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Die Nikon Coolpix S7000 ist eine relativ schlanke Megazoom-Digitalkamera, die sich für Gelegenheitsfotografen empfiehlt.
Mit ihrer einfachen Vollautomatik richtet sich die Nikon Coolpix S7000 an alle, die sich nicht für Fotorafie-Fachwissen interessieren, sondern einfach und schnell an gute Fotos kommen wollen. Mit ihrem 20-fachen Zoom bietet die Nikon Coolpix S7000 einen sehr guten, praxisnahen Umfang von 25 bis 500 mm. Klingt nach einer einfachen, aber soliden Schnappschusskamera für die Reise und gelegentliche Geburtstagsfotos.
Wir benachrichtigen Sie gerne, sobald ein neuer Testbericht zum Produkt "Nikon Coolpix S7000" vorliegt! Der Nutzer kann jederzeit seine Einwilligung widerrufen indem er sich aus dem Newsletter austrA¤gt. Date una carica eccezionale ai vostri scatti con la COOLPIX S7000 da 16 megapixel, la sottile fotocamera che vanta uno zoom ottico 20x, estendibile a Dynamic Fine Zoom 40x per catturare l'azione nel suo complesso, sia essa vicina o lontana. Condividete facilmente le vostre foto grazie al supporto NFC, connettendo semplicemente la vostra fotocamera a uno smart device, oppure utilizzando il pulsante Wi-Fi dedicato. Chi ama i social network potra condividere facilmente foto di altissima qualita semplicemente utilizzando il pulsante Wi-Fi? one-touch o sfruttando la tecnologia NFC?, connettendo la fotocamera a uno smart device.
Catturerete sempre espressioni fantastiche e azioni lontane grazie allo zoom ottico 20x, estendibile a Dynamic Fine Zoom? 40x, con copertura grandangolare da 25-500 mm. Il sensore di immagine estremamente sensibile ottimizza i suoi megapixel per garantirvi di ottenere prestazioni eccellenti, con scatti magnificamente dettagliati e un basso livello di disturbo, anche in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione. Riservate il trattamento che meritano ai meravigliosi scenari che incontrate durante i vostri viaggi creando una panoramica mozzafiato. Durante la ripresa di foto o filmati, assicuratevi di ottenere immagini chiare con effetto mosso ridotto al minimo grazie al VR ibrido a 4 assi che riduce il movimento della fotocamera anche con impostazione massima dello zoom. Schermo LCD TFT da 7,5 cm e 460 k punti: il display con tecnologia Clear Color, rivestimento antiriflesso e possibilita di regolare la luminosita, permette di inquadrare il proprio soggetto o riprodurre filmati con facilita, anche sotto la luce diretta del sole.
AF ad alta velocita: catturerete sempre il momento decisivo grazie alla funzione AF ad alta velocita, che rileva e mette a fuoco il soggetto in un attimo, anche se si scatta con l'impostazione massima dello zoom o in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione. Unisci clip brevi: realizzate mini filmati da condividere con amici e familiari grazie a questa semplice funzione. Modo Ritratto intelligente: scattate sempre splendidi ritratti grazie a una serie di avvisi ed effetti applicabili durante la ripresa, da Verifica occhi aperti e Timer sorriso a Effetto pelle soft e Riduzione riflesso. Selezione scene auto: concentratevi sull'inquadratura dello scatto e lasciate che la fotocamera gestisca le impostazioni. Ritocco glamour: grazie alla possibilita di ritoccare le foto durante la riproduzione, tutti appariranno al meglio, nessuno escluso.
Ricarica USB ad alta velocita: una connessione via micro USB permette di caricare la fotocamera ancor piu velocemente, nonche di scattare mentre la fotocamera e in ricarica.
EXPEED C2: avrete sempre una qualita dell'immagine eccezionale grazie al sistema di elaborazione delle immagini Nikon, rapido e potente, che garantisce un funzionamento estremamente veloce e prestazioni con sensibilita elevata. NIKON IMAGE SPACE: Sfruttate 20 GB di spazio di archiviazione cloud online grazie a NIKON IMAGE SPACE, un sito Nikon dedicato per l'archiviazione e la condivisione delle immagini, gratuito per tutti gli utenti Nikon. Computer!Totaal Prijsvergelijker, © Copyright 1998-2016 HWI Group, alle rechten voorbehouden.
The Nikon P7000 is a copy of Canon's G11 from 2009, with the addition of a 28-200mm VR (equivalent) lens over the G11.
Much to my surprise, the P7000 is a very good camera, better in some ways than the G12, in more than just zoom range. Unlike most compacts, I was actually able to get decent shots of my kids playing at the park using the optical finder! Canon doesn't get this, and on most Powershots, you never can get a perfectly clean screen on which to compose.
