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The OAC has a wide variety of resource articles on medically managed weight-loss and weight-loss surgery. Learn more about obesity stigma and bias in the OAC's "Understanding Obesity Stigma" brochure. The OAC's Sponsored Membership Program is an excellent way for physicians and surgeons to help engage patients in the cause and the OAC. Support the OAC and our mission to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support! Direct access to a personal service representative and advanced insulin therapy associates by both phone and email.

Some physicians may assume that patients will not be willing to adopt a diet that is based on unrefined plant foods but they are wrong – a study comparing the American Diabetes Association guidelines to a whole-food plant-based diet found exactly the opposite. If you have diabetes it’s a good idea to keep several home testing kits around in order to occasionally monitor ketones in your urine. Advice to obese patients with type 2 diabetes to follow a 20% best weight loss diet for diabetes type 2 carbohydrate diet with some caloric restriction has lasting effects on bodyweight and glycemic control. You will also find that each of the materials are able to be downloaded and printed for you to view or distribute.
By reducing calories and simple sugars increasing lean protein and fiber and beginning a regular exercise routine you can help your body increase its response to insulin and possibly decrease androgen production.

I find that its best to apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings whether you intended to or not.

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