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Cask & Larder, in Winter Park, Florida, offers southern-sourced seasonal, changing dishes, craft beers brewed on-site and fresh-shucked oysters from their oyster bar. The brewery, which can be seen towards the back of the bar area, is a beautiful sight to behold full of metallic tubs and parts.
The waffle fries, topped with a chicken liver gravy, buttermilk cheese curds, and pickled scallions were a tangy, tasty treat.
On a previous occasion, I had sat at the oyster bar and enjoyed a selection of their smoked oysters with a special house made vinegar chili sauce that was quite excellent. One of my favorite things that I had at the Cask and Larder was the cured Country Ham platter with biscuits and jelly.
The only thing that annoys me about this place is you cant pick what beers you want on the beer flight. First, in full disclosure, the three young men who started Viet-Nomz are old friends of mine from college. After harvesting a 7.3# sweet potato from our backyard garden, I had to find a recipe as memorable as the root vegetable that birthed it. Cooked CabbageBefore I met my husband, I thought my mother made the best cabbage on the planet. With a little hot sauce, my $5.50 portion of chitlins (and my homemade sides) are as good as gone. December 1, 2010 Update: After a month long yearning, I finally cured my chitlin fix at Martha Lou's (1068 Morrison Drive, Charleston SC 29403, 843-577-9583) this evening. When Adrian helped make stir fry last night, he said that the veggies alone looked like pasta salad, yet another easy healthy recipe was born.

I spent a couple months teaching nutrition to a group of great teens in a program called Louie's Kids. Guests can also reserve this area to host small private dining parties and even use it when ordering whole roast animals (reserve in advance). On a recent visit, I hung out in the bar area with a few friends and sampled a beer flight of crisp lone palm golden ale, blueberry wit, Florida Tripel with local palm honey, among other craft beers brewed on site at Cask and Larder. Definitely a more sophisticated version of the nacho fries you may see at every day pub houses and bars. My only complaint was that the barstools were a bit uncomfortable, but I suppose they’re made that way. The short rib tamale with carmelized onions, havarti, and topped with parsley was a bit bland for my tastes and was in need of salt. The good news is that she now cooks up chitterlings every day that they're open, not just Wednesdays anymore. Despite their strong aroma, legions of loyal chitlin fanatics pig out on this delicacy every day.
I plunked my $7.95 plus tax down for my order of beef meatballs with noodles and broth, came home and made a complete mess. Ron Raike is Cask and Larder’s Brewmaster, a pioneer of the Craft Beer movement in Orlando and a Certified Cicerone (kind of like a Master Sommelier for Beer).
Other favorites included the savory mac and cheese, topped with pickled mustard seeds and a ham-cheddar crumble, and the smoked wings which were fall of the bone tender. I'll pretend that they still only serve chitterlings on Wednesdays so I can still fit into my clothes.

In fact, Shauna Anderson, the renowned Chitlin Queen, boasts over 10,000 customers on her Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings website.
Good grits are should be cared for like a creamy risotto  Add water, milk or cream whenever the liquid evaporates.
There is also quite the sizable Southern inspired craft cocktail list available as well with highlights such as the C & L LEMONADE made with tea and sage infused vodka, house pink lemonade, and fever tree ginger beer. For everybody else, you can even call ahead so they're ready for you when you get there.I also got another tip on cleaning chitterlings.
The blueprint for my version came from Cyndi Allen's Sweet Potato Casserole recipe on Suite 101, but I made several changes based on other key ingredients Charleston, SC cooks shared with me and the supplies I had on hand. One of the main ingredients in my 'pone' was a half gallon of (almost free with coupons) coconut milk that sat frozen in our chest freezer just waiting for its day in the spotlight.
Since I wasn't sure how flavorful my ginormous garden sweet potato would be, I did add some mashed sweet potato to the mix. Follow the directions on your package of noodles - there are many different sizes and widths of rice noodles, so make sure you read the directions. For some fresh rice noodles, just a quick 5 second blanch in hot water is all that's needed.

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