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By now, you will know if you have been entered for the Foundation (F) or the Higher (H) paper.
The Foundation (F) paper contains THREE questions on the same topics as the Higher paper but the questions are more structured. The Higher Paper (H) contains THREE questions that require a higher level of extended writing and application of case studies throughout. Both the Foundation & Higher papers will be accompanied by exactly the same Resource Booklet. Every year, one or two GCSE geographers are undone by not reading the small print on the front of their exam paper. Your first task is to watch and listen to the following screen cast beneath by the Geography legend that is Mr Berry.
The most likely scenario here is that you will have a mixture of both rivers and coasts questions in this section. Coasts- Exam PracticeAfter watching the Podcast and videos above, have a go at the following BBC Bitesize tests.

Features of a river - PDF Explanation & case study sheet using the River Tees, England. With a few weeks left until the end of year examinations, you will find a bank of revision resources here that will help you to prepare for the big one!You will find the following items to help you on this page:1.
This can be up to 10 pages long and will include graphs, photos, charts, maps and quotes that will relate to questions in the exam paper. Your table will be pretty full of stuff, together with your pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers. Your exam will say the following and it's really important that you fully understand the question structure and what colour to write in. Where you need to refer to the Resource Booklet, it will clearly tell you in the exam by stating a figure number e.g. This was completed by Mr Briggs but remember that not all schools do exactly the same case studies. Each of these processes contributes to the erosion of the coastline and the production of some special features (so below)Types of WavesDon't forget you can have constructive & destructive waves.

It gives you some great information on the different types of sea defences, their approximate lifespan (how long they will last for) and the cost.
However, nearer the mouth load is smaller and smoother and therefore more likely to be suspended and therefore more likely to crash in the banks, causing horizontal erosion.Because of erosion a rivers' load tends to get smaller and smoother as you move from the source to the mouth. Once through, it erodes quickly into the layer of soft rock behindMaking links between erosional processes and the landforms is really important. Would a spit ever traverse and block a tidal estuary completely? Find your case study example of a spit and read up carefully about its location and main features.

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