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Thanks Serg,The Hidato is a King's tour while Numbrix is a Wazi'rs tour (which you can modify your solver easily to accommodate it)The grid is a big sector where the clue can occur once. Hi, tarek!tarek wrote:The Hidato is a King's tour while Numbrix is a Wazi'rs tour (which you can modify your solver easily to accommodate it)The Hidato has a limitation comparing to King's tour. Matt ReinigMiner reporterKINGMAN - Fire restrictions went into effect at Hualapai Mountain Park Friday due to rapidly drying vegetation - just hours before a cold front dumped a measurable amount of snow in higher elevations.The fire restrictions are Stage I, which are the least restrictive of the three-stage system, focusing primarily on smoking and campfires to prevent wildfires, according to Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management.
The hidato then is nothing more than a King's tour while Numbrix is nothing more than a Wazir's tour.
Here, from left to right, Rich Martinez, Angelina Martinez, 7, Arthur Valdivia, 9, and Lilianna Valdivia, 11, enjoy a snowball fight.

The singer will resume his career-spanning Plain Spoken Tour with 13 stops across the country this spring.
On high wind days, the Mohave County Parks Division may also temporarily prohibit all open fires in a county park to protect the public and property, the Parks Division said.
The actor turns 33 today.Wood began his career at age 7 as a model and local commercial actor in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
The Rook & Queen Tours are going to be tedious beyond 1 because a LookAhead of 2 can cover all squares on any rectangular chess board. Maybe dyitto has more accurate information about it?Sudoku and Hidato have many common properties, and at least some sudoku solving methods can be used for Hidato solving (for example, naked and hidded pairs, trios, etc.).

Maybe it is not so curious, because both puzzles are kinds of number permutation puzzles with constraints.I wrote a solver to verify King's tour puzzles posted by youself.

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