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It’s still enormous, measuring more than 5m long and 1.8m tall, with a wheelbase you could almost park a Renault Twingo inside and seven electric motor-packed seats as standard. That facelift, grafting a far more up to date facade across the SUV’s bluff frontage is the most obvious bit. It’s a more fuel-efficient car than its predecessor, with tweaks throughout the engine range and the fitting of a new-to-the-GL nine-speed automatic gearbox, with plenty of ‘Dynamic Select’ transmission modes to fiddle with. All feature four-wheel drive and the new nine-speed automatic gearbox, with a low-range ’box and centre differential lock an option.
All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Lusus naturae, also known as custodians (although custodian appears to refer to the role while lusus refers to the creatures themselves), is the Hivebent equivalent to a Guardian. They are horrifying beasts found in the ceremonial brooding caverns once the young trolls have completed their many dangerous trials. It was revealed that all but one of the trolls' lusii would die (Aradia's lusus being already dead) due to either the effects of the Mobius Double Reacharound Virus or the game itself, and would then be used to prototype their respective troll's Kernelsprite. The lususprites seem to have all died, either through the end of the game itself or because of Jack Noir. The presence of lusus-like frightening fauna in the jungle surrounding Jake's house is implied to be due to the influence of the Condesce. Openbound seems to imply that each pre-scratch troll has the same Lusus species as a caretaker as their post-scratch counterpart, with the possible exception of Meenah. The ram lusus is a ram-like creature that Aradia, and presumably Damara Megido, had as custodians.
Tavros's fairy bull's name is Tinkerbull, a portmanteau of Tinkerbell, the main fairy from Peter Pan, a movie that Tavros enjoys thoroughly (the troll version, Pupa Pan, that is) and bull, which is the symbol for the Taurus zodiac sign.
He appears to have been killed by Tavros, who had inadvertently crushed him underneath his wheelchair in a particularly cruel twist of fate for poor Tavros. Rufioh's fairy bull was crushed to death by Damara, Rufioh's statement suggests that he did not see his lusus again until encountering his memory in the dream bubbles, suggesting that unlike Tinkerbull, Rufioh's lusus was not prototyped. Fairy bulls were one of many lusus-like fauna found on Jake's Island, one was mistaken for an enemy, and was shot in the head by Jake. Unlike other lusus-like fauna found in Jake's island, they aren't hostile or indifferent to Jake's presence and are in fact gentle and docile to him.
Bicyclops (also referred to as a biclops) are large two-headed, horned giants that Sollux, Mituna, and presumably the ?iioniic, had as lusii.
Their species is a reference to a line from the film Yellow Submarine, further cemented by the Captors' yellow blood color. Sollux chains his lusus to the roof of his communal hive stem (the troll equivalent of an apartment building). The relation between Mituna Captor and his biclops dad seems to be an inversion of Sollux's relation to his lusus with the bicyclops being the caretaker due to Mituna's mental disability. He was killed when Karkat's computer exploded as a result of running Sollux Captor's Mobius Double Reacharound Virus, thereby implementing the curse that possibly leads to the death of the other trolls' lusii as well.
Curiously, a much larger version of its kind (Which has a tail, a trait Karkat's lusus lacked) can be seen roaming the forest on post-scratch Jade's Island near Jake's house. He was apparently created by the followers of The Sufferer, so that future mutantbloods would have a lusus to tend to them.
Nepeta's lusus, Pounce de Leon, is a feline creature with two mouths, roughly the size of an earth Pantherin.
Pounce de Leon was crushed when Nepeta's hive caved in for unknown reasons, probably due to a meteor. Another of its kind (potentially Meulin's Lusus as she is seen in the same area) is seen in Openbound and referred to as "cat mom". Kanaya's lusus is a Virgin Mother Grub that abdicated from her responsibility of producing eggs. Kanaya was chosen by her lusus on account of her rare jade green blood, and is protected by her from the various threats of the desert that her hive occupies. Kanaya's lusus apparently died of natural causes, as a Mother Grub who renounces brooding has a more limited lifespan. Mothersprite is the first troll Kernelsprite we see communicating with her charge, comforting her after she discovered that Vriska Serket had flushed feelings for Tavros. Terezi was not directly raised by her lusus, as the hatching of her egg would tip the Doomsday Scale on which it sits, causing the end of the world. Later, the heat of a meteor-sparked forest fire causes the lusus' egg to hatch as Terezi arrives. In the post-scratch session, a mature member of her kind can be seen flying above Jake's island.
Due to its late hatching, her lusus would have no means of naming Terezi through noises, as other lusii do. It's also unknown how Terezi was assigned to her dragon lusus, as lusii usualy choose wigglers based on their smell. She was killed after the Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader malfunctioned and exploded, causing the rockface that supported part of Equius' hive to collapse and crush her.
Vriska doesn't exactly like her lusus, saying that she sucks to Kanaya and that feeding her is a huge pain. Vriska's lusus has no official name, but a sentence "au revoir, spidermom" has led many fans to adopting that name, which is similar to Karkat's lusus' naming.
Aurthour's species is said to be one of the strongest kinds of lusus, which is why he became Equius' custodian; no other lusus could handle Equius' ridiculous strength. He was killed when the Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader malfunctioned and blew up part of the rockface that supported a section of Equius' hive.
His corpse was then later retrieved from the rubble to be deposited into Equius' kernelsprite. In A6I2, Aurthour or an identical musclebeast was spotted at Andrew Hussie's place, having supplied the milk for Spades Slick while Hussie nursed him back to health.
He is apparently part of a "butler genus", if Arquiusprite's statement can be taken seriously.
He is based on Capricornus, the mythical aquatic-goat creature represented in Capricorn's constellation. He was speared by what appears to be a harpoon or something similar, possibly even by Eridan, and died while Gamzee comforted him. Like other lusii, a member of Gamzee's lusus' species has been seen on Jake English's Island, in the lake surrounding the Frog Temple. Eridan's, and apparently Cronus's, lusus appears to be a large flying seahorse, perhaps known as a "skyhorse". He is the only troll to accessorize his Lusus, equipping him with a violet saddle and reins. Gl'bgolyb, otherwise known as "The Rift's Carbuncle", "Emissary to the Horrorterrors", or in more hushed tones, "Speaker of the Vast Glub", is a colossal, squid-like abomination that serves as the shared lusus of Feferi, the Condesce, and other fuchsia bloods on Alternia. Gl'bgolyb dwarfs all other lusii (as well as most architecture) by a massive degree – Karkat describes her as AN OUTER FUCKING GOD THE SIZE OF A CITY. Being the only fuchsia blood troll on Alternia, Feferi was automatically assigned to her, however Gl'bgolyb continued to serve as the lusus of Feferi's ancestor, who was Empress during the events of Hivebent.

Gl'bgolyb eventually unleashed the Vast Glub while Karkat was attempting to get Sollux into The Medium, killing him (though Feferi would shortly after revive him as his Dersite dream self).
Feferi states that her lusus "fell into" the kernelsprite, and the effects of this prototyping can be seen on one of the underlings here.
Pope Francis constantly is challenging a world enveloped in the globalization of indifference that missionary zeal must be enkindled.
One of the powerful motivational forces that can move us to do great things for the Lord, to work strenuously in the vineyard of the Lord for the purpose of saving souls is to read, meditate and to imitate the zeal of the saints. The Church presents a plethora of noble and holy personalities that we call “Saints” who have given their lives to gather in the harvest of souls as missionaries. These brilliant stars that shine so brightly in the firmament of heaven (using an image of Hans Von Balthasar) had two things in common: a burning love for God and an insatiable love for what God loves most—the salvation of immortal souls. Indeed if we truly love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, as the Gospel challenges us to do (Lk. This man accomplished extraordinary miracles of grace because of his great union with Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   His accomplishments should inspire all followers of Christ to move from a slow, mediocre, tepid and lukewarm state to fire for the love of God. One of the great hallmarks of the sanctity of this man of God, who was both priest and Bishop, was his tireless zeal for the ministry of the Word of God. Saint Anthony Claret never wearied as a fervent missionary to preach in season and out of season. The purpose of his preaching was always the same—to glorify God, the conversion of sinners, the perseverance of the just and the ultimate salvation of their immortal souls. Below is a list of means that Saint Anthony Mary Claret would use in his missions to praise God and save souls.
PRAYER.   Claret, following in the footsteps of the prior missionary saints, relied heavily on the tool of prayer.
EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS.  Another means to teach, catechize and evangelize for Saint Anthony Mary Claret was the simple device of talking individually to anybody that God put in his path about God and the spiritual life. Let us conclude with an excerpt, taken from the Liturgy of the Hours (October 24th) from a preaching of the great Saint Anthony Mary Claret. The GLS is a thorough overhaul of the pre-existing GL series, with a big facelift at the front, a more minor one at the back, a refreshed interior and some drivetrain and suspension fettling. There’s a more of a minor nip and tuck at the back, concentrating on the tail-lights and bumper.
Elsewhere, the air suspension system’s been tinkered with and assistance systems have been updated to include the likes of lane-keeping assist and pedestrian recognition warning. The vaguely absurd Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4Matic now packs no less than 576bhp from its 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8, a 26bhp increase over the old GL version, and peak torque of 560lb ft from only 1750rpm. Prices start from €62,850 (around ?44,600) in central Europe, stretching to almost double for the AMG 63. They look after the young trolls while the adults besiege other star systems in the name of Alternian glory.
In English, "lusus", "lususes", "lusii" and "lusi" have all been used, with lusii being the most common (and also used in the title of a song d from the Alternia album). The lusus behaves as a lifelong bodyguard, caretaker, and visceral sort of mentor, while the young troll must learn to function as a sort of zookeeper.
A troll's lusus is dependent on their blood color, as seen here and there, and possibly by gender as well.
They were all prototyped before entering the medium, so the troll's enemies have all their characteristics. The same may be true for all ancestors, as at least Mindfang and Redglare had the same type of Lusus as their descendants. In response, Aradia summoned the spirits of all the trolls Vriska had killed and set them upon her.
One implication of this, if confirmed, is that her lusus is also in control of her fetch modus. They seem to have a very good relationship, often playing Fiduspawn together, and accompanying him on his Flarp adventures.
Later, Tinkerbull is prototyped into Tavros' kernelsprite, seen floating outside of his transported hive here. Each head has a single eye, left is red and right is blue, and each head has a mouth with two fangs. He is fed mind honey, harvested from Sollux's beehouse mainframes, to "keep him from being an idiot all the time". The biclops apparently feeds Mituna mind honey to treat him, possibly suggesting that Sollux's biclops has a mental disability due to it also being treated with mind honey. He and Jake engage in a Strife, in which Jake fires at him with two pistols while flying through the air dramatically. Kanaya's hive was built underneath the sand, the seed planted through use of her lusus' remarkable burrowing skills.
Kanaya believes her death, and by extension the deaths of the other lusii, are not an effect of the Mobius Double Reacharound Virus (as Karkat and Sollux believe), but instead are a consequence of playing Sgrub.
It is possible that she is the only lusus capable of audible speech before being added to a kernelsprite.
The species is blind until maturity and must learn to survive without the benefit of sight. She dies shortly thereafter, struck by a meteor; presumably due to an inability to see them raining down at the time of her hatching. Thusly, how exactly Terezi was named is unknown, although it could ostensibly have been achieved by the Lusus's telepathic communication with Terezi.
Vriska, having arrived shortly beforehand, put her lusus out of her misery by rolling her set of enchanted dice. However, Aurthour bruises incredibly often, even as a result of a grateful pat on the head. Some are several stories tall, dropping manure and milk onto those unfortunate enough to stand below. He had apparently often been out to sea instead of caring for Gamzee as a custodian is supposed to. Jake says that the creature "doesn't back down", and its wild, angry eyes suggest that its own nature reflects that of Gamzee's darker sides. Upon close examination, it can be seen that she has two mouths, one on each end of her body, similar to Fluthlu. When heiresses came of age they were expected to challenge the current Empress for the throne due to the demands of Gl'bgolyb and troll society. Some of what she says are prophecies, including that of the "world's end" and of uniting the two races. Doc Scratch stated that the Vast Glub was Gl'bgolyb's "swan song", implying that after releasing the Vast Glub it would die, and the implied cause of death was a meteor.
May Saint Anthony encourage all deacons, priests, Bishops, as well as the laity to do all they can in their power to teach, preach and spread the Word of God.  This great missionary saint was keenly aware of one of the principle reasons for the falling and sinking into sin and the loss of souls was the widespread ignorance especially among so many Catholics.
Like Claret, today more than ever we must teach and catechize the children while they are young; if not the world, the media and modern education will poison their little minds. Having spent some time in formation with the Jesuits, Saint Anthony Mary Claret was totally convinced of the power and efficacy of the Spiritual Exercises of St.

Part and parcel of the preaching and missions of Claret was the distribution of books as well as pamphlets. Every soul he saw as precious in God’s eyes and he was ready and willing to do all to bring every individual soul back to God by talking about God and the spiritual life. As well as a comprehensive facelift, Merc has given its giant seven-seater SUV a fresh name, bringing it into line with its new, mildly confusing naming strategy. Inside, there’s a new instrument panel, a smarter three-spoke steering wheel with plenty of button controls, up-to-date smartphone connectivity tech, and Mercedes’ de rigueur touchpad interface on the centre console. That’s still biased towards the rear wheels, so if you want to terrify up to six passengers on wet roundabouts, you can. UK prices are yet to be announced, but the existing Mercedes GL starts from ?61,655 - expect to pay a little more for the refreshed GLS.
Together the young troll and custodian surface from the subterranean vaults and build a new hive using carpenter droids.
Through these prototypings, the lusii gained the ability to talk with their charges for the first time. This would again have at least two exceptions, because the Sufferer was raised by the Dolorosa and the Handmaid was raised by Doc Scratch, thus neither had a lusus. Aradia's died well before the game of Sgrub in a chain of events stemming from a roleplaying accident, as a result it is the only lusus not prototyped into a kernelsprite in the A2 session.