The most amazing thing about the P7000 is that it has the best flash exposure of any compact (non-SLR) I've ever used. Unlike my Canon DSLRs and Powershots, the P7000 doesn't smudge over everything with too much noise reduction when shot as JPGs. Canon's cameras often smooth over subject textures and fine details too much in their attempts to make noise less visible. Nikon's cameras, this P7000 included, leave the images sharper and more natural, and this is as shot in Nikon's standard sharpness and noise reduction settings. You can add some green to the fluorescent 1 setting, pull some blue out of the second manual preset setting, and add amber to the AUTO WB setting, and each of these color trims added to each setting stay set for that setting!
Unlike Canon S95, the P7000 offers no fast way to use a front control to add amber or blue to the white balance as shooting. The bad news about the P7000, at least the one I bought with version 1.0 firmware, is that it's the buggiest camera I've used this side of the LEICA M9. Weirder still, in A and S exposure modes, the LCD gets a stop or two lighter as you compose, even though the actual recorded images are fine. The biggest bug is that even though everything works great with a shoe-mounted flash, my P7000 ignores the FLASH control button (bolt icon) with the built-in flash, so forget using flash well with the built-in flash, at least until Nikon fixes this.
The biggest bad news beyond the outright bugs is that Nikon botched the three User Setting modes: U1, U2 and U3, on the top dial.
Unlike Canon, whose C1, C2 and C3 modes easily save and recall everything about everything set on the camera, Nikons useless (thus the U1, U2 and U3 designations) modes only remember a couple of things, and each has to have each of its limited memory options set by hand! Other readers have had better results with these, and you may, too, but I have to call it as I saw it. Auto ISO 400 to ISO 12,800 in the "Low Noise Night Mode," which means it's going to be soft and noisy!
6-blade diaphragm, a travesty on a Nikon, as Nikon updated to 7-blade diaphragms back in the 1960s. With the wonderful $16 ML-L3 wireless transmitter, which also works on many other Nikon SLRs.
Optical neutral-density (ND) filter to allow the use of larger apertures in bright light for more selective focus. In-camera editing tricks: exposure compensation, Picture Control (COOLPIX, not SLR style Picture Control), noise reduction, Quick Retouch, D-Lighting and Active D-Lighting.
Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically takes up to 10 shots while the user presses the shutter and saves the sharpest image, if you can figure out how to activate it.
The WC-E75A 0.75x wide-angle converter makes the wide end similar to a 21mm lens on a 35mm camera.
Face priority AF really is: if it finds a face, it focuses on it, and if not, looks for anything else relevant in the frame. Color rendition is a delicate, personal thing that makes the difference between an OK photo, and WOW!
The P7000 has Picture Controls, but they aren't the same as Nikon's excellent DSLR Picture Controls.
This is most likely because boosting saturation boosts noise, and the tiny sensors of these little cameras do everything they can to reduce it.

Because of this, about 1% of my images require I identify this error, and rotate them manually later.
Unlike most recent Powershots, the playback image doesn't rotate if you rotate the camera to try to get vertical images to fill the screen.
The banding in the sky is caused by Nikon's crappy JPG coding engine that isn't smart enough to use a lot ore bits when it needs to. This is another reason Canon Powershots outsell Nikon: they have never had this problem because they allocate bits dynamically to match the details in the image, so they never get starved for bits as I did to the P7000 in these detailed image samples.
Video from the P7000 is jumpy because the frame rates are low and the shutter angle is too small (shutter speeds are too high). The P7000 records in stereo through its internal microphone, but it doesn't sound very good.
The most astounding thing about the P7000 is how well fill-flash works with the SB-400 on top of the camera. Not only is this so much better than anything from Canon's Powershots, also better is that the whole thing with the SB-400 balances just fine. The P7000 is smart enough to turn off the shoe-mounted flash automatically when its in Playback mode. When leaving the shutter half-presses after one shot and awaiting the next action shot, the P7000 is very responsive, but the red and green LEDs next to the optical finder don't turn back on to let you know if the flash is recharged. The users manual is confused as to whether or not this is deliberately locked out, r just another random firmware flaw.
The Exposure Compensation and Menu dial index LEDs only light when that control is active. The P7000 has shoulder strap lugs and triangular strap rings, just like like Nikon's DSLRs. The wonderful and ubiquitous $16 ML-L3 wireless transmitter works for remote control with the P7000, yay! Nikon let the engineers design the typefaces used in the menu system, so they are both ugly and barely legible. Next time, have an intelligent artist like Giorgetto Giugiaro design more than just the exteriors.
There are too many different ways to do to many different things, nothing is organized from a user's point of view, so nothing is easy or clear.
