently only the NEW Themes released since 26 August, 2015 from Jay-Jay are compatible.
So through the help of people on this forum, I have now got my self a Free McBoot memory card and a workable PS2. Does this now mean that any homebrew you install will be accessible without doing any trickery?
Gentile Utente, ti informiamo che questo sito fa uso di cookie propri e di altri siti al fine di rendere i propri servizi il piu possibile efficienti e semplici da utilizzare.
Entra nel forum per seguire le guide su tante altre console come Sony PS1, PSP, PS2, PSVita, Nintendo Wii, WiiU, DS, GB, GBA e altro ancora!
Sperimenta ed impara assieme agli utenti del forum all'interno del nostro corso di elettronica per tutti. Impara a conoscere i Computer, i loro componenti principali cosi da poterli scegliere al meglio per crearne uno tuo. The creator of the great "PC-side PS3 File-Manager", wborland is back with the release of PS3 Game List v3.2. This is a release for scene developers by a scene hacker that some of you may know as oct0xor (the developer who cracked PS3UserCheat dongle). Whoever used to debug on Playstation 3 knows that there is only one debugger available - SN Systems ProDG.
A new PRX Plugin for the PS3 has been released by developer therifboy called Remote System, while this plugin may not be of use to some user's in the community, it should serve to be very beneficial . It allows you a fast connection between ps3 and pc to make function calls and syscalls and some other stuff.

There are many uses that can be achieved with this and it's essentially a reverse remote play type feature for the console. Then also added was the ability to create DosBox Packages, reviving an old function from the 3.55 days of DOStoPS3 , but developer adding his own implementation of the features after a reques. Add IDExplore Directory- Open DirectorySave List - Save List As - Replaced with DBSkinningOpacity0 Byte txt files are put in place to remind one self they have this file or have downloaded it before.Multiple Downloads - Using Winsock.
Eboot Hacker is a useful program that will add mod your Games Eboot to apply game cheats directly to the eboot. Since we last reported the source code release of Hykem's new Make Npdata Tool, some compiled versions have been released along with some improvement updates to the original code by developer Hykem, the dev improved the brute-force mode by changing the data type and length and also fixed NFD hashes validation and forging to round out the improvements to the code. A new update has been released for UMS, for those of you that do not know Universal Media Server is a DLNA Media Server for the PS3 Console by Developer Subjunk.
Update 4 -- April 27: danielb has just released OPL Manager v7 with a few fixes that are defined below in the changelog and also an added Batch screenshot feature. The teams of developers that goes by the name Team Neon has released a Console Manager for CCAPI (CEX only). It's has been awhile since a new update was issued for Simple PS3 Updater by developer Quakes69 over at SubZero DeZigns.
Especially if you're booting well known games, these links can make those shortcuts look really nice.
It was a somewhat slow news week, but allow me to catch you up on all the hotness you missed! It should be helpful for anyone with lots of JB format games or unofficial PKGs to install! Check out the latest NPC mod from Kombo Master to play as even more of MK9's most random characters!
As a part of today's discussion, I'll give you my views on some of the hottest releases from the scene's top developers, while offering a bit of insight into Sony's future. Check out the shiny new fan modes that streamline in code and keep your system running cool! Se vuoi saperne di piu o esprimere le tue preferenze sull'uso dei singoli cookie, clicca qui.
Ricorda che se eri gia registrato sul vecchio forum, per accedere devi resettare la password richiedendone una nuova. Seguendo questa guida vi assumete interamente ogni responsabilita nel caso potessero incorrere malfunzionamenti o guasti di qualsiasi tipo, siano essi causati alla console o a qualsiasi altro dispositivo impiegato per seguire quanto scritto.Ricordate il regolamento, Moddingstudio e contro la pirateria e la diffusione di backup di giochi, l'home made CFW e da utilizzare sulla propria consolle per sperimentare e godere di molte funzionalita che la legittima PS3 e in grado di offrire. Recently the developer released a new IDA Pro debugger module for use on the PlayStation 3 Console for scene developers. This plugin allows for you to make function calls and syscalls in a very fast approach for devs wanting to reveres the VSH. After reading an idea that I had posted many months ago about being able to view and control a PC app from the PS3. Following build five, this update mostly revisits additions added before with fixes and revisions. These cheat codes will have a strong change of getting you banned on PSN if used, but can be very useful in your single player campaigns.

UMSbuilder allows you to build the latest revision of UMS for both the Windows and Linux platforms. These update includes an Auto Update Checker, Batch ScreenShot was re-coded for better efficiency and various other tweaks to this very impressive manager for your PS2 that can be found in the latest release notes below. The team did not provide many details or even a ReadMe with this release, their newly release site is also down (link below). Today the developer has released v1.6 build 4 of this very useful Windows Tool for your PS3 Game Updates and more.
Developer aldostools and myself (stlcardsws) have been working together to come up with a RetroXMB solution that will carry this project into the future and stand the test of time, which I think we have accomplished just that. Such as all XMB Art & Sound options, PARAM.HIP support and much more that can be seen in the extensive changelog below. PRXLoader got an update, PSP can stream your videos, and Xbox dropped some major hardware bombs. Non deve intendersi come mezzo per poter scaricare giochi e favorire la diffusione delle copie pirata. Besides providing fixes for crashes that would occur; wborland has also added in some user requested features, along with some more overall improvements and functionality. View all the details of this plugin below and we hope to see some great things arise from this release that is sure to make things a bit easier for our scene developers in regards to these task.
Then also a new DDS manual conversion tool was added it is called NConvert and was developed by an individual by the name of Pierre E. Similiar to the tool created by developer doobz called PS3toPS1 (also featured in RetroPS3). The code that this builder creates could potentially be untested and be unstable at points, but if you want to stay current on the latest changes as soon as the code is public then this is the way to compile you own UMS build with this tool.
However the guys over at biteyourconsole have a general description of this Console Manager seen below. View the changes of this update and bit of information on this application below in the official release quote. The developer used VSH PRX Loader, so it is unclear if Cobra CFW's can use this plugin or not at this time. With the release of a PC app and a PS3 app by the developer known as "Application Controller PS3" takes that idea and put it into reality in this POC.
Allora fallo ORA ed entra gratuitamente in una delle piu grandi modding community d'Italia! So by holding R1 or L1 button when booting your PS1 Game from the XMB you can access IRISMAN PS1 Settings prior to the game booting (see pics below).
This is a great addition as doobz tools where very useful but unfortunately his could not be updated for current CFW as it was missing the correct payloads.

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