At the urging of Doc Scratch, Vriska retaliated by using her abilities to take control of Sollux, forced him to fly to Aradia's home, and consume a jar of mind honey. Tavros has stated that, since Tinkerbull can now talk as a result of his prototyping, he is "really smart" and appears to consult him for advice. This is later affirmed when a swarm of them are seen flying through the air slightly later. He was killed by a catastrophic release of Sollux's psionic energy that demolished the upper levels of his hive, as a result of inadvertently consuming mind honey. It seems Karkat cares very much for his lusus, at least enough to draw a picture of him and pin it to his fridge.
After a few shots, the lusus staggers away with visible candy red bullet wounds, confirming its until then unknown blood color. Her name is an obvious reference to Ponce de Leon, a famous explorer who according to legend sought the Fountain of Youth: she and Nepeta often went on adventures together to search for the "fountain of cute".
After she dies, Kanaya saws open the abdomen of her lusus, removing a mysterious sphere called a Matriorb, which can be used to create a new Mother Grub. After the accident in which Terezi lost her sight, it was her lusus that helped teach her the skills to function without vision - through smelling and tasting her surroundings, much like a dragon. Her corpse was later picked up and deposited into Terezi's kernelsprite by Gamzee, allowing the two to have audible conversations. Spidermom dwells in webs woven between the canyons surrounding Vriska's castle-like hive, below her chain-suspended doomsday device. It unleashed one of its most powerful attacks, summoning a massive guillotine to behead the Lusus. In addition to being a guardian, Aurthour is Equius' butler, providing him with his own Lusus Milk.
In Alterniabound Equius states that Aurthour's "ghost" is dead, suggesting that the sprite was destroyed.
Despite this, Gamzee appears to care enough about him to go keep a look out for him, suggesting that he trusts him. Given this information, it is unknown what variety of lusus raised Meenah, only that it may not have been Gl'Bgolyb. However, by the time of the events of Hivebent, Her Imperious Condescension had piloted her flagship to such a distance as to weaken her bond to Gl'bgolyb, causing its allegiance to sway to Feferi who was protected from any assassination attempts by the Condesce. She loves her lusus very much, although she has expressed that "keeping her voice down" is a burden to her. Francis Xavier before he embarked on his fervent missionary adventure: GO SET ALL ON FIRE!!!
He preached popular missions to the adults, aware of the fact that the first catechists in the family as well as teachers should be the parents!  Claret would preach retreats to Religious nuns; how important is the renewal of Religious life in this year dedicated to the Religious Life. The fervent and abundant prayer that preceded his missions would water the apostolic soil for an abundant harvest. Let us pray for priests that they make a constant effort to grow in their desire and capacity to preach the word of God to the hungry people. Ignatius of Loyola to help many to order the disordered in their lives, to learn the art of meditation and contemplation and to purify their conscience by means of a well-prepared and profound Sacramental Confession.
Before arriving at the place of mission Saint Anthony would study the terrain to see what was most needed spiritually and morally, then he would distribute especially short pamphlets to educate and meet the need!
The AMG uses a fettled version of its pre-existing seven-speed gearbox rather than the new nine-speeder.
They are almost always seen in some variation of Hero Mode, especially those of the Sea Dwellers. This caused him to accidentally unleash a burst of psionic energy, killing Aradia and destroying her house with her lusus inside. Interestingly, during this Strife it was referred to as a "crabdad", possibly indicating that this has become the official name for its species. Nepeta would ride on Pounce's back until Pounce got tired, at which point Pounce would ride Nepeta.
Doing this is part of Kanaya fulfilling "her end of the bargain" by providing her lusus with progeny. He taught priests and eventually became the founder of the Claretians, servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Could it be that since the second Vatican Council that one of the greatest failures of the Church has been in a failure to educate the adults and parents in their catholic faith?
Most likely there are people that you meet on a daily basis that are confused, muddled, depressed and ignorant of all that refers to God and the salvation of their souls. This is necessary due to the fact that if Gl'bgolyb's voice is ever raised above a whisper, trolls would start dying. Professionals must undergo constant ongoing formation; call it PERMANENT FORMATION.  Should not adult Catholics pursue a constant ongoing formation??? Maybe, in imitation of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, you are the one to lead this person to the Light, and that light is Jesus Christ the Light of the world!!!
The psychically susceptible lower castes would die first, and if the horrorterror raised her voice to a shout, every troll on the planet (other than Feferi) would perish. Worst of all, if she were to ever get "really upset", she might release "the Vast Glub", a psychic shockwave that would exterminate every single troll in the galaxy, again excepting the fuchsiablooded Condesce and Feferi.

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