Worse, the buggy firmware, means some things, like the rear control dial or flash control options, don't even work as planned, further adding to the frustration. The retarded design of the user interface, and the buggy firmware, are the P7000's biggest shortcomings.
The LCD monitor is smooth and has high resolution, but it is dim outdoors and its colors are not accurate. Simply hold the PLAY button to wake the camera in the play mode, without the lens needing to extend.
The response to the zoom control is way too slow, and response to the first zoom-increment is even slower. I'll be darned that I was never able to figure out how to select different images while I was zoomed-in. This is easy on Canon, Nikon DSLRs and das LEICA M9, and mandatory to be able to compare which of several shots is sharp, or has the smile.
As cover in Specs, the charger is a little big, but the folding plug and world-wide automatic voltage selection are great.
When I want a compact camera, it needs to be compact so that it drops forgotten in my pocket.
The Nikon P7000, at 360g, is a shoulder-carry camera, and if I'm shoulder-carrying, I'll take a real SLR like the far more competent D3100 instead. Therefore I'm not that excited about the P7000, or the Canon G12, but that's my preference. If the P7000 seems like something you want, it's the best Nikon Coolpix I've ever used, and I hope that the buggy firmware will be resolved in the future.
As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use.
Just showing my ignorance here but, if you’re going to take multiple images and stack them, what’s the purpose of including the ability to shoot up to 15 minutes?
Depending on focal length, the usable exposure time to make a shot where stars look like dots is something between 5 and 60 seconds. You also have to consider that these deep sky images are about capturing individual photons from a very remote light source. There are some nice refractor optics that I’ve seen that are relatively affordable and would be a good match for this kind of stuff from a Korean company called William Optics. Kind of, add in a few software improvements allowing more flexibility for long exposures, and that’s about it. Nikon’s website does provide such details, and the link is provided in the above NR post.
Nikon D700 a fost un secret bine tinut de catre compania nipona pana in ziua de azi cand au facut anuntul oficial. Cred ca ti-ai dat seama ca Nikon D700 nu este un aparat destinat amatorilor – doar persoanelor cu destule cunostinte in domeniul fotografierii digitale.
Update: Nikon D700 va sosi in Romania prin intermediul SKIN, data nu a fost totusi comunicata. Vrei sa primesti primul cele mai noi stiri despre gadgeturile care iti imbunatatesc viata zilnic? Aboneaza-te la newsletter-ul Go4it si fii sigur ca esti la curent cu tot ce e nou in IT&C. Nu uita sa-ti verifici adresa de e-mail si sa confirmi abonarea printr-un click pe link-ul din mail-ul primit .
Durch die Nutzung unserer Website erklA¤ren Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen. Einen Sucher bietet die Kamera nicht, auch auf eine Touchscreen-Bedienung muss man hier verzichten. Weitere unterhaltsame Spielereien sind diverse Effektfilter, ein Zeitraffermodus und eine Panorama-Automatik. Mit einem besseren Weitwinkel, einer sehr guten Lichtstärke, Touchscreen und optional manueller Bedienung kostet sie sehr viel weniger als das Nikon-Modell.
Die Daten werden unter Beachtung des BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes) elektronisch verarbeitet und genutzt. Fate durare per sempre i vostri bellissimi ricordi creando filmati Full HD, fate colpo sui vostri amici con filmati accelerati, semplicissimi da fare, e catturate scene di viaggio mozzafiato grazie alla funzione Panorama semplificato. Selezionando semplicemente una scena, verra creato automaticamente un filmato di 10 secondi con la transizione regolare di immagini fisse catturate a intervalli regolari. Unisci clip brevi crea un filmato da 30 secondi combinando automaticamente file di filmati registrati a una lunghezza fissa.

Valutera il soggetto e la scena circostante per ottimizzare automaticamente le impostazioni sulla base della situazione di ripresa. Richiede l'installazione dell'applicazione "Wireless Mobile Utility" di Nikon e l'impostazione del trasferimento delle immagini prima dell'uso.? Dynamic Fine Zoom consente un ulteriore ingrandimento 2x rispetto al campo focale massimo di un teleobiettivo ottico, mantenendo la massima risoluzione dell'immagine. I can't get the bolt button to respond in P shooting mode, although it works in the AUTO mode.
Don't worry, the Useless 1, 2, and 3 modes of the Nikon P7000 don't recall Picture Control settings or the setting of the Distortion Correction, or pretty much anything, so we can forget about them.
Just bring the right passive plug adapter and you're good to go anywhere, without any cords! Exposures are usually right-on, so I never got to use the great top-mounted compensation dial. Unlike DSLRs, the sharpest photos with tiny cameras usually happen at the largest apertures due to the effects of diffraction.
Next to exposure, color is the most important technical thing about an image, so if I don't like the colors as much, the camera is inferior, regardless of everything else it does. Therefore I suspect this ix why the P7000 just can't be set to slather vivid, rich color all over everything. The optical finder has separate, unrelated optics with much more distortion, so don't let that scare you.
You may of course choose not to have any playback images rotated at all, but hey, this isn't a Powershot or iPod Touch which does playback so much more intelligently.
The lens is more than up to the 10MP resolution; it's always sharp if you hold still and get everything in focus.
There is visible banding, not only in the original files to which I link, but even in the screen-sized versions shown on this page. The P7000 is getting freaked-out by all the details in the trees, and throwing all the available JPG bits at the details, with not enough left to code all the colors in the sky.
The P7000 doesn't sound clean, it's a bit bandlimited, its microphone only gets wind noise in stereo, and everything else sounds almost like mono. It's not as fantastic as an F5 or F6, but it is much, much better than anything from Canon.
This is better than the Canon G11 which has bright, annoying lights that stay on all the time. This is good for me, but bad if you choose the MACRO mode for a snap, and then a week later your P7000 will wake up in MACRO mode and not focus for normal distances.
Nikon tried to put too many features in this camera, but never bothered to spend the time and effort required to put all these features into this camera in a way that we could find, use and understand them.
The P7000's LCD exaggerates color saturation, looking better than the images themselves as seen later on a calibrated computer, print, or online. On the P7000, spinning the big rear or top rear control dials changed the zoom, and tapping up-down-left-right merely scrolled around the zoomed image.
I like the lens, the great fill-flash control and the sharp images, but am not excited by its LCD, ergonomics, playback logic and buggy firmware. I prefer the images from my S95, because they look better due to the much better color, but color is personal preference.
If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. I would love to try my hand at this sort of thing so knowing exposure and lens data would be useful. Since you can do that anyway, with various means, it seems like they expect you to be doing it often.
So to make very long exposures you need to stack up if you want to keep stars as sharp dots. Which also points out another thing, you need a clock drive mounted on a monster tripod, and a lot of patience. Chiar daca pentru multi banii nu mai reprezinta o problema (preturile pentru un D700 pleaca de la 2600 Euro), grandomania nu isi are rostul in acest caz. Concurentul cel mai aprig al noului DSLR Nikon va fi Canon EOS 5D si, cine stie, poate Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Nicio institutie sau persoana (site-uri, institutii mass-media, firme de monitorizare) nu poate reproduce integral scrierile publicistice purtatoare de Drepturi de Autor fara acordul Mediafax Group.
Damit ist die Nikon Coolpix S7000 eine gute Begleitung in den Ferien: sehr leicht, aber trotzdem viel Brennweite dabei.
Punkten kann die Kamera auch mit einem guten Makromodus mit einer Naheinstellungsgrenze von 1 cm. La funzione di riduzione vibrazioni a elevate prestazioni mantiene stabile la vostra fotocamera garantendovi di ottenere sempre scatti chiari e filmati fluidi. The biggest source of support for this free website is when you use these links, especially these directly to it at Adorama or at Amazon, when you get anything. The only disadvantage to using Distortion Control is that the images are cropped-in a little, and you could potentially loose just a tiny bit of corner sharpness.
The power light is only ON if the LCD is turned off deliberately while shooting, better than Canon's power LED which is on al the time. I'd hope that this feature is in there somewhere, but I couldn't find it, and with the high lever of retardation (delayed development) of the firmware, don't have much confidence that it's in there.
Canon's S95, the camera I carry today at 193g, is too heavy to want to carry in my pocket everywhere, so I carry it in the PSC-900 belt case.
Stacking a bunch of short exposures doesn’t guarantee that you captured all the available light. Each image contains noise, but noise is reduced when stacked as it averages the pixels out of what the true color would be. I’d be very happy with a 24 MP sensor in a D800 body with a slight increase in continuous shooting rate and high iso performance over the D810.
It’s literally a change to the IR filter (Which 3rd party can even do) and a few tweaks to the OS. E destul de penibil sa-ti prinzi urechile printre setarile complexe pentru ca intr-un final trist sa publici niste poze jenante pe site-urile de socializare.
Daten werden nur solange aufbewahrt, wie es im Rahmen dieser Vereinbarung unter Einhaltung des anwendbaren Rechts erforderlich ist.
Disclosure: [NR] is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy).
Die Richtlinien bei der Bearbeitung personenbezogener Daten gemA¤AY BDSG werden eingehalten. I’m happy for the astrophotographers, but not pleased that Nikon ignores current Nikon users and wastes time and resources developing niche products like the Nikon Df.